Friday, September 25, 2015

Week 55 - Friends

Ok so like always I dont have time, today we have to go to Pocatello, because all the missionaries who have finished their missions are going home, and we have to say goodbye to some of them!!!! Mainly because they live in Australia and chances are we wont see them that's depressing to say!!!!!!!!! One of my favorite missionaries, Elder Ah Puck is going home today as well! He's my district leader right now, and he'll be going home Laie Hawaii...I know someone else who lives there...and I may have given him that persons number...I hope she doesn't mind...Anyway he's great!!!! Every night if we didn't answer the phone we'd get a voicemail, and it'd say "SISTER SUNDROP!!! THIS IS YOUR MOM!!!! I REALLY MISS YOU! WHERE DID YOU GO?!?! CALL ME BACK!!!! OK BYE!!!!!" The craziest part though is that he legit sounds like mom, totally freaked me out the first time it happened!!!!! Anyway he was a great district leader, but he'll kill it!!!! SO I got distracted because all my Polynesians just showed up in Blackfoot, plus Sister I have to go...I will try and write again later...hopefully I have time!!!! Sorry this letter is so lame! Love you lots!!!!!!

Oh P.S. We got transfer calls, Sister Hill will be leaving and going to Rexburg, and I will be getting Sister Manymules, she's from Kirkland New Mexico, and she was in my district in Star Valley, she'll be going home in 6 weeks though so I'll have to do that all over again....Oh well it'll be great!!!!!

Sister Kaycie Sondrup

Monday, September 21, 2015

Week 54 - 90% Elder 10% Skirt


Well this week was great, we went finding galore!!!!! Unfortunately it didn't yield many results, although we did find one new investigator. His name is Johnny, he recently just lost his fiance and we are hoping that the knowledge of the Plan of Salvation will help him with this loss. Well we know it will, but we're hoping he will see and understand that.

This week we had a couple of emergencies we had to deal with, which were stressful to say the least, but thankfully we got through it! And counting the blessings, now this will sound ridiculous, but I am really glad we dont have any investigators to teach, because this week we spent hardly anytime in the area, and if we had investigators they would have all had to have been pushed to the way side. Now I dont want our area to stay like this forever, but I am glad that that's how it worked out this week, really it was the best thing. Because of all the situations that came up this week though the Zone Leaders decided we got to be honorary Zone Leaders, hence the title. Apparently to them we're 90% elder, 10%skirt, Thanks Elders, we really appreciate that one...haha it was pretty funny when they said it though! If only it meant I got to wear pants!!!!!

one of our recent converts this week unfortunately got really sick, and she ended up in the hospital, which is so sad!!!! But I have never met anyone with a better attitude that her! She is so amazing!!! Even as we were putting on all the safety clothing to see her she was smiling and telling us about how her scripture reading was going. While we were there she bore the most amazing testimony of God's plan, though this time is hard she knows, probably better than me, that things will get better, that no matter what happens it is her Fathers plan for her, she has faith that she is living her life how she needs to, and that what happens is what truly needs to, seirously she's the best!!!!!  

Well we have to go drive to Idaho Falls...So I don't have to much more time, but I'll leave you with some pictures!!! This week on exchanges we rescued a little kitten!!!!!! It was so stinkin' cute!!!!! Guess what this is a picture of?! Well the Himilayas but what else...

The Shower, bet you didn't see that one coming!!!!!!! (this is also from exchanges)

number two, what's this a picture of?

A hallway they made into their very own sacred grove!!!! So random, yet so cool!

Alright well I do have to go!!! This week brings transfer calls so I'll let you know if anything is happening!!!! Have a terrific week!!!!

Sister Kaycie Sondrup


Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Week 53 - Spiders, Puppies, and no investigators Oh My

 OK so this week, well....I don't have to much...This week we were out of our area more than we were in...and sadly we dropped every single one of our investigators, like all of them. We kind of got to the point where they just weren't progressing and we know that there are more people here who are ready to progress now, so we decided to clean sweep our area. As scary and as sad as this is, I am so excited for this!!!! Like so excited! I just cannot wait to see the great miracles that are just preparing to happen!!!!! IT"S GOING TO BE SO LEGIT!!!!!!

Ok so I really don't have to much more...and we are going to go watching the indian relay races at the fair!!! WAY COOL!!!!! But fun story for you I saved some puppies they escaped and I rescued them!!!! Also it's starting to get super cold and that means spiders are going  crazy and coming in our house!!! So I've been catching them!!!! It's gross and terrifying and I have a mini heart attack everytime I see them, but hey, here's for overcoming fears! Also I got a birthday card for Alex, it kind of reminds me of Idaho, dont hate me to much for it though....

It sings....

Ok so so cool I just got an email two seconds ago from Sister Parker and Joe, the investigator I was telling you about finally got baptized!!!!!!! My day was seriously just made!!!! My heart is so overwhelmed with excitement right now I just feel like bursting!!!!! AHHHHHHH BEST. NEWS. EVER. Here's pictures!!!!!!!

​Isn't it glorious?! Ok I really have to go now, love you lots!!!!!!!

Sister Kaycie Sondrup

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Week52 - Deal with it

 Happy Tuesday Family!!!!!!

So a day in a the life of a rancher goes like this...You wake up early in the morning and you think of all you have to do the list never seems to end, but as the day goes on you find a fence is broken, so what do you do? You deal with it. Later you find your cows are out, so what do you do? You deal with it. Still more you find one of your precious steers is sick, so what do you do? You deal with it. This week I learned alot about dealing with it. But first things first, we had a Mission tour with Elder Martino of the 70 yesterday so my P-day is today, so I hope you can deal with it. Haha, Sorry I forgot to mention it last week, hope you didn't think I was dead, or hated you or anything...what can I say I just like keeping things fresh!

Anyway, this week was amazing!!! It was so busy and this week is shaping up to be even busier!!!! Last Tuesday we had Zone Conference, and then I was on exchanges with the Sisters serving in Firth, My companion and I got back together on Wednesday night, Thursday we planned, Friday we had Mission Leadership Council ALL day, but it was so amazing!!!!! Saturday we had to put together an on the spot zone choir for the conference yesterday so we were working with that, and then we got to take a trip up to Idaho Falls to go to the visitors center with an investigator! Sunday was great, church is always amazing, Monday we had Elder Martino all day, and I mean all day, after the mission tour Elder Martino had a special mission leadership council with the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders from the southern zones, so Blackfoot, Chubbuck, and Pocatello, Today he'll meet with North. Now let me tell you, it was probably one of the most legit things ever to get to spend two hours in this MLC with a member of the 70, let me tell you, THE CHURCH IS TRUE! Today we have P-day, and tonight we are going on exchanges again! (don't worry dad I want wont be staying in Blackfoot, so no need to look!) We'll come back tomorrow night, and then plan a training. Thursday we have Zone Training, which I'll train at (YIKES THAT'S SOON!), Friday we can breathe, Saturday we'll have another zone training (not our zone but we are the STL's for that zone so we get to go), Than thankfully Sunday will roll back around and  hopefully things will slow down!!!!!!! The reason I tell you all the small details of my week though has to go along with the story above, of dealing with it. I have found this week especially with every situation that has happened conflicts that needed to be resolved goals to be set and councils to have, training given, and to give that what really need to do most as missionaries and members is to just deal with it. No sense in crying when the cows get out, you fix it, deal with it and move on. I've been thinking back alot to the premortal life (random I know) but really think about it, each of us chose to come to earth, even though we knew it wouldn't be easy. Heavenly Father knew more than we that things would be hard, but he provided us ways to deal with it. He gave us a perfect example to follow, scriptures to read and get strength from, a means of communication with him, baptism, and the Holy Ghost. He truly gave us so many ways to deal with the hard things that come to our life. At the end of the day just like the rancher everything we need to do still isn't done, we will still have to wake up in the morning and deal with it. But we know that if we truly strive to follow the example of Jesus Christ, if we truly look to our Savior in all ways than he will be the greatest ranch hand ever (poor comparison for the Savior, but it's all I have) he'll be there helping us deal with every difficulty, every hardship thrown our way until the very end, when we can stand before our Father and he will say "Well done, thou good and faithful servant". Sometimes the work load thrown at us seems to much to bear, but I am grateful to know that I am never bearing it alone. That's not my Fathers plan for me, or any of us. Out of all the trainings I had last week, the lessons that were given, this is by far the greatest lesson I learned, what the spirit taught me, that I must not only deal with it, but deal with it with my Savior, because than, and only then are we truly successful.

I have so much more to say, but not enough time, I hope this makes sense though. I'll give you one thing that may make you chuckle before I go though. So you know how way back when I took piano lessons for like a year? Well I had to use those skills in front of a general authority because nobody in MLC could play...I don't even play!!!!!! But the Zone Leaders volunteered me.Thankfully we read in D&C that the song of the righteous is a prayer, and not the song of the righteous with an awesome piano player is a prayer because we definitely didn't have that...But I got through it and really didn't mess up, so consider that a miracle!!!! I am counting my blessings for sure!!!!!!

Oh and also I got my packages last week!!! Thank you so much!!! I think you managed to make every missionary jealous though! It's all I heard about all day!!!! Sister Sondrup you know you have like 10 giant packages back there right...yeah I know, but I shared don't worry, the Mexico missionaries were ecstatic to say the least!!!!!!! Thank you so much for sending them I really appreciate them!!!!!!!! Well I got to go!!! Hope you have a super fantastic week!!!!

Sister Kaycie Sondrup