Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Week 53 - Spiders, Puppies, and no investigators Oh My

 OK so this week, well....I don't have to much...This week we were out of our area more than we were in...and sadly we dropped every single one of our investigators, like all of them. We kind of got to the point where they just weren't progressing and we know that there are more people here who are ready to progress now, so we decided to clean sweep our area. As scary and as sad as this is, I am so excited for this!!!! Like so excited! I just cannot wait to see the great miracles that are just preparing to happen!!!!! IT"S GOING TO BE SO LEGIT!!!!!!

Ok so I really don't have to much more...and we are going to go watching the indian relay races at the fair!!! WAY COOL!!!!! But fun story for you I saved some puppies they escaped and I rescued them!!!! Also it's starting to get super cold and that means spiders are going  crazy and coming in our house!!! So I've been catching them!!!! It's gross and terrifying and I have a mini heart attack everytime I see them, but hey, here's for overcoming fears! Also I got a birthday card for Alex, it kind of reminds me of Idaho, dont hate me to much for it though....

It sings....

Ok so so cool I just got an email two seconds ago from Sister Parker and Joe, the investigator I was telling you about finally got baptized!!!!!!! My day was seriously just made!!!! My heart is so overwhelmed with excitement right now I just feel like bursting!!!!! AHHHHHHH BEST. NEWS. EVER. Here's pictures!!!!!!!

​Isn't it glorious?! Ok I really have to go now, love you lots!!!!!!!

Sister Kaycie Sondrup

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