Monday, September 21, 2015

Week 54 - 90% Elder 10% Skirt


Well this week was great, we went finding galore!!!!! Unfortunately it didn't yield many results, although we did find one new investigator. His name is Johnny, he recently just lost his fiance and we are hoping that the knowledge of the Plan of Salvation will help him with this loss. Well we know it will, but we're hoping he will see and understand that.

This week we had a couple of emergencies we had to deal with, which were stressful to say the least, but thankfully we got through it! And counting the blessings, now this will sound ridiculous, but I am really glad we dont have any investigators to teach, because this week we spent hardly anytime in the area, and if we had investigators they would have all had to have been pushed to the way side. Now I dont want our area to stay like this forever, but I am glad that that's how it worked out this week, really it was the best thing. Because of all the situations that came up this week though the Zone Leaders decided we got to be honorary Zone Leaders, hence the title. Apparently to them we're 90% elder, 10%skirt, Thanks Elders, we really appreciate that one...haha it was pretty funny when they said it though! If only it meant I got to wear pants!!!!!

one of our recent converts this week unfortunately got really sick, and she ended up in the hospital, which is so sad!!!! But I have never met anyone with a better attitude that her! She is so amazing!!! Even as we were putting on all the safety clothing to see her she was smiling and telling us about how her scripture reading was going. While we were there she bore the most amazing testimony of God's plan, though this time is hard she knows, probably better than me, that things will get better, that no matter what happens it is her Fathers plan for her, she has faith that she is living her life how she needs to, and that what happens is what truly needs to, seirously she's the best!!!!!  

Well we have to go drive to Idaho Falls...So I don't have to much more time, but I'll leave you with some pictures!!! This week on exchanges we rescued a little kitten!!!!!! It was so stinkin' cute!!!!! Guess what this is a picture of?! Well the Himilayas but what else...

The Shower, bet you didn't see that one coming!!!!!!! (this is also from exchanges)

number two, what's this a picture of?

A hallway they made into their very own sacred grove!!!! So random, yet so cool!

Alright well I do have to go!!! This week brings transfer calls so I'll let you know if anything is happening!!!! Have a terrific week!!!!

Sister Kaycie Sondrup


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