Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Week 20 - I am Practically Famous - Suprise

 Well this week was oddly long, whoa, CRAZY! It was so good! Miracles happening left and right! You know what I have majorly realized?! We see no more miracles in missionary life then we really do in normal life. The Lord blesses us and shows us miracles no matter the stage of life we are in, I think the difference is that we are in a better spot to recognize the miracles in our everyday lives. I look back to just five months ago when I started my mission and at the time I recognized no miracles in my life, but now that I look for them, now that I am in a better place to recognize them it seems to me that we cant go one day without one! So are you looking for the Miracles in your life? Because believe me they are there!!!!! 

So one Miracle I saw this week, was actually Dad, WHA?! I am not even sure if that was real...Ok maybe it was, but I could have possibly been dreaming. Imagine my surprise when I was just going to the visitors center to watch "Meet the Mormons" with Austin, and my Dad pops out of no where, I was freaking out to say the least! But it was good, I was actually having a really rough day, nothing seemed to be going right and the Lord so knew that I needed something to pick me up , I was thinking along the lines of Ice Cream, or maybe even setting another baptismal date, but it just goes to show the Lord knows me way better, and he sent my Dad. Such a blessing, even just getting a hug was probably the best. But where does the miracle of this come in? Well originally we were going to go on Thursday at 7pm. But Wednesday Austin texted and asked if we could go Wednesday instead of Thursday. We then called and tried to get tickets again for 7, but they had 2 left and there was 4 of us going, 5 was the only time available, so we made it work, and surprise surprise dad was there. Coincidence? I think not! The Lord's hand was so at work, not only moving it from Thursday to Wednesday, but from 7 to 5. It's so interesting to me how things just work out when he needs them to, I am so glad I know it was my Savior working in my life rather than just coincidence. Can you imagine how sad that would be to not know? I don't even want to think about that! 

So in that miracle someone was used to answer my prayers, but later this week we were used to answer someone else's. First let me just start by saying it was one of THOSE days. You know those days where no matter where you go, nobody is home, nobody has any interest in talking to you, and even the members who let you in no matter what, are of course unavailable. We'd gone ALL day without teaching one lesson. NOT ONE. and I remember just saying a prayer in my heart "Heavenly Father please let us find someone to teach" as I said this, we drove passed a car on the side of the road with their hazards on. Not knowing anything about cars I drove passed, how the heck was I supposed to help them with anything? Well that morning I had studied in preach my gospel about finding and taking every opportunity we have to talk to everyone. The spirit then was like "go back" So with that sure confirmation, I went back. We pulled over. Turns out, nothing was wrong with the car (what a relief), but inside we did find one of our Less Actives, Brooke, who was having the absolute WORST night ever. Seriously her life made a telenovela look normal. Ultimately there was nothing that could have been done right then, but just being there for her was the best thing, and all she really needed. We had the Bishop come and he helped her out, and is still doing it, but ultimately there is alot we still don't know, and until we find it out, there is really no solving of the problem. But what is so amazing to me is how the Lord had been preparing us all day to be the answer to someone else's prayers. I keep thinking, what if we had got into someone's house? Would we have spent to long there, and completely missed her? Would we have had time to stop and help? The possibilities are so endless, it just really goes to show how small a piece of the picture we really see. We dont know why things happen sometimes, but he always does, and there is always a purpose to it, it never ceases to amaze me! 

So guess what?! We got yet another Mandarin speaking investigator this week! But a whole family this time! I dont know moms name for the life of me, but dad and daughter are Lantean, and Yusixu. It's so crazy! It's Pocatello all over again with Ninn! I keep remembering the promise President Johnson made when he was setting me apart, he said I would teach the gospel in a language other than my own, and it is so true!!!!!! I have now had the opportunity to teach in Mandarin, Japanese, Russian, and always the language of the spirit (which is the same regardless of the language you are speaking). Anyway, Lantean, and his wife are not allowed to be baptized because they work for the Chinese government.Anyway they really want to be baptized, but cant, BUT because there daