Monday, September 15, 2014

first letter from the field


So my P-day is Monday now, and will be forever. The rain sounds crazy all the members have been telling me about it, I didn't realize it hit so close to home though, it usually never does!! I'm glad the blog is staying updated that's awesome!! I'm honestly impressed!!! I don't mind if you post as me, you could always say its my mom writing though, but either way is great!

So I didn't call Tuesday, SORRY! They said we weren't allowed to, which I think is so unfair!!
 Everyone else gets to! 
But that's alright, its better to be obedient!!!!!
Kaycie weighing in at the bus station
The bus ride up to Pocatello was crazy we were getting poured on!!!
But as soon as we hit the Idaho border it was nothing but blue skies!!!! 
I even got a picture next to the Idaho sign!!! HALLA!!!!!! 

We got to the mission home and I was SOOOOOOOOOO nervous,
but all was well and I had a great afternoon/ evening! 
We found out our areas and trainers that night and I got put in one of the two places I never thought I would serve ........POCATELLO!!!! 
I swore because dad was always here I wouldn't be, but president is like
   "you go where you're needed" here I am!!! 
Actually dad, president doesn't mind if you want to take me out for lunch or anything you just have to call him and ask him first, you're not allowed to while I'm training though, and don't make mom to jealous with this!!!! Anyway I'm in the Highland stake in Pocatello, Sister Hallett and I are covering six wards, and I got put in one of the only walking areas in the whole mission! Just in time for the cold!!!! Great right?! but don't worry I don't have to go out if it's -25 or below, comforting right?!

Sister Hallett is awesome! She's from Florida and we are way to much a like! its a little scary honestly! Its like she's a ginger version of me! Needless to say we're really loud together, and we don't often get to bed on time.....but we're working on it I swear!!!!

So it's like super sad being away from all my MTC buds!
We went to IF this week for a training and I got to see them all and I wanted to cry!!!
Dang do I miss that group!!!! But my zone is awesome to!!! they're pretty funny!!!
 and guess who's in it?!!?!?! 
Sister Richins!!!
She's from Flagstaff, we got our calls on the same day, she just left a transfer ahead of!
 It was so crazy to see her but it was awesome!!!!

                        So I'm living with a member, we call her Mama Karen (sister hill) she is the best!!!!!!
      and mom you'll love this, she's a major photographer/scrapbooker! She seriously has her camera in hand more then you do, and she takes pictures of us constantly! She's making me a scrapbook and it's awesome!!! She also added you on FB so she could send you some pictures so enjoy!!!!!!

I don't really know what else to say, the work is great, and I'm doing awesome!!!
It's still strange to be here but I love it!!!!! Hope all is well! try to stay dry!!!!

Sister Sondrup

Stairs are killer! 
we climbed on average 1000 a day! and no that is not an exaggeration at all!
 It was 120 just to get to the classroom!

Thanks for the cupcakes!

awkwardly standing next to Elder Turley 
(friend from the ward and high school)

Kaycie being her funny self

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