Monday, June 1, 2015

Week 35 - Discovered by the Police


Ok well this week was awesome!!!! Long but awesome!!!!! The apex of course being Thursday! We had an amazing baptism, and it was so great to see Joe enter the waters of baptism! It was a little funny though...we might have allotted 2 and 1/2 hours to fill the font, but apparently it needed 4! Because about a half hour before it wasnt even half way full!!!! So we had to start filling buckets in the kitchen, and pouring them in!!!! And it still wasn't good enough!!!!!! Joe is about 6ft and the water wasn't even to his knees!!!!! He had to be baptized twice, and honestly I am surprised it wasn't more!!!!!! But hey he did it, and that's all that matters!!!!! But even funnier we forgot to have someone unplug the font before they got out, so I had to climb in in my skirt to drain it!!!! The water was barely at my knees!!!!!!! It definitely gave us something to laugh about though, and now we know what to do!!! We have two baptisms planned for this weekend, so hopefully they go a little smoother!!!!!! 

Are you ready to crack up?! I got pulled over by the police! As a sister missionary!!!! Seriously we have a picture of Christ in the back window, and the police was cracking up the whole time he pulled us over!!!!! But it wasn't to bad, I just hadn't turned my lights on yet and he wanted to make sure they worked, that and we have a Utah License plate, and apparently anyone not from Wyoming is suspicious! It was funny though he was so excited to see he caught the missionaries, I wanted to take a picture with him but he got called away before I could...:( Didnt think the first time I got pulled over would be on my mission, but hey I didn't think I'd be serving in little ol' Star Valley Wyoming either, I guess there is a first for everything!!!!!! 

To add to the humor of the day we went and talked to this really cool, kind of crazy guy in the middle of the woods!!!!! He lives out in the middle of nowhere but he has tons of fences surrounding his property way up in the hills, and we surprisingly have keys to them!!!!! His drive way is like 2 and 1/2 miles long and it was a crazy adventure to get up there! Not to mention it was snowing so that just made everything better!!!! We were bouncing around like no body's business!!!! it was crazy we had a member with us and at first it was so scary because he's a little sketchy, like his house was built to look like it is a 100 years old, it literally looks like an ax murders cabin in the middle of the woods. SKETCH. He also has some interesting theories he was telling us while playing with a was a scary beginning to say the least...but it turned out alright he is actually really nice, gave us some eggs, and some mushrooms...The way he presented we thougt they were to smoke...but thankfully we were wrong!!! You eat them!!!! PHEW! I dont know how much I trust eating them though...I guess we'll just have to wait and see though!!!!!! 

So the only sad news of the week I didnt get to go back to Idaho Falls to see one of my all time favorite investigators be baptized! President gave me the option, but let me know that it wasnt really approved, but I that I should pray about it and decide that way. It was seriously one of the hardest decisions I've made my whole mission which sounds lame, but it was. Seriously if I didnt see any other person accept the Gospel on my mission, if I only touched Sydney's life as much as she has touched mine, it would make my whole mission worth it. Seriously anyone else is just a bounus, extra work done for the Lord. She is that amazing, but for whatever reason the answer was loud and clear, I needed to stay here, and not go back to see her get baptized!!! It was the worst!!! But having to make that decision really helped my testimony. I am no here to do what I want to do. Sydney's baptism would have gone through with or without me there, and as much as I would have loved to have gone, I know that the Lord was testing me to see if I would truly do his will. Ultimately nothing huge or major happened here in the Valley that night, but I think that was the point. Will we truly follow the Lord's will despite what is going to happen? Will we obey even when we dont understand the reason why we need to? I am so not perfect at this principle, but I am working on it, and it is getting easier and easier everyday. Yes I do ultimately still wish I could have been there, but I know there was a great purpose in me not going. I dont know what it is yet, but I know I will be blessed for following the Lord, even when it was hard! 

Well that's about all I have for the week!!! Thanks for being great and I hope everything continues to go well at home!!!!! 

Sister Kaycie Sondrup

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