Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Week 29 - Another One Bites the Dust


OK this has been the longest week ever! Monday seems like it was years ago!!!!!! But hey I don't mind it one bit!!! NOT ONE!!!!! In all honesty as I am yet again sending another companion home it really freaks me out at just how fast the time goes!!!!! It's like a huge shock to my system to think one day that person will be me!!!!! SAY IT AINT SO?! What's even crazier is that I have been out on my mission for 7 1/2 months! 7 1/2!!!!! By the time next transfer comes around I'll be half way done!!! Where did time go? I don't know but I sure as heck want it back!!!!!!! There is still so much work to be done, and so not enough time to do it!!!! What would you say if I decided to serve another mission right after I get home? Really that thoughts been going through my mind...who needs a man anyway?!

Well on top of my sudden realization that time is way to short, we got to go and teach like crazy this week!!!! IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!! So many new and wonderful faces!!!!!! I even taught a lesson from inside a car this week!!!! So funny story...well creepy kind of, but hey if you do something out of love people will always notice right? Anyway Sister Hervoyavich and I were driving and nobody, and I mean nobody was home!!!!! It was ridiculous!!!! So I stop at a stop sign and a guy is out walking his dog, we make eye contact, and we both smile and wave. No cars are coming so I drive away and I am pretty far down the street and the spirit is like "go back" I wont lie I had a small argument with the spirit at that point, it went kind of like this "I don't want to go back that will be so awkward!" "Sister go back" "I'm not going to do it, I am driving away" "Stop being petty and go back" "I'm not petty that's creepy" "I'm not saying it again" "FINE I'LL Go BACK" So then I did, and it was of course awkward as junk, pulling up like some creeper and having nothing to say. But thankfully, the spirit that guided me there in the first place helped me out and we had a great conversation, it wasn't horribley awkward, but there were for sure moments, and we found a new investigator! Sadly he was only visiting Idaho, and is from Colorado, but hey, we got a new investigator for them, and who knows maybe they have been praying for this? We never know how the Lord will answer our prayers, and what comes around goes around right? The Zone Leaders and District Leader were impressed that we didn't even get out of our car to teach a lesson though, it was kind of cool when I think about it, and it was an amazing learning experience so I'll take it!!!

So conference...DANG IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! I love conference so much!!!!!! I will admit though the first session being all about family was a little awkward as a missionary...yeah, but I guess that's something to look forward to right? AHHHH I don't want to think of that! But it was a great weekend! So many answers to questions, and so much revelation received!!!!! I just love conference, and one of our investigators got to go down to the conference center to watch, and it was amazing!!!!! I am so glad she got to go and feel of the spirit that is there!!!! Truly amazing!!!

OK so I have so much more week to talk about, but no more time! I have to go drop sister Hervoyavich off! But I will end with this, my new companion, or should I say companions... Until 10 minutes ago I was going to have one, and now I'll be having two, don't you just love last minute changes? I'll be having Sister Tuakolao (that's almost definitely spelled wrong) and Sister Kolo, that's two Polynesians for me! Our Zone Leader has so graciously pointed out that I need to stand in the middle so we'll be an Oreo, he also said I need to gain more weight so that there'd be more cream in the middle, double stuffed he said, but I would prefer not to do that! Anyway I am super excited to have them, they are great missionaries and I know it'll be an awesome transfer!!!!! Hope you all have a wonderful week!!!!!!! Sorry to cut it short! love and miss you all!!!!

Sister Kaycie Sondrup

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