Friday, June 26, 2015

Week 40 - Safe!!!!

OK so this week was long!!!! It was hard!!! But so good!!!! We were doing so well, and only panicking slightly as we prepared for transfer calls on Thursday....And then they came...

So I will be staying here in the Valley!!!! But Sister Kolbo will be leaving, she'll be going to Ammon, and be companions with Sister Smith who goes home in 7 weeks. It was sad to hear to say the least! Never have I met anyone who loves the area more, or missionary work more than Sister Kolbo, my heart broke a little as the Assistants told her she was leaving. She truly has done a great and marvelous work here and  I know she will grow to love Ammon as much as she does Afton. But as for me I will be receiving Sister Parker as my new companion. Sister Parker was in my last district, and Sister Kolbo's last companion is currently companions with her. It's funny how small the world is sometimes!!!! Sister Parker has about 3 months left on her mission so it sounds like I might be sending home another missionary, but only time will tell! This transfer will be 7 weeks long seeing as this one was only 5 weeks, that way we transferred before the new president comes. 7 weeks transfers are the worst!!!!!! It sounds bad but that one week really does make a difference, 6 weeks is good, 7 weeks drags!!!! But hey, how can I really complain when I am in the service of the Lord? So tomorrow night we'll be driving down to Pocatello, spend all Wednesday there, and come home with just enough time for a lesson, and to go to bed! It'll make a long day to say the least, but it'll be good!!!! 

So this week because of transfers we had to say goodbye to the district one of the Elders (elder Thomas) will be returning home to Mesa, and the rest of them are all being transferred. Out of the 6 of us I am the only one remaining in the Valley! It's a little sad, but good! I am glad i get to stay! I love this area so much!!!!! We went and had a barbecue for our dinner appointment this week as a going away party, it was sad but I was loving it!!! The Hamiltons (who cooked for us) are ward mission leaders and they asked Elder Thomas what he wanted to which he replied "steak and lobster" so we had steak and instead of lobster he went out and caught some crawdads, doing things the Wyoming way! I love it!! 

Not to much else happened this week, seeing as we have been packing, and had a couple of sick days, but it's been good!!! The work is still going, and great things are happening!!!! We were supposed to have a baptism tonight, but sadly it canceled :( it's been my first and hopefully ONLY canceled date. But thankfully it didn't drop because of lack of desire, but just simply lack of family availability, we're working on rescheduling a time to have, so pray it happens!!!! And pray specifically it can happen next week!!!!!

This weekend though we have the most amazing thing happening!!!! A wedding, AND a baptism!!!!!! It is so amazing to me to get to be apart of!!!!!!! He is so prepared and so ready! Just thinking of where he had to come, he spent 14 years in prison, and has faced a ton of trials and addictions in his life, and now, after knowing him for only two weeks, he's changed, and truly ready to make this step in his life!!!!!! It's going to be so amazing! 

Well sorry I dont have to much time today so I have to get going!!! Thanks for being so awesome though!!!! Love and miss you all lots!!!!!! 

Sister Kaycie Sondrup 

So at my house right now we have chickens, and we get to go get the eggs at night!!!! and we have adorable 

I woke up this morning to this...and dont worry we are eating that for dinner tonight..,yay? chicks!!!! 

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