Friday, September 26, 2014

Week 2 in the field

My week was so fast!!! A little hard seeing as all our appointments canceled! but it was so good!!!!! So lets see we had one lesson that didn't cancel, and that was with Nin (Ren Ping). She's from China, and speaks Mandarin, and Japanese, but NO ENGLISH!!! Super hard!!! we have to get a translator but we cant find a Mandarin one so we translate in Japanese, which presents more problems, but she's doing great and hopefully this week we'll have her on date to be baptized!!!! So earlier in the week we went to visit and OAY (over aged youth) but she was sleeping, but her neighbor was outside, so we talked to him. No big deal right? well he was super adamant that he's Lutheran, but we still invited him to be baptized, to which he replied "i already am". We thought he meant as a Lutheran, but turns out he's just a super lost inactive member!!! Anyway we had a small talk with him, and then went on our way to get home on time. Not five minutes later we hear a motorcycle. We turned to wave at them and BOOM! It was him!! We were literally chased down!!!! CRAZY RIGHT?!?!?! He asked some really deep questions about grace, and the atonement. It was so crazy how strong the spirit was, but dang we were able to testify like crazy!!! nuts! Anyway, we were running late getting home so we had to go. He left more confused but it really got him thinking. Honestly his wife is whats keeping him from practicing as a Mormon, it's hard to see, but we're hoping he's able to get through to her. But only time will tell! I got a letter from Rebecca Gifford this week, which now makes sense because you were talking to Melanie! It was so cool, I guess shes serving in Idaho right now? that's cool, I mean who wouldn't want to serve here?! Sorry it's short I have no time (seems to be the story of my life these days). Hope all continues to be well!!!! Love, Sister Sondrup

 you were literally in my area last week! and the day you drop off the fruit/cupcakes (thank you so much for that by the way I loved it!) I was in the family history center right next door, close call eh? just kidding we planned to be there but it didn't happen, apparently that's why! the wards are awesome! work is slow though! we technically have 5 progressing investigators, but none are actually progressing to baptism, so that's rough, but we'll see how it goes! We work alot with less actives but they want to stay less active, so that's no bueno.

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