Monday, April 27, 2015

Week 30 - PING.................Pong

Hello All!!!

Well this week was exceptionally crazy! Monday and Tuesday were nuts trying to cover 2 areas, and then Wednesday was crazy trying to get my new companions! Jeeesh! We were riding the struggle bus hardcore trying to get 6 suitcases into one tiny car!!!! Thankfully the zone leaders were able to take 2 of them and drop them off at our house so everyone got everything they needed, but it was dicey for a minute!!!!!! My new companions are crazy! HOLY LOUD! and HAIR so much hair!!!!! It's a little gross, but hey they make up for it! I cant tell you the last time I laughed as hard as I have the last couple days! Not that life is sad, they're just that hilarious!!!!!! They are both Tongan, one from Tonga, and one from California, they are seriously a hoot though!!!!! And they work so hard! They make me look like calm in comparison!!!! 

This week we were able to find 4 new investigators! WOOT WOOT!!!!! So exciting! They are progressing like crazy, and we set a baptism date with them on the first visit! Can you say miracle of the Lord? Because I can!!!! Sadly though they don't live in our area :( but they are attending with our members and have problems being taught by Elders, which is who they would be taught by, so we're seeing what president says for where they should be taught, is it bad that I hope he gives us permission? I know they should be taught in there area, but I already love them so much that I want to teach them!!!!!!! But we'll see what the verdict is later!!!! For now though we're just excited we were able to set another baptism date! That makes 2 for May now!!!!!! The whole mission is striving to reach the standard of excellence (2 baptisms an area) in May as a departing gift to President and Sister Brinkerhoff, it's a very lofty goal, but it is very achievable! I know anything is possible when we put our trust in the Lord, and I know that that is what I am doing, trusting in the Lord. I know that through mine, and my companions hard work and diligence, he will provide miracles, people to teach, lives to change, and relationships to build with there Heavenly Father. I don't know how, or rather who we will have to help us meet the standard, but I have no doubt that we will, and that is because my faith is in the Lord, not the opinions of man. 

So this week was so loud! Just loud! and it's crazy to me how much the Poly culture sticks together, for example,  we went to walmart on transfer day, and this person whom I've talked to a trillion times, but is never interested in listening, walked right up to my companions and gave them a huge hug and kiss (and by association I got one as well) and they instantly became best friends! I've only been with them for like a week and everyday it's the same thing, makes me super jealous but I am so grateful for it, I am learning about a whole new world and a phenomenal culture just by being in the passengers seat I love it!!!! My companions have also started teaching me Tongan, and oh my heck it's so many vowels!!!! That's the craziest part to me, there's like no consonants, like NON!!! But it's super cool, Last night we had a jam session singing Tongan Hymns with the one and only Sister Tu'akalau playing the guitar, it was way cool!!! They said I pronounced everything pretty right but I think they may just be being nice, I am to palangi for that!!!!! But it was fun all the same!!!! 

So we have had a ping pong table in our basement the whole time I've been here, but we never set it up, this week we asked the people we live with and then we came home that day and BOOM ping pong. I would say it's been a distraction but it's actually been way great! We made a game out of it with the Gospel, we'll take a topic and we only have as long as we can keep the ball in play to teach that topic, and lets just say I've gotten really good at teaching the Gospel in 10 seconds or less! Yeah, we kind of stink at ping pong, but we're improving and so are our teaching skills so it's a win win!!!! The first night we had it we were playing when our district leader called to follow up, I feel really bad because there was so much screaming going on! it was an intense game!!!!! What's super funny is he was playing ping pong to!!!! He and His companion are just way better because the only way you would have known is if you took time to listen to the quiet bounce of the ball on the other end. It was impressive to say the least. 

Well this week has sure been nuts, so many moments and memories made already! I am so excited for the work we have ahead of us! The Lord is truly preparing a way, but it's up to us to listen to the promptings of the spirit to find it!!!!! Have an awesome week and know that I love you!!!!! 

Tu'ofefine La'ato
(Sister Sondrup) 

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