Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Week 18 - Birthday Surprise

Ok! Hey! So I have no time, like NO TIME. Today is stressful beyond all belief!!! AHHHHHHHHH! Killing a missionary, not cool.

Anyway this week was nuts! We went finding like crazy and it just goes to show you how much the Lord is preparing areas, because dang in this last week we found ours is super prepared! Like 6 new investigators prepared!!!! Crazy! We really took it upon ourselves to invite someone to be baptized daily this week (both of us, so 14 invites total). Our 6 new investigators all said yes!!!!!!!!! We are still waiting to set an exact date, but that's so crazy to me!!!! That they could meet two girls on the street and just commit to being baptized! Insane in the Membrane!!!!!!

So my birthday was this week, thanks for all the wishes!!!!! Birthdays are super weird in the field......just weird. Sister McPherson managed to tell everyone without we knowing it, because all of a sudden Friday rolls around and there are like 50 trillion people calling and wishing me happy birthday. Sister Brinkerhoff even called, but she has the same ring tone as President so it totally freaked us out at first!!!!! The elders called and left crazy voice mails, and ended up surprising me with some of my favorite things! Avocado, juice, and now Yarn!!!!!! I have so much yarn........Sister McPherson taught me to knit for my birthday, and it was great!!!! We went to a members home later that night and they got me a cake and had a mini party. They told us to invite our friends, and we really had to think about the term "friends" the question was whether we really had any. We came up with yes, and the elders, bishop, and ward mission leader came over. It was an interesting mix, but it was awesome!!!!!!!

So on another note my new companion will be Sister Hervoyavich, she is super near the end of her mission (3 transfers at the most) so it looks like I will be killing off yet another companion. She was previously companion with Sister McPherson so I've heard lots about her, and from the sound of it it's going to be one crazy transfer!

So I have to go get Sister Parker (my companion until Wednesday) and then try and get everything else done! Life is to crazy!!! Sorry it's not much, but it's all I have time for, hope all is well and you are finding safety and peace in all that you do!

Sister Kaycie Sondrup

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