Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Week 16 - Holiday Slow Down

Hey all!

So this week was great but in honesty super rough!!!!! Teaching was almost non existent. We realized that no one really comes to Idaho Falls/Ammon for the Holidays, but they all leave it. I think we spent the bulk of our days just driving trying to find someone, anyone to teach!!!!! A little frustrating, but hey, it's those bad times that make the good ones even better right? 

Christmas Eve and Christmas were awesome though! Super fun, the few families that were in town were all dying to have us over and it felt super good to be wanted! Christmas Eve we watched Remember the Titans, and I forgot how good a movie that is! Maybe it was partially because I hadn't watched a movie other than "Joseph Smith the Prophet of the Restoration" in months, but dang I/the whole zone were dying! It was to good!!!! Funny and a tear jerker at the same time! AWESOME! Plus we get to watch another movie this week on New Years Eve, we're still undecided as to what, but I hope it's just as good!!!! After the movie we decided to play football (inside of course it was like 20 and snowing outside). All the other sisters dipped out so it ended up just being Sister McPherson and I playing with all the Elders. Which was awesome, but dang they get super intense, and forget that there are Sisters playing as well, I think most of the game I wasn't trying to catch the ball, but simple avoid being ran over flat by the Elders! None the less I still managed to score a "touch down" which was SAAAWEEEET! 

Christmas was awesome and it snowed all day (today is the first day it has stopped since, we now have almost 3 feet of snow in the hills and 2 in the city) and it sure was an adventure trying to drive around. Our car is all wheel drive, but when the snow is reaching above your tires it makes things interesting for sure! Knock on wood we have yet to get stuck, I hope it stays that way!!!!! I did get to spin some doughnuts (or cookies for Idahoans) in the church parking lot, which was pretty sick, I decided I like slipping on the ice alot more when I am in control of the car rather than someone else. I am praying that my next companions isn't a terrible driver, or else I might die, or decided to walk all 60 miles of the area, who knows though, only time will tell. Speaking of time, Sister McPherson is running out!!! Next week is her last full week which is to crazy!!!! Not to mention we get transfer call next Thursday so I will know who my new companion will be in a little over a week, CRAZINESS! 

The struggle has been super real to not let Sister McPherson get trunky, it's been even harder this week especially because we had so little teaching. All things considered though we've been doing really well. We even got a new investigator this week!!!! Her name is Jisselle, we've never actually met her, but she has been taught by the Elders a couple of times and is super interested. Because she is YSA they had to pass her to us, which is such a bummer for them, but such a blessing for us! We desperately need people to teach, our pool just seems to be shrinking as of late, but Heavenly Father is looking out for us and he sent us Jisselle, so no complaints here!!!! We're so excited to meet her! and apparently have her cook for us? I guess she is super good, and she makes amazing Mexican food, so we'll see how that goes!!!! 

So our investigator Eric, who has been progressing like crazy, and on the road to baptism, dropped a major bomb on us yesterday. He is moving, or I shouldn't saying moving, but rather moved. He texted us yesterday and was like "Can we reschedule our appointment for tonight, I am to busy moving to have a lesson". I guess this move has been in the works for months, but no one bothered to tell us, so now he's just gone. :( When we were talking to him he was like I am not going to far, just like 20 mins south, which to him isn't far, but in missionary standards it might as well be across the nation! Ok not that bad, but you get the point. We scheduled one last appointment with him at the church building where we're going to have to drop the bomb that we can no longer meet with him. We'll see how that goes, he'll have Elders in his new area, which he isn't to big a fan of, so we'll see what happens. 

Well sorry to end on such a lame note, but that's all I have. The work is still going, and I am not frozen yet, so those are all positives!!!! We have a baptism coming up, and transfers are in a few weeks. YIKES. Anyway, can you tell Grandma I still haven't received her package? And could you please get me Kevin Felix's email address? That would be awesome!!! Also  tell the Brienholts their Christmas card was pretty funny, and tell them Sister McPherson says they are the most beautiful family she has ever seen. Tell everyone thanks for all the Christmas wishes, and thanks for being so great, and it was awesome to get to talk to you, hope you have a happy new year!!!!! 

Sister Kaycie Sondrup 

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