Monday, April 27, 2015

Week 32 - I'll go where you want me to go

Hello All! 

Well today I come bearing some news :( Last night at about 10:30 president Brinkerhoff gave me a call, and informed me that I was being emergency transferred to Star Valley Wyoming this afternoon. While I am so excited to serve in Star Valley my heart is broken!!!!! the simple thought of leaving Ammon is tearing me apart! This is my home, and I don't know how I will survive and function anywhere else!!!! I love the spirit that abides here, I love my companions, and I most of all love the people, I love them more than I ever thought imaginable!!!!!! 

As I packed last evening, and early this morning I took a lot of time to just really ponder and think about all that is happening. As president called last night I of course began to cry, like I said my heart was broken, he talked to me and tried to comfort me in saying  that only the ones he really trust get serve in Star Valley (mostly because it's in the middle of no where and we have no supervision), and that he trusts me even more to even include me in an emergency transfer, he said most of all the Lord has great trust in me. That might sound like I am bragging, and I hope you know I am not, but this is what he told, and while it somewhat calmed my soul I found an even greater peace in a promise I have made to the Lord. As soon as I turned in my mission papers I made the promise to go where ever I was needed. Whether that was Africa, Europe, or the great stake of Idaho I was going. I made that promise, and I lived up to it when I came out on my mission, I have truly gone where the Lord wants me to go. But as I thought about it more and more this morning I realized there is so much more to that promise I made then just coming to Idaho. It's a promise to follow the spirit and go and knock on that door, or to go to that neighborhood you've tried and found no success in a million times, and in this case for me it is leaving my beloved Ammon to go to Wyoming where the Lord wants me to go. I don't know what my purpose in leaving is, and I don't why it had to be today an not three weeks from now, but I do know that this is what I am meant to do. As I have been on my mission I have found that the Lord truly does work in mysterious ways, we never completely understand why one thing happens, but I know that it is always for the best. My path is unwritten, but I know that as I walk the Lord's path he will show me the way, he will write my path for me, all I simply must do is follow, which I plan on doing now and always!!!!!! Well I have I to go, Star Valley is kind of a long drive. Thanks for all your love and support, and know that I love and miss you lots!!!! talk to you on mothers day!!!! Don't let the elders at the house use everything to ​Skype! I have to be able to to!!!!!! 

P.S. Late night packing stinks!!!!!! 

Love Always, 
Sister Kaycie Sondrup 

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