Friday, September 25, 2015

Week 55 - Friends

Ok so like always I dont have time, today we have to go to Pocatello, because all the missionaries who have finished their missions are going home, and we have to say goodbye to some of them!!!! Mainly because they live in Australia and chances are we wont see them that's depressing to say!!!!!!!!! One of my favorite missionaries, Elder Ah Puck is going home today as well! He's my district leader right now, and he'll be going home Laie Hawaii...I know someone else who lives there...and I may have given him that persons number...I hope she doesn't mind...Anyway he's great!!!! Every night if we didn't answer the phone we'd get a voicemail, and it'd say "SISTER SUNDROP!!! THIS IS YOUR MOM!!!! I REALLY MISS YOU! WHERE DID YOU GO?!?! CALL ME BACK!!!! OK BYE!!!!!" The craziest part though is that he legit sounds like mom, totally freaked me out the first time it happened!!!!! Anyway he was a great district leader, but he'll kill it!!!! SO I got distracted because all my Polynesians just showed up in Blackfoot, plus Sister I have to go...I will try and write again later...hopefully I have time!!!! Sorry this letter is so lame! Love you lots!!!!!!

Oh P.S. We got transfer calls, Sister Hill will be leaving and going to Rexburg, and I will be getting Sister Manymules, she's from Kirkland New Mexico, and she was in my district in Star Valley, she'll be going home in 6 weeks though so I'll have to do that all over again....Oh well it'll be great!!!!!

Sister Kaycie Sondrup

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