Monday, September 29, 2014

Week 3 in Pocatello--the miracle with BLOOM


Sounds like life is going great!!! Except for Ryan, why am I not surprised Johnny Potter was behind that? Anyway tell the kid to knock it off and stay healthy, he can't wrestle if he's broken!!! (Ryan suffered a concussion from failing a 2 1/2 flip after being catapulted in the air) 
Glad Alli's wedding was great!  I guess Idaho got all the rain that day instead!!! 

Well this week was great!!!
actual FALL!!!
Super wet (we got tons of rain! what a great time to be a walking missionary! just kidding... not really). 
But the rain was beautiful! 

We had one of the most amazing lightning storms, and since my area is on top of the hill we could just look down on the city and out towards the mountains, so cool!!!  It was a tad sad though members kept offering us rides (it was pouring down at this point) but we couldn't take any because it was only 8 and we aren't allowed to be home before 9. So we wandered looking for someone to teach but that's the worst hour ever! no one wants to talk to you/open their doors, so we ended up playing in the rain! 

THe pot of gold is in the chimney

This week we focused a ton on finding! Like A TON! We knocked so many doors, and since it was cold I thought my knuckles were going to crack, they thankfully did not! I actually really love knocking doors, and I think i'm finding it to be one of my strengths, I can make conversation really easily and it's just nice to get to know people and their stories! One thing that is hard with that though is that we're supposed to invite people to be baptized daily, and since I'm usually talking the most, it ends up being me who does it. It's really strange to be like "hey, so we just met you but if you came to know the things we're talking about are true will you follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by someone holding the proper priesthood authority of God?". All of them say no, but that's not to say someone will eventually say yes, so I keep doing it, and it's getting easier and easier!!!!
Double rainbow that ends in the garbage can


    So we had a lesson with Nin this week and she's awesome! She's a little sad because she doesn't have many friends because she doesn't speak English, but we found a sweet lady in a different stake this week who speaks mandarin so we're hoping they connect, fingers crossed!!!! Nin is such a strange case, she wants to believe  but she has trouble seeing how any of the principles apply to her life. She comes to church every week, but during her lesson we asked if we'd see her Sunday and she was like I don't really want to go this week. Bummer :( we brought up the fact that it would be conference so she couldn't go for 2 weeks if she didn't go this time, and she was like "in that case I must go! I cant go 2 weeks without!) Confusing right? what does she want?!?!?! I don't know, but don't worry we're working on it! 

So I found out this week I am speaking a different language other than English!!!! Don't get to excited, I'm still speaking English, but I'm also speaking in the language of the spirit. We had stake correlation with President Long this week, and he gave an amazing spiritual insight about speaking the language of the spirit, and teaching by it, and dang! it was powerful!!! I came to know and understand more fully just how we as missionaries are expected to teach and find success. I even had an experience that goes so well with this standard! So Sister Hallett and I have been essentially stalking this guy Bloom since I got here. Sisters Hallett and Timothy tracked into him right before and got here, and he's golden!!! They were talking about the restoration and before they even got to Joseph Smith he stopped them and asked "do you think they'll ever be a time when we have a prophet on the earth again?" WHA?! #Goldeninvestigator. So they set a return appointment for Friday, and when sister hallett and I went to it, he wasn't there!!! We left a note and were praying he'd call us, he didn't. The next day we were in his area and decided to knock his door. His mean very anti, atheist roommate answered, and essentially scared us off from ever knocking again. No bueno right? So sister Hallett and I would constantly pass his house, hoping and praying he would be outside, he never was. Finally we put a deadline, if we didn't see Bloom before Wednesday we were going to knock. Wednesday came, still nothing. So we knocked, no answer. We worked in that area for another couple hours and decided to go try one last time. The door opened right away, but it wasn't him, his roommates Jasmine and Olivia were there. They graciously let us in, and I was dying!!! They have 8 cats and I was already stuffy feeling from the last house we were at with 2! I seriously could hardly see my eyes were so watery, and lets not even start to talk about my nose, GROSS! They told us Bloom was moving, and we had an awesome talk with them about God, invited them to be baptized, they said no, and we went on our way. The next day we were once again in his area. Sister Hallett was like lets not go back, he's moving, his roommates mean, blah blah blah excuses, and I totally agreed. So we went on our way. Not two minutes later was the spirit like "sister, you know better than this". I ignored and it was like "sister really? go back". So I finally stopped and was like we have to see Bloom, Sister Hallett was confused but she was not about to mess with the language of the spirit and those promptings which were given. So we went back, and BOOOOOOOOOM!!! Bloom opened the door, it was like the prodigal child return, not really, but it was awesome!! We had a great chat with him, and he expressed a sincere interest to know more, he gave us his new address, which is sadly out of our area, but we're going to get him in contact with the missionaries over there. It's sad we wont teach him, but I'm so glad we followed that prompting, I cant help but think Bloom would have been lost otherwise. This gospel can bless his life like non other, and I'm so glad we could help him along that process, 
The church is true!!!! and the spirit is real!!!!
When people don't open their doors we play on swings!

Anyway that's all I have for the week, hope all continues to be good, try to stay dry! It sounds like it's a bit soggy down there!! Tell Ryan to be smart and not use his head!!!! 

Love Always, 
Sister Sondrup
rocking the vogue look

also, I saved 18 worms and a puppy this week!!! whoop whoop!! 

These were some of the responses she had to her father in regards to the questions he bombarded her with---we are not used to a missionary actually responding back to the questions we throw out there so it was a pleasant surprise!

Re: how she was liking the walking and food.....
Walking is great, my shoes are good.
Your food is way better, not too much potato, or less than I was expecting.
so not spuddy! 
Re: contacts in her area.....
in all honesty the area is rough, really wealthy and set in their ways, getting better though!!
#latenight #prayerstruggleisreal
Re: her companions....
Oh yeah they're great!!! super awesome!! Besides I honestly wouldn't tell you if they were bad, but they're good! better than good, great!!!! 
we baked a pie!!! With fresh apples! 
Re: mission plans.....
our mission standard of excellence is 2500 baptisms per year, and we usually meet it. crazy right? 
                                                                   the answer is yes

Friday, September 26, 2014

Week 2 in the field

My week was so fast!!! A little hard seeing as all our appointments canceled! but it was so good!!!!! So lets see we had one lesson that didn't cancel, and that was with Nin (Ren Ping). She's from China, and speaks Mandarin, and Japanese, but NO ENGLISH!!! Super hard!!! we have to get a translator but we cant find a Mandarin one so we translate in Japanese, which presents more problems, but she's doing great and hopefully this week we'll have her on date to be baptized!!!! So earlier in the week we went to visit and OAY (over aged youth) but she was sleeping, but her neighbor was outside, so we talked to him. No big deal right? well he was super adamant that he's Lutheran, but we still invited him to be baptized, to which he replied "i already am". We thought he meant as a Lutheran, but turns out he's just a super lost inactive member!!! Anyway we had a small talk with him, and then went on our way to get home on time. Not five minutes later we hear a motorcycle. We turned to wave at them and BOOM! It was him!! We were literally chased down!!!! CRAZY RIGHT?!?!?! He asked some really deep questions about grace, and the atonement. It was so crazy how strong the spirit was, but dang we were able to testify like crazy!!! nuts! Anyway, we were running late getting home so we had to go. He left more confused but it really got him thinking. Honestly his wife is whats keeping him from practicing as a Mormon, it's hard to see, but we're hoping he's able to get through to her. But only time will tell! I got a letter from Rebecca Gifford this week, which now makes sense because you were talking to Melanie! It was so cool, I guess shes serving in Idaho right now? that's cool, I mean who wouldn't want to serve here?! Sorry it's short I have no time (seems to be the story of my life these days). Hope all continues to be well!!!! Love, Sister Sondrup

 you were literally in my area last week! and the day you drop off the fruit/cupcakes (thank you so much for that by the way I loved it!) I was in the family history center right next door, close call eh? just kidding we planned to be there but it didn't happen, apparently that's why! the wards are awesome! work is slow though! we technically have 5 progressing investigators, but none are actually progressing to baptism, so that's rough, but we'll see how it goes! We work alot with less actives but they want to stay less active, so that's no bueno.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

more kindness of strangers

Technology definitely has its benefits these days... I love when a random picture of my daughter shows up on my phone! I had to laugh at this one though....
This is how the text went

how awesome she fed my daughter but no picture was attached :(
She was quick to respond and sent this
and then this lovely one especially for her mothers benefit
should i be worried that she is sporting three chins this early into her mission
just grateful for the kindness of stranger to take my daughter in and to take the time and send me a picture.....

Monday, September 15, 2014

first letter from the field


So my P-day is Monday now, and will be forever. The rain sounds crazy all the members have been telling me about it, I didn't realize it hit so close to home though, it usually never does!! I'm glad the blog is staying updated that's awesome!! I'm honestly impressed!!! I don't mind if you post as me, you could always say its my mom writing though, but either way is great!

