Monday, June 1, 2015

Week 33 - Siberia


OK well story of my life I don't have to much time, we go to Idaho Falls the first Monday of every month to go supplies shopping and so we have to run and do that, and then get back to the Valley, so today will be a rush, but it'll be great!!!!! 

So Star Valley is amazing!!! I love it so much!!!! I cover a whole stake again, but this time it's only nine wards, so not to bad!!! All in all we cover 6 cities, Cotton Wood, Salt River, Osmond, Smoot, Fairview, and Afton. It's crazy to think that most of those cities have less than 500 people in them!!!! Except for Afton of course, it's a booming metropolis of 1,911 people!!!! HUGE RIGHT?! the city has 0 stop lights, and 3 fast food places (which I am not to sad about!!!) My new companion is Sister Kolbo, shes from Tyler Texas, and has been out for almost a year, she's awesome!!!! The work in the Valley is BOOMING!!! We have 4 people preparing to be baptized in May, and they are solid as rocks!!!! Their dates are going no where!!!! and then we have one person already preparing to be baptized in June, in the first 20 min. I was in the Valley we set a date, which is insane for me to think about!!!! What's even crazier is that Sister Kolbo hadn't even met them!!!!! We came in the city, talked to them, and 20 min. later he's preparing to be baptized in May, NUTS!!! Miracle of the Lord for sure!!!!!! I am a little bummed I missed the Star Valley Temple ground breaking by two days, but it's all I heard about all week, everyone is so excited and so honored to have the temple be built there. It shows me how much we take ours for granted, they are just so humble and so excited and are continually thanking the Lord for the bounty he has given them, it's such a great learning experience for, they are awesome!!!!! 

Ok so I really have no more time, but I want to leave you with one last miracle, one of our investigators who's getting baptized next week has been struggling with the Word of Wisdom, so finally sister Kolbo and I went to teach him and his wife wasn't home, so we stood on the doorstep, and we literally were like give us all your coffee and tea now, SO HE DID!!!!!!! We now have coffee in our house which is weird...but it was the last thing keeping him from being baptized, and now he is so excited, he is so ready, and his baptism will be next Thursday!!!! What a miracle!!! and just an amazing experience!!!!! 

Last thing, I titled this Siberia because we are 
​litter ally the Siberia of the mission, the closest missionaries to us are 45 min. away, our district goes from Jackson Hole, to Afton, it's huge!!!! The closest major city is Idaho Falls, and that's an hour and a half, and our zone leaders and sister training leaders are in Soda Springs, which is 2 hours away!!!!! It's a good thing I like sister Kolbo or this would be awkward!!!!!!! Alright well Skype Sunday?! it's crazy it's that time of year again!!!! I think it'll be around 7:30, so 8:30 for you I believe....I cant remember if we're ahead or behind or together...I hope that's not to late, it's the only time we could really make work, I'll have someone shoot you a text or email though if it changes!!!!! Well hope the week was great sorry it's short!!!! 

Sister Sondrup

Evidently the Elders left a few samples, Ooooh!!  I washed my hands don't worry.

Hydra V. the world

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