Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Week 20 - I am Practically Famous - Suprise

 Well this week was oddly long, whoa, CRAZY! It was so good! Miracles happening left and right! You know what I have majorly realized?! We see no more miracles in missionary life then we really do in normal life. The Lord blesses us and shows us miracles no matter the stage of life we are in, I think the difference is that we are in a better spot to recognize the miracles in our everyday lives. I look back to just five months ago when I started my mission and at the time I recognized no miracles in my life, but now that I look for them, now that I am in a better place to recognize them it seems to me that we cant go one day without one! So are you looking for the Miracles in your life? Because believe me they are there!!!!! 

So one Miracle I saw this week, was actually Dad, WHA?! I am not even sure if that was real...Ok maybe it was, but I could have possibly been dreaming. Imagine my surprise when I was just going to the visitors center to watch "Meet the Mormons" with Austin, and my Dad pops out of no where, I was freaking out to say the least! But it was good, I was actually having a really rough day, nothing seemed to be going right and the Lord so knew that I needed something to pick me up , I was thinking along the lines of Ice Cream, or maybe even setting another baptismal date, but it just goes to show the Lord knows me way better, and he sent my Dad. Such a blessing, even just getting a hug was probably the best. But where does the miracle of this come in? Well originally we were going to go on Thursday at 7pm. But Wednesday Austin texted and asked if we could go Wednesday instead of Thursday. We then called and tried to get tickets again for 7, but they had 2 left and there was 4 of us going, 5 was the only time available, so we made it work, and surprise surprise dad was there. Coincidence? I think not! The Lord's hand was so at work, not only moving it from Thursday to Wednesday, but from 7 to 5. It's so interesting to me how things just work out when he needs them to, I am so glad I know it was my Savior working in my life rather than just coincidence. Can you imagine how sad that would be to not know? I don't even want to think about that! 

So in that miracle someone was used to answer my prayers, but later this week we were used to answer someone else's. First let me just start by saying it was one of THOSE days. You know those days where no matter where you go, nobody is home, nobody has any interest in talking to you, and even the members who let you in no matter what, are of course unavailable. We'd gone ALL day without teaching one lesson. NOT ONE. and I remember just saying a prayer in my heart "Heavenly Father please let us find someone to teach" as I said this, we drove passed a car on the side of the road with their hazards on. Not knowing anything about cars I drove passed, how the heck was I supposed to help them with anything? Well that morning I had studied in preach my gospel about finding and taking every opportunity we have to talk to everyone. The spirit then was like "go back" So with that sure confirmation, I went back. We pulled over. Turns out, nothing was wrong with the car (what a relief), but inside we did find one of our Less Actives, Brooke, who was having the absolute WORST night ever. Seriously her life made a telenovela look normal. Ultimately there was nothing that could have been done right then, but just being there for her was the best thing, and all she really needed. We had the Bishop come and he helped her out, and is still doing it, but ultimately there is alot we still don't know, and until we find it out, there is really no solving of the problem. But what is so amazing to me is how the Lord had been preparing us all day to be the answer to someone else's prayers. I keep thinking, what if we had got into someone's house? Would we have spent to long there, and completely missed her? Would we have had time to stop and help? The possibilities are so endless, it just really goes to show how small a piece of the picture we really see. We dont know why things happen sometimes, but he always does, and there is always a purpose to it, it never ceases to amaze me! 

So guess what?! We got yet another Mandarin speaking investigator this week! But a whole family this time! I dont know moms name for the life of me, but dad and daughter are Lantean, and Yusixu. It's so crazy! It's Pocatello all over again with Ninn! I keep remembering the promise President Johnson made when he was setting me apart, he said I would teach the gospel in a language other than my own, and it is so true!!!!!! I have now had the opportunity to teach in Mandarin, Japanese, Russian, and always the language of the spirit (which is the same regardless of the language you are speaking). Anyway, Lantean, and his wife are not allowed to be baptized because they work for the Chinese government.Anyway they really want to be baptized, but cant, BUT because there daughter isn't affiliated with it, and she has a desire to be baptized she can be! So we have an appointment with Yusixu tonight and we're  hoping to setting a baptismal date with her! And because she is under aged, but she'll be a member of the church when they go back to China, her parents "have" (but really get) to go with her! Isn't that amazing?! I mean it's a bummer they cant be baptized themselves, but they still get to participate, and you I think Heavenly Father will see that desire, but inability, I think it will mean alot to him. Could you even imagine not being able to practice and worship as you believe? Could you imagine not being able to do what was right? Even if you knew with every fiber of your being (which they do) that it was true, and that this is Christ restored church? That sounds like torture to me. I am glad I only have to imagine what that'd be like, verses having to face it. But i have no doubt that they will get there day, and they to will be able to enter the waters of baptism, and eventually the House of the Lord, the Temple, to be sealed for all time and eternity. What an amazing promise we are given, that everyone will be able to receive this restored gospel! 

So Miracle number three! We really wanted to go to this fireside with Anthony Armstrong lost night (he's the missionary from meet the Mormons) and we invited everybody and there mom, and they all said they'd come, and then and hour before they all cancelled. What the junk?! Anyway we went to a recent converts house, and with 20 minutes notice, they totally went! Meaning we to could go! So cool! It was so amazing! and it was so inspirational! I loved it! Not to mention we totally had a little reunion with all the missionaries and it was the best! 

Anyway, why the subject line? well everywhere I go people have been asking lately people have been talking to me for a minute, and then they're like "you must be Sister Sundrop" apparently I have a reputation of being excessively happy and excited going around, I don't really know where that came from, but hey it's always a bright spot in my day! I'd much rather be known as happy then sad! So yeah, I am practically famous! Look out Idaho I am here! Well that all I have for this week, Thanks for writing even if it's just a little! I really love it! Hope you all have a great week! 

Sister Sondrup (or should I say Sundrop!) 

Monday, January 26, 2015

Week 19 - Ups and downs and Individuals to pray for

This week was amazing!!!!!!! 

To start I sent off my dear sweet companion sister McPherson, she is once again Annie, and I miss her like non other!!!!! She truly was such a blessing to have in my life, and though we were only together 6 weeks she was able to touch my life in ways that are unimaginable! I will forever be better because of the time I spent with her! She is truly an example and representative of Jesus Christ, regardless of whether she wears a tag or not. I only hope that I can be half the missionary and person that she is, the light of Christ shines through her, and you know without a doubt that her Father in Heaven is proud of her. 

So Monday was a little depressing, but WAIT FOR IT...I didn't even cry! It is mind blowing to me how our Heavenly Father makes our weaknesses become strengths. Knowing me before I came out on my mission you know that my excessively leaky eyes was a real struggle I couldn't control my tears to save my life, like literally couldn't control them! It's crazy for me to report that I have cried all but 5 times on mission, to some that may seem like alot, but to me it is a miracle number! I cannot remember the last time I was able to count the number of times I cried on one hand. Mostly because I would cry everyday, for any reason. I can truly say that my Father in Heaven has turned one of my greatest weaknesses into one of my most powerful strengths. Tears and emotion are never a bad thing, but to much of one thing is never the best thing, and now I dont worry about that. I rely on the spirit and I let it work miracles in my life, while I still cry, there is always a purpose behind those tears, and that is truly amazing! 

Anyway enough of that. So this week NUTS. I met Sister Hervoyavich, crazy. Love her. Anyway it's always a super weird transition to getting a new companion, but it's been good, we've been able to do amazing work already! but get this...Are you ready? I'm not sure you are...she has MORE clothing I do, like 10 trillion times more clothing than I do. I didn't think it were possible, but she does. Every time I go into the closest it never ceases to amazing me. Anyway that was random, but super nuts! 

So this week we set a goal as a zone to teach 100 member present lessons (lessons taught to a non member with a member there). It equated to 10 lessons a companionship, totally doable. But so rough this week, especially considering we lost out on 3 days of teaching because I wasn't in the foothills Monday or Tuesday (I was temporarily with sister Parker in ammon west) and Wednesday I had to go get Sister Hervoyavich and then we had meetings. So we lost 3 days, but we had faith we could do, how we didn't know (we had 0 appointments this week) but we knew we could, the Lord would provide a way. By miracles and miracles alone, we ended the week with 11. Tender mercies of the Lord are seriously the best, I am so grateful for his help in all that we do. Missionary work is impossible if not guided by the Lord, and I am so grateful that he blesses our companionship continually. 

