Tuesday, September 9, 2014

last week at the MTC

I don't even know where to begin with this week it was crazy!!!!! Like CRAZY!! First off time here, What the heck how does it work? You watch tells you one thing but your body is telling you another you think you've been studying for like an hour and five minutes have past. WHAT?! not cool MTC!!! But then it feels like the days aren't long enough anymore, as great as sleep is I wish I didn't need it!!!! I'm sure if that makes sense but that's where I'm at now.

Ok so funny first and I hope you're entertained because I'm dying even thinking about this!!! First off I have an elder from Mesa in my zone his name is Elder Schulke, and he's a hoot!!! You'd look at him and think, what a total meat head! But seriously I've never met a nicer person in my life!!! Anyway one night elder Schulke was hanging out with the elders in their dorms and elder Bergen (cute little scrawny nerdy kid from Texas) got a pie from his parents. So they were eating some and then Schulke went to talk to the ZL's who lived on another floor. When he came back he saw a group of elders eating Elder Bergen's pie, and in his mind he was like "What?! why would they steal his pie!!!!". So naturally what did he do? Go into their room (the random elders) and take a piece of pie and eat in in front of their faces. He left and he was so angry like, who would do that? Only then did he realize he was on the wrong floor, and he was the one who stole someones pie!! And he ate it right in front of their faces!!!!!!! Even worse, he's pretty sure he made the kid cry........but its so funny!!!! Ok so I hope that made sense, and i have one last funny thought, and this one made me almost pee my pants!!!! To funny! So at the MTC there is a rumor that they put laxatives in the orange juice because the food makes you constipated, which is a little true (not for me, but everyone else, guess I'm lucky). Anyway in personal study elder Dart came across these verses and they fit way to perfectly. Just keep in mind laxatives, and go look up Jeremiah 4:19-20 Seriously to funny!!!!!!!

Ok so I have like no time now! But I'll be spiritually for awhile. We had the most amazing devo on Tuesday Brother Clarke (of the 70) came and talked and it was powerful!!!! He talked about missionary work and true conversion. But the thing that hit me the most was that he asked all of us who had a family member who was inactive to stand up. Out of 4,000 missionaries less then 20 were still sitting. He then went on to ask why we were all so willing to go out all over the world and invite others to come unto Christ, but we weren't willing to do so in our own homes? It really gets you thinking, yes meeting new people is scary, but if they reject you who cares? If your family rejects though that hurts so much more. But in all reality they should be the first ones we talked to!!!!!! Anyway it was powerful. Now I really have no time but I'll be quick!! So I told you about Sarah Mae she's our TRC investigator. We had some lessons with her this week and HOLY HECK THE CHURCH IS TRUE!!!!! The spirit was everything it was crazy ones lesson we went into and we were planning to teach the Gospel of Christ,specifically the atonement. We got in there and all of a sudden I was like so today we want to talk to you about Prophets WHAT?! Sister Smith started having this huge coughing fit and I was like maybe not......she ended up running out the room, and because we have to be in sight and sound we followed, I thought she was freaking out, but she really was just coughing. While we were out of the room I asked everyone feeling prophets and it was unanimous. We needed to teach about them. The lesson went so well and some how it turned into prayer. But this is where it gets crazier!! The spirit all of a sudden was like invite her to pray at home, and I was like OK.....But wait! As I was about to invite her she stops me and goes "you know based off what we talked about, and what I'm feeling, I feel like I need to pray". WHAT?!?!?!?!!?! Did the investigator just invite herself to do something? Not only that this women has no trust in Heavenly Father and she hasn't talked to him since her son died 12 years ago!! and she's telling us she's going to pray!!!!!! The next day we went back for a lesson and we talked to her about it and she had prayed the night before. She said she never felt like anyone had been listening to her before that, and that when she prayed this time she knew her father was there!!!! Words cannot express how overjoyed I was and still am. The spirit is insane!!! Anyway tonight is our last night with her and I'm really sad I have come to love that women in a way I never thought possible!!! 

Anyway there is so much more I could say, but I have no time!!! I got 9 emails this week and stupidly I saved this for last. Sorry about the spelling and grammar but I have no time to check I'm already over time. I'm headed out on a bus Tuesday around 8:30 and I think I can call, so expect a call sometime around 7 AZ time! 

Love Always, 
Sister Sondrup 

Former member of our Stake presidency Bro. Bodily and his wife ran into Kaycie in the MTC and were kind enough to send a picture on--looks like they will be having their missionary adventure the same time Kaycie is. 

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