So I didn't call Tuesday, SORRY! They said we weren't allowed to, which I think is so unfair!!
 Everyone else gets to! 
But that's alright, its better to be obedient!!!!!
Kaycie weighing in at the bus station
The bus ride up to Pocatello was crazy we were getting poured on!!!
But as soon as we hit the Idaho border it was nothing but blue skies!!!! 
I even got a picture next to the Idaho sign!!! HALLA!!!!!! 

We got to the mission home and I was SOOOOOOOOOO nervous,
but all was well and I had a great afternoon/ evening! 
We found out our areas and trainers that night and I got put in one of the two places I never thought I would serve ........POCATELLO!!!! 
I swore because dad was always here I wouldn't be, but president is like
   "you go where you're needed" here I am!!! 
Actually dad, president doesn't mind if you want to take me out for lunch or anything you just have to call him and ask him first, you're not allowed to while I'm training though, and don't make mom to jealous with this!!!! Anyway I'm in the Highland stake in Pocatello, Sister Hallett and I are covering six wards, and I got put in one of the only walking areas in the whole mission! Just in time for the cold!!!! Great right?! but don't worry I don't have to go out if it's -25 or below, comforting right?!

Sister Hallett is awesome! She's from Florida and we are way to much a like! its a little scary honestly! Its like she's a ginger version of me! Needless to say we're really loud together, and we don't often get to bed on time.....but we're working on it I swear!!!!

So it's like super sad being away from all my MTC buds!
We went to IF this week for a training and I got to see them all and I wanted to cry!!!
Dang do I miss that group!!!! But my zone is awesome to!!! they're pretty funny!!!
 and guess who's in it?!!?!?! 
Sister Richins!!!
She's from Flagstaff, we got our calls on the same day, she just left a transfer ahead of!
 It was so crazy to see her but it was awesome!!!!

                        So I'm living with a member, we call her Mama Karen (sister hill) she is the best!!!!!!
      and mom you'll love this, she's a major photographer/scrapbooker! She seriously has her camera in hand more then you do, and she takes pictures of us constantly! She's making me a scrapbook and it's awesome!!! She also added you on FB so she could send you some pictures so enjoy!!!!!!

I don't really know what else to say, the work is great, and I'm doing awesome!!!
It's still strange to be here but I love it!!!!! Hope all is well! try to stay dry!!!!

Sister Sondrup

Stairs are killer! 
we climbed on average 1000 a day! and no that is not an exaggeration at all!
 It was 120 just to get to the classroom!

Thanks for the cupcakes!

awkwardly standing next to Elder Turley 
(friend from the ward and high school)

Kaycie being her funny self

Saturday, September 13, 2014

The kindness of strangers

It is such a warm thought to know that others are taking in my daughter and feeding her. I got this lovely picture sent to me tonight--since she has not had a P-day and written to us since she arrived in Idaho it was pleasant surprise to see her smiling face and that of her companion.
The family she had dinner with is  the Lee Family in Pocatello Highland 5th ward.
While she was at dinner they found they had a number of things in common.
Their son is serving in the Gilbert mission in currently in the Augusta 1st ward and their daughter is in the MTC learning the language so she can serve in the Adriatic North Mission and is currently companions with one of Kaycie's friends. Things like this make you realize what a small world it is...the church really does unite people from all over

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Welcome to Pocatello

September 9, 2014
Dear Brother and Sister Sondrup,
Your missionary has arrived safely in the Idaho Pocatello Mission. Upon arrival, we had an orientation meeting and personal interviews to get further acquainted. Sister Brinkerhoff and I are pleased to have the opportunity to serve with your missionary and are dedicated to helping our missionaries fulfill successful, honorable missions.

Attached is a photo of us together after the arrival of your missionary in the Idaho Pocatello Mission.

We are hopeful you will write or email letters of encouragement to your missionary weekly so they will continue to feel your love and support as they lose themselves in the work. Please send all mail to the

Mission Office
Elder/Sister (Name)
135 South 7th Avenue
Pocatello, Idaho 83201. 

May God bless you as you sacrifice to support this great work.

Faithfully yours,
Marvin T. Brinkerhoff 
Mission President

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

last week at the MTC

I don't even know where to begin with this week it was crazy!!!!! Like CRAZY!! First off time here, What the heck how does it work? You watch tells you one thing but your body is telling you another you think you've been studying for like an hour and five minutes have past. WHAT?! not cool MTC!!! But then it feels like the days aren't long enough anymore, as great as sleep is I wish I didn't need it!!!! I'm sure if that makes sense but that's where I'm at now.

Ok so funny first and I hope you're entertained because I'm dying even thinking about this!!! First off I have an elder from Mesa in my zone his name is Elder Schulke, and he's a hoot!!! You'd look at him and think, what a total meat head! But seriously I've never met a nicer person in my life!!! Anyway one night elder Schulke was hanging out with the elders in their dorms and elder Bergen (cute little scrawny nerdy kid from Texas) got a pie from his parents. So they were eating some and then Schulke went to talk to the ZL's who lived on another floor. When he came back he saw a group of elders eating Elder Bergen's pie, and in his mind he was like "What?! why would they steal his pie!!!!". So naturally what did he do? Go into their room (the random elders) and take a piece of pie and eat in in front of their faces. He left and he was so angry like, who would do that? Only then did he realize he was on the wrong floor, and he was the one who stole someones pie!! And he ate it right in front of their faces!!!!!!! Even worse, he's pretty sure he made the kid cry........but its so funny!!!! Ok so I hope that made sense, and i have one last funny thought, and this one made me almost pee my pants!!!! To funny! So at the MTC there is a rumor that they put laxatives in the orange juice because the food makes you constipated, which is a little true (not for me, but everyone else, guess I'm lucky). Anyway in personal study elder Dart came across these verses and they fit way to perfectly. Just keep in mind laxatives, and go look up Jeremiah 4:19-20 Seriously to funny!!!!!!!

Ok so I have like no time now! But I'll be spiritually for awhile. We had the most amazing devo on Tuesday Brother Clarke (of the 70) came and talked and it was powerful!!!! He talked about missionary work and true conversion. But the thing that hit me the most was that he asked all of us who had a family member who was inactive to stand up. Out of 4,000 missionaries less then 20 were still sitting. He then went on to ask why we were all so willing to go out all over the world and invite others to come unto Christ, but we weren't willing to do so in our own homes? It really gets you thinking, yes meeting new people is scary, but if they reject you who cares? If your family rejects though that hurts so much more. But in all reality they should be the first ones we talked to!!!!!! Anyway it was powerful. Now I really have no time but I'll be quick!! So I told you about Sarah Mae she's our TRC investigator. We had some lessons with her this week and HOLY HECK THE CHURCH IS TRUE!!!!! The spirit was everything it was crazy ones lesson we went into and we were planning to teach the Gospel of Christ,specifically the atonement. We got in there and all of a sudden I was like so today we want to talk to you about Prophets WHAT?! Sister Smith started having this huge coughing fit and I was like maybe not......she ended up running out the room, and because we have to be in sight and sound we followed, I thought she was freaking out, but she really was just coughing. While we were out of the room I asked everyone feeling prophets and it was unanimous. We needed to teach about them. The lesson went so well and some how it turned into prayer. But this is where it gets crazier!! The spirit all of a sudden was like invite her to pray at home, and I was like OK.....But wait! As I was about to invite her she stops me and goes "you know based off what we talked about, and what I'm feeling, I feel like I need to pray". WHAT?!?!?!?!!?! Did the investigator just invite herself to do something? Not only that this women has no trust in Heavenly Father and she hasn't talked to him since her son died 12 years ago!! and she's telling us she's going to pray!!!!!! The next day we went back for a lesson and we talked to her about it and she had prayed the night before. She said she never felt like anyone had been listening to her before that, and that when she prayed this time she knew her father was there!!!! Words cannot express how overjoyed I was and still am. The spirit is insane!!! Anyway tonight is our last night with her and I'm really sad I have come to love that women in a way I never thought possible!!! 

Anyway there is so much more I could say, but I have no time!!! I got 9 emails this week and stupidly I saved this for last. Sorry about the spelling and grammar but I have no time to check I'm already over time. I'm headed out on a bus Tuesday around 8:30 and I think I can call, so expect a call sometime around 7 AZ time! 

Love Always, 
Sister Sondrup 

Former member of our Stake presidency Bro. Bodily and his wife ran into Kaycie in the MTC and were kind enough to send a picture on--looks like they will be having their missionary adventure the same time Kaycie is. 

Monday, September 8, 2014

What happens when you lose your camera

I was concerned at first when i first saw these pictures and then Kaycie explained that this is what happens when you lose your camera and the elders get a hold of it.....
we thought she was a nice polite girt till we saw this....

took his teeth out to get cleaned....

cross eyed from all the reading....

this looks like a face Kaycie is known for making so maybe she rubbed off on him?