Even more of a miracle our one baptism date became 2 (more on that later) and Austin, got off probation! He now meets all requirements to be baptized and we are good to move forward with him being baptized on February 16th it is truly a miracle, and he is so excited!!!!! From the start of teaching him you could just see how much the darkness consumed him, now he shines bright with the light of Christ and it is so touching to see the true difference that this gospel makes in every life. To watch this lost sheep be once again found by his Savior and Redeemer, Christ the Lord, is one of the greatest most amazing things I have ever been able to see in my life, and I am grateful to be trusted enough to help in this work, and I am so sad to say that everyday I serve is one less day I have to put on my name tag and to go out and to do his will as a full time missionary. It really hit me hard sending Sister McPherson home just how little time I really have to do this full time, time flys but I just wish it would freeze and I could be here forever! 

So we set another baptism date this week!!!!!!! #standardofexcellence #februarywontknowwhatscoming #bringingsoulsuntoChrist! His name is Skip, and he'll be getting baptized on February 28th. But here is the kicker that makes things so amazing to me! HE'S 81!!!!!! The cutest old man I have ever met in my life! He has Alzheimer's, so sometimes we go to teach and nothing happens, he just speaks in circles, but the he is so ready to come unto Christ. Lately it's been so hard, and I remember just offering a simple prayer, asking for him to just be able to understand to be clear minded. We pop in on him last night, and he was the best I had ever seen him. It was a true miracle but he actually remembered everything, he knew exactly who we were and the message we brought. He knew we represented Jesus Christ and he knew he wanted what we had. We invited him to be baptized, and he said yes. While it will still be very hard to teach him it just amazes me to think how it is truly never to late to come unto Christ. That we all have our chance, and he is finally getting to take his! It is powerful what difference the Savior can make in a life, whether they are at the beginning or at the end. He loves us, and will do anything to help us. Like I said though it will be an up hill battle to teach him, so any prayers for Skip would be so appreciated! Help him to just remember and understand, he's ready for this step, he just needs to remember that he is!!!

So to end I would like to share my new motto, pretty much my favorite thing ever. All the missionaries have adopted the name of Sister Sundrop for me, and I get the occasional sister Sunbeam. I guess I smile alot...Anyway whenever I talk to any on the Phone they just say "Sister Sundrop I can feel your smile through the phone knocking it off!" That of course makes me smile more...but it's a new running joke we have. Anyway, yesterday in Sacrament they had missionary moms speak about there kids and the changes and experiences they are having while out on their missions. One missionary wrote and told his mom that best solution he found to fight any trial he has in his life. It's a simple phrase, but one of the best I have ever heard, he simply said "Fight trials, with Smiles" Why it is so powerful I dont know, but there is a real power in positivity, and so my new motto is 
"Sister Sundrop, fighting trials with smiles, all day everyday" 
Maybe it's tacky but hey it works for me! It's crazy how small something may seem but the impact it makes on your life is immense! So keep that in mind the next trial you have in your life, fight back with a big ol' smile! Well that's all I have, I hope all is well, and you are indeed alive...but really. I love you all so much and I am so grateful for the constant support and prayers! 

Sister Kaycie Sondrup

Snippet from letter to my dad

so this week, yesterday specifically was like the worst!!!! 

in church some missionary moms spoke and they talked about just how much their kids had changed in the few short months they'd been out. It really caused me to reflect and to look inward, have I changed? I don't feel as though I have, which sucks. Whats that point of serving a mission and inviting others to change if we ourselves do not allow those changes to take place in our own lives? It really got me down, I want to come back way better than how I left, because I lets face it, when I left I had very unsavory qualities, I want to come back better, but I don't feel like I am changing, Maybe it's just from my perspective, and I really have, but it still sucked, I felt a little rebuked to be honest. But I will strive to do better this week!!! Any advice? 

I would absolutely love for you or anyone who wants to help out with missionary work to pray for my investigators, the power of prayer is so real! I have great faith in it!!!! If you would pray specifically for: 

Austin Cunningham: and his baptism date of February 16th. pray specifically that he will be able to pass his interview with president nelson (he has to be interviewed by someone in the mission presidency because he's a felon) and that he will continue to desire to come unto Christ!

Skip Olsen: Pray that he will remember the lessons and the commitment he has made to be baptized. Pray that his family (specifically his daughter) will approve of this decision he is ready to make in his life, and that he will come to church! 

Taelor Anderson: That she will see that greatness of this Gospel and the power that it already has had in her life, that she will not be fearful of the commitment of baptism, and she will be able to over come her fears. 

Carter French: That he will overcome the anti Mormon literature that he has heard from his previous church, and that he will have the courage and confidence to make his own choice and not allow his father's anti Mormon opinion to influence him, that he will be able to be the example to his brothers. 

and Nick Russel: That he will see the greatness this Gospel can have in his life, and that he will be able to see the many blessings it will have in his life and in the life of his family, specifically his kids Myles, Ava, and Charlotte. 

Thanks dad you are the absolute best!!!!!! 
Love you and miss you tons!!!! 

Sister Kaycie Sondrup 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Week 18 - Birthday Surprise

Ok! Hey! So I have no time, like NO TIME. Today is stressful beyond all belief!!! AHHHHHHHHH! Killing a missionary, not cool.

Anyway this week was nuts! We went finding like crazy and it just goes to show you how much the Lord is preparing areas, because dang in this last week we found ours is super prepared! Like 6 new investigators prepared!!!! Crazy! We really took it upon ourselves to invite someone to be baptized daily this week (both of us, so 14 invites total). Our 6 new investigators all said yes!!!!!!!!! We are still waiting to set an exact date, but that's so crazy to me!!!! That they could meet two girls on the street and just commit to being baptized! Insane in the Membrane!!!!!!

So my birthday was this week, thanks for all the wishes!!!!! Birthdays are super weird in the field......just weird. Sister McPherson managed to tell everyone without we knowing it, because all of a sudden Friday rolls around and there are like 50 trillion people calling and wishing me happy birthday. Sister Brinkerhoff even called, but she has the same ring tone as President so it totally freaked us out at first!!!!! The elders called and left crazy voice mails, and ended up surprising me with some of my favorite things! Avocado, juice, and now Yarn!!!!!! I have so much yarn........Sister McPherson taught me to knit for my birthday, and it was great!!!! We went to a members home later that night and they got me a cake and had a mini party. They told us to invite our friends, and we really had to think about the term "friends" the question was whether we really had any. We came up with yes, and the elders, bishop, and ward mission leader came over. It was an interesting mix, but it was awesome!!!!!!!

So on another note my new companion will be Sister Hervoyavich, she is super near the end of her mission (3 transfers at the most) so it looks like I will be killing off yet another companion. She was previously companion with Sister McPherson so I've heard lots about her, and from the sound of it it's going to be one crazy transfer!

So I have to go get Sister Parker (my companion until Wednesday) and then try and get everything else done! Life is to crazy!!! Sorry it's not much, but it's all I have time for, hope all is well and you are finding safety and peace in all that you do!

Sister Kaycie Sondrup

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Week 17 - The beginning of the end


So this week has been so awesome but crazy as well!!!!!! For whatever reason the weather decided to freak out and get super cold literally over night!!!! Our high on Sunday was about 30, the next day the high decided to be -4, no not just regular 4, but -4! All I can say is thank goodness for a car!!! Because the coldest I saw it get that day was -19 and I sure as heck would hate to be walking around in that!!!!!!

To add to the excitement of the cold weather we decided to make the trek out to Bone this week to see a former investigator named Steve. To say Steve lives in the middle of no where is an understatement. It's literally his house surrounded by mountains and a million windmills! Our GPS didn't even recognize a house was out there, so we had to go searching, which brings us to our problem. Frank, our dear sweet amazing Subaru Impreza that does phenomenal in the snow got hopelessly stuck!!!!!!! Definitely a lesson to be learned, when a gate is closed do not open it and try and drive through, going in was perfectly fine, coming out not so much! So here Sister McPherson and I are trying to dig our car out in skirt, and for whatever reason neither of us chose to wear boots that day. So with the snow up to our mid calves (well her mid calves, my knees, Halla for being short!) we helplessly tried to dig our way out. One thing that is nice though is that there are tons of members with trucks! To bad that does you absolutely no good when you are in the middle of nowhere with zero and I mean 0 cell service!  I thought I we were going to die out there for awhile! Or at the very least have an amazing rescue story and make it on the show "I shouldn't be Alive". But alas, a father and son were coming back from shooting, they saw and waved but kept going, I guess it didn't look like we were stuck at all. Then the spirit was like you need to go back so they turned around and got out and asked "what are you doing tracting?". To that I sadly gave a rather sassy and rude response (don't worry I apologized, and repented!). They didn't have their chain on them, and we didn't have the tool kit we needed to hook up to them, but with some major ingenuity they were able to pull us out of the snow. So after being stuck for almost 2 hours, frozen and wet (it was a toasty 0 at this point in time), we drove home with an awesome humbling experience. We didn't get to see Steve, but I think we may have to wait until spring, or a truck becomes available.

We did get to go to Pocatello this week for a Baptism of one of Sister McPhersons old investigators! It was super awesome to see, but it was so hard to be so close to my old Highland area  and not get to go see anyone!!! But that's alright all in time right? We also went to Rigby this week to, with all the traveling we did/lack of traveling we got very little teaching opportunities this week. But just wait for this crazy miracle!

After a week of rather humbling experiences we were rather down, and very grumpy. not cool I know. Anyway Sister Mcpherson has set a goal to invite someone to be baptized until the end of her mission. (I have a challenge going with Elder Wright seeing who can go the longest, we're of course tied right now) Friday (the day we drove to bone) we were struggling, and I had invited, but she had not. We had a half hour left and we were freaking out! Who could we invite! Finally we made a last minute decision to head to the other end of the area and hope that a part member family was home. On our way we passed a potential's house, we had knocked the day before and though we knew they were home (the kids kept looking through the blinds) they hadn't answered. As we passed I felt like "dang we need to stop there" I didn't though (shame right?) but As I continued to drive I knew we needed to go back. I flipped a U-turn (which are actually illegal in most places in the state of Idaho, Crazy right?) and we went back. We knocked on the door, and it opened right away. They let us in, and mom (the non member) was upstairs cleaning, we talked to her husband who is less active for awhile, and then she descended the stairs. This is where the miracle comes in. We knew this women! Two weeks earlier we were shopping at the mall, buying some skirts/a coat. She was a sales person, and for whatever reason we had this great connection with her. We left and we both just had this strange feeling of knowing her, and knowing how much she did mean and would mean to us. So Imagine our surprise when we were once again face to face with this women, whom we had met once, but already loved with all our hearts! It was crazy! So overwhelming!!!!! Sister Mcpherson was able to invite her to be baptized, she said yes! but wouldn't set a date, and we were able to get a return appointment! Just think what if I hadn't turned around! Melissa has been prepared for us since we met her, and we have been prepared to meet her. It took us a rather humbling day, and major promptings from the spirit but we found her!!!! And it was truly the highlight of the week!!!! She is so prepared and ready! and she is going to go so far!!! I cannot wait to meet with her again!!!

Even crazier miracle! Eric his progress record has been in our area book for over 11 years! That is a crazy long time!!! Unheard of!!!! But he has been kept for so long, only to be so prepared to hear the Gospel now! What if we had over looked that?! how much longer would he have to have gone without the gospel?! Insane!!!!! Though he moved and we had to pass him off the thought of what if we hadn't caught him before he moved keeps going through my head. Would he have been lost forever? Who knows but it was a true miracle the timing of whole situation was to perfect to not know and be able to see the Lord's hand in it!!!

Well today is Crazy windy, like crazy!!! I've just about been blown over, it doesn't help that there is ice everywhere!!! It makes walking rather scary But hey some weather is better than no weather right? I get transfer calls this Thursday and will find out my new companion then, I still cannot believe Sister McPherson will be leaving me in exactly 1 week!!!! This week is truly the beginning of the end for us! It is really sad, but we've been able to do great things together! and I know she has a great work to do at home!!!!

Once last thing! I went sledding this week and it was fun for the first run and then got worse and worse seeing as it was way to cold for the snow to stick at all and the whole experience was just a constant barrage of powder flying in your face on top of -12 degree weather! All the same it was a great experience and super fun!!! I will say though it was great to be able to feel my face again though!!!!! That's all I have! Tell Ryan congrats on the win!!!!!! Love you and miss you!

Sister Kaycie Sondrup

I forgot to mention we got word of our new mission president (president Brinkerhoff will be leaving in June). His name is Gene E. Hancock he is from Winslow Arizona!!!! He is the stake president there now, but will soon be released to be joining us here!!!! No wonder so many missionaries come from Arizona here, our new president is from there!!!!!! 


Week 16 - Holiday Slow Down

Hey all!

So this week was great but in honesty super rough!!!!! Teaching was almost non existent. We realized that no one really comes to Idaho Falls/Ammon for the Holidays, but they all leave it. I think we spent the bulk of our days just driving trying to find someone, anyone to teach!!!!! A little frustrating, but hey, it's those bad times that make the good ones even better right? 

Christmas Eve and Christmas were awesome though! Super fun, the few families that were in town were all dying to have us over and it felt super good to be wanted! Christmas Eve we watched Remember the Titans, and I forgot how good a movie that is! Maybe it was partially because I hadn't watched a movie other than "Joseph Smith the Prophet of the Restoration" in months, but dang I/the whole zone were dying! It was to good!!!! Funny and a tear jerker at the same time! AWESOME! Plus we get to watch another movie this week on New Years Eve, we're still undecided as to what, but I hope it's just as good!!!! After the movie we decided to play football (inside of course it was like 20 and snowing outside). All the other sisters dipped out so it ended up just being Sister McPherson and I playing with all the Elders. Which was awesome, but dang they get super intense, and forget that there are Sisters playing as well, I think most of the game I wasn't trying to catch the ball, but simple avoid being ran over flat by the Elders! None the less I still managed to score a "touch down" which was SAAAWEEEET! 

Christmas was awesome and it snowed all day (today is the first day it has stopped since, we now have almost 3 feet of snow in the hills and 2 in the city) and it sure was an adventure trying to drive around. Our car is all wheel drive, but when the snow is reaching above your tires it makes things interesting for sure! Knock on wood we have yet to get stuck, I hope it stays that way!!!!! I did get to spin some doughnuts (or cookies for Idahoans) in the church parking lot, which was pretty sick, I decided I like slipping on the ice alot more when I am in control of the car rather than someone else. I am praying that my next companions isn't a terrible driver, or else I might die, or decided to walk all 60 miles of the area, who knows though, only time will tell. Speaking of time, Sister McPherson is running out!!! Next week is her last full week which is to crazy!!!! Not to mention we get transfer call next Thursday so I will know who my new companion will be in a little over a week, CRAZINESS! 

The struggle has been super real to not let Sister McPherson get trunky, it's been even harder this week especially because we had so little teaching. All things considered though we've been doing really well. We even got a new investigator this week!!!! Her name is Jisselle, we've never actually met her, but she has been taught by the Elders a couple of times and is super interested. Because she is YSA they had to pass her to us, which is such a bummer for them, but such a blessing for us! We desperately need people to teach, our pool just seems to be shrinking as of late, but Heavenly Father is looking out for us and he sent us Jisselle, so no complaints here!!!! We're so excited to meet her! and apparently have her cook for us? I guess she is super good, and she makes amazing Mexican food, so we'll see how that goes!!!! 

So our investigator Eric, who has been progressing like crazy, and on the road to baptism, dropped a major bomb on us yesterday. He is moving, or I shouldn't saying moving, but rather moved. He texted us yesterday and was like "Can we reschedule our appointment for tonight, I am to busy moving to have a lesson". I guess this move has been in the works for months, but no one bothered to tell us, so now he's just gone. :( When we were talking to him he was like I am not going to far, just like 20 mins south, which to him isn't far, but in missionary standards it might as well be across the nation! Ok not that bad, but you get the point. We scheduled one last appointment with him at the church building where we're going to have to drop the bomb that we can no longer meet with him. We'll see how that goes, he'll have Elders in his new area, which he isn't to big a fan of, so we'll see what happens. 

Well sorry to end on such a lame note, but that's all I have. The work is still going, and I am not frozen yet, so those are all positives!!!! We have a baptism coming up, and transfers are in a few weeks. YIKES. Anyway, can you tell Grandma I still haven't received her package? And could you please get me Kevin Felix's email address? That would be awesome!!! Also  tell the Brienholts their Christmas card was pretty funny, and tell them Sister McPherson says they are the most beautiful family she has ever seen. Tell everyone thanks for all the Christmas wishes, and thanks for being so great, and it was awesome to get to talk to you, hope you have a happy new year!!!!! 

Sister Kaycie Sondrup