Monday, June 1, 2015

Week 37 - I'm melting

Ok so today will have to be quick, we have to drive to pocatello for a conference tomorrow, and we are staying the night there in the mission home, Sorry!!!! 

This week was so great though!!!!!! We had yet ANOTHER baptism! Why the Lord has blessed us so much I dont know, but I am certainly grateful for it!!!!!! Monika, has been meeting with the missionaries for almost 8 months now, and we are the first set of sisters to teach her. She has had a baptism date since the first lesson the elders taught 8 months ago, but she faces some struggles and alot of trials in her life, and it kept getting pushed back. Nobody thought she would ever make it. Yes they all wanted her to, but it just didn't seem possible, it had just been such a long time. It just goes to show that we shouldn't give up on anyone!!!!!! Monika is so great, and I know without a doubt this Gospel will bless her life, but also she has so much to give to bless the lives of others with the Gospel!!!! We never know the Lord's timing, and when it will truly be someone's time, and I am so amazed that I got to be here to see when it was finally Monika's!!!! She's great!!!!!! 

So this is about to be really sad, but today we were out walking trying to find people to teach (because we'll miss out on 2 days while in Pocatello) and it's like 70, 75 outside, and I swear I AM MELTING!!!!!! Holy Hannah!!!!! How am I supposed to ever go home?! This is the worst!!!!! Even worse I lost all of my tan, and now I am white as can be, we walked for like and hour, and I have a sunburn!!!!!!!!!! It's a little pathetic I know!!!! But in my defense we are at a higher altitude.....Ok I am a bit of a loser, but it's so worth it to teach the Gospel!!!!!!! 

Well this week was amazing, I wish I had more time to write because I have so much to say, but sadly we have to go pick up some sister in Montpelier, and then head to Poky!!!!! Thanks for always writing, and keeping me informed!!!!! I've hit hump day now!!!! HOW SAD!!!!!! I am on the down hill, but I am so glad that I got to be here at all that it doesn't bother me to much!!!!! I love this gospel, and just how much it blesses our lives!!!! Have an awesome week!!!!! 

Sister Kaycie Sondrup

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