Monday, June 1, 2015

Week 36 - River Water, Rain Water, BAPTISM WATER!!!!‏

Hey all! 
OK so this week was great!!!! It was long but great, why you ask? Well good question, to which I will respond I dont really remember...OK so I am starting to understand why journaling is so important because after while you really just don't remember, good thing I am like a month behind on journaling right?! Halla at my talents!!!! OK so I have improving to do, but I'll get there don't worry!!!!! As for now I'll rely on my companions, maybe this is why they send us two by two...Alright we all know it's really because I need a full time babysitter, but a Sister can dream right? 
Anyway for what I do remember of the week, which is actually alot don't worry! It was AMAZING!!!!!!! So this week we had the pleasure of seeing 2 people come unto Christ and be baptized this week, and we set yet another baptism date for the month of June!!!!! We have now had 3 baptism's in May, and assuming our investigator withstands the temptation to smoke we will have another this weekend making 4! With 2 preparing for June!!!! It is insane to me how prepared this area of the Lord!!!!
So funny story of the week, Sister Kolbo has been really sick lately. She needs he gallbladder taken out, but is petrified of surgery, and doesnt want to take time away from the work to do it. So she just eats a really healthy diet. Like pretty much only vegetables and really lean meat. But the members havent been super good at this lately and this week she was SO sick!!!! I felt really bad, but she's an awesome missionary and kept going despite how hard it was. Anyway, Peanut Butter is her all time favorite food, she LOVES IT. But it makes her so sick, like super sick, her body doesnt like the fats. So I have peanut butter in the house, but I have to hide it from her, or else she's eat all of it in like 5 minutes. So this week she was already really sick, and so she was like well if I am going to be sick I might as well eat what I like! (did I mention sister Kolbo hates, like hates hates hates vegetables?! Well she does) So she started searching the house for my peanut butter and I hid it so well, but she was determined and still found it. I was washing my face and she comes in and asks if she could eat a slice of my bread, and sister kolbo hates my bread, she's says it's to healthy for her. The only thing she eats with it is peanut butter, or nutella, so I ask her what she wants it for, and she says just to eat. Yeah right!!!! So I ask again, what do you want it for, then I started walking towards the kitchen, and she took off running, so I to followed suit. She had an enormous scoop of peanut butter and was about to shove the whole thing in her mouth and knowing we had baptisms the next day, and she would be to sick to move if she ate it, I tried grabbing it from her, and she didn't like that, so then she holds on as tight as she can, and we begin to have a wrestling match in the kitchen for the peanut butter. It ended with me tacking her, and since I couldn't get the spoon out of her hand I scooped all the peanut butter off the spoon into my hand, and emerged victorious. Sondrup 1 Kolbo 0. As soon as I had the peanut butter in my hand sister Kolbo just looked up and was like I've never felt more pathetic in my life" Sad, but it wasn't because I was mean to her, she was just sad she didn't have more will power. This probably makes me sound like a major bully, but she asked me to do, really she did, so it was all good, and really funny when you look at it. I can only imagine what people would have thought if they saw us. Oh well I get a pretty good crack out of it!!!!!! 
So last story, like I said earlier we had 2 baptism's this week, and thankfully the font was full enough!!!!!! But this whole memorial day weekend has thrown us off like crazy and everything in the Valley was closed!!!! We were running around like Chickens with our heads cut off trying to find somewhere to print programs because every public place was closed!!! Even today we are at the airport emailing because no where else is open!!!!! (don't be to surprised star valley has an airport) But the baptism's went great!!!! Shelby's went perfectly smooth, Keidon's was a little different story...they family showed up like a half hour late, (better late then never right?) and he's petrified of water, and of course the person that's super scared has to get dunked twice. The first time they forgot to say his name, and as soon as he was up out of the water he was trying to bolt out of the font, but they had to pull him back in and do it again. I felt so bad because he was crying, but he knew what he needed to do. While the water scared him he knew the importance of baptism, so he still did it, what a stud!!!!!!! And he's is so excited and happy he did!!!!! 
So one last thing we asked Shelby and Keidon the baptism questions before their interviews, and they're both 9, but we asked if they had ever committed a serious crime, and both of them said yes!!! What is Wyoming making their kids do?! they were joking of course but it was super funny!!!!! When we asked Keidon about Chastity he said "that's where I let girls chase me until I get married, then one girl can catch me" Which is good, but then he followed up with "But I really like girls, I want them to catch me now!" no no Keidon, you don't want that. It was super funny though. Chastity is always a good subject with 9 year olds!!!!! Anyway that's all I have time for thanks for writing me!! Hope you have an awesome week!!!!!! next week we are probably going to Idaho Falls for food, and then to Pocatello for Zone Conference, so if I don't email you'll know why!!!!! 

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