Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Week 17 - The beginning of the end


So this week has been so awesome but crazy as well!!!!!! For whatever reason the weather decided to freak out and get super cold literally over night!!!! Our high on Sunday was about 30, the next day the high decided to be -4, no not just regular 4, but -4! All I can say is thank goodness for a car!!! Because the coldest I saw it get that day was -19 and I sure as heck would hate to be walking around in that!!!!!!

To add to the excitement of the cold weather we decided to make the trek out to Bone this week to see a former investigator named Steve. To say Steve lives in the middle of no where is an understatement. It's literally his house surrounded by mountains and a million windmills! Our GPS didn't even recognize a house was out there, so we had to go searching, which brings us to our problem. Frank, our dear sweet amazing Subaru Impreza that does phenomenal in the snow got hopelessly stuck!!!!!!! Definitely a lesson to be learned, when a gate is closed do not open it and try and drive through, going in was perfectly fine, coming out not so much! So here Sister McPherson and I are trying to dig our car out in skirt, and for whatever reason neither of us chose to wear boots that day. So with the snow up to our mid calves (well her mid calves, my knees, Halla for being short!) we helplessly tried to dig our way out. One thing that is nice though is that there are tons of members with trucks! To bad that does you absolutely no good when you are in the middle of nowhere with zero and I mean 0 cell service!  I thought I we were going to die out there for awhile! Or at the very least have an amazing rescue story and make it on the show "I shouldn't be Alive". But alas, a father and son were coming back from shooting, they saw and waved but kept going, I guess it didn't look like we were stuck at all. Then the spirit was like you need to go back so they turned around and got out and asked "what are you doing tracting?". To that I sadly gave a rather sassy and rude response (don't worry I apologized, and repented!). They didn't have their chain on them, and we didn't have the tool kit we needed to hook up to them, but with some major ingenuity they were able to pull us out of the snow. So after being stuck for almost 2 hours, frozen and wet (it was a toasty 0 at this point in time), we drove home with an awesome humbling experience. We didn't get to see Steve, but I think we may have to wait until spring, or a truck becomes available.

We did get to go to Pocatello this week for a Baptism of one of Sister McPhersons old investigators! It was super awesome to see, but it was so hard to be so close to my old Highland area  and not get to go see anyone!!! But that's alright all in time right? We also went to Rigby this week to, with all the traveling we did/lack of traveling we got very little teaching opportunities this week. But just wait for this crazy miracle!

After a week of rather humbling experiences we were rather down, and very grumpy. not cool I know. Anyway Sister Mcpherson has set a goal to invite someone to be baptized until the end of her mission. (I have a challenge going with Elder Wright seeing who can go the longest, we're of course tied right now) Friday (the day we drove to bone) we were struggling, and I had invited, but she had not. We had a half hour left and we were freaking out! Who could we invite! Finally we made a last minute decision to head to the other end of the area and hope that a part member family was home. On our way we passed a potential's house, we had knocked the day before and though we knew they were home (the kids kept looking through the blinds) they hadn't answered. As we passed I felt like "dang we need to stop there" I didn't though (shame right?) but As I continued to drive I knew we needed to go back. I flipped a U-turn (which are actually illegal in most places in the state of Idaho, Crazy right?) and we went back. We knocked on the door, and it opened right away. They let us in, and mom (the non member) was upstairs cleaning, we talked to her husband who is less active for awhile, and then she descended the stairs. This is where the miracle comes in. We knew this women! Two weeks earlier we were shopping at the mall, buying some skirts/a coat. She was a sales person, and for whatever reason we had this great connection with her. We left and we both just had this strange feeling of knowing her, and knowing how much she did mean and would mean to us. So Imagine our surprise when we were once again face to face with this women, whom we had met once, but already loved with all our hearts! It was crazy! So overwhelming!!!!! Sister Mcpherson was able to invite her to be baptized, she said yes! but wouldn't set a date, and we were able to get a return appointment! Just think what if I hadn't turned around! Melissa has been prepared for us since we met her, and we have been prepared to meet her. It took us a rather humbling day, and major promptings from the spirit but we found her!!!! And it was truly the highlight of the week!!!! She is so prepared and ready! and she is going to go so far!!! I cannot wait to meet with her again!!!

Even crazier miracle! Eric his progress record has been in our area book for over 11 years! That is a crazy long time!!! Unheard of!!!! But he has been kept for so long, only to be so prepared to hear the Gospel now! What if we had over looked that?! how much longer would he have to have gone without the gospel?! Insane!!!!! Though he moved and we had to pass him off the thought of what if we hadn't caught him before he moved keeps going through my head. Would he have been lost forever? Who knows but it was a true miracle the timing of whole situation was to perfect to not know and be able to see the Lord's hand in it!!!

Well today is Crazy windy, like crazy!!! I've just about been blown over, it doesn't help that there is ice everywhere!!! It makes walking rather scary But hey some weather is better than no weather right? I get transfer calls this Thursday and will find out my new companion then, I still cannot believe Sister McPherson will be leaving me in exactly 1 week!!!! This week is truly the beginning of the end for us! It is really sad, but we've been able to do great things together! and I know she has a great work to do at home!!!!

Once last thing! I went sledding this week and it was fun for the first run and then got worse and worse seeing as it was way to cold for the snow to stick at all and the whole experience was just a constant barrage of powder flying in your face on top of -12 degree weather! All the same it was a great experience and super fun!!! I will say though it was great to be able to feel my face again though!!!!! That's all I have! Tell Ryan congrats on the win!!!!!! Love you and miss you!

Sister Kaycie Sondrup

I forgot to mention we got word of our new mission president (president Brinkerhoff will be leaving in June). His name is Gene E. Hancock he is from Winslow Arizona!!!! He is the stake president there now, but will soon be released to be joining us here!!!! No wonder so many missionaries come from Arizona here, our new president is from there!!!!!! 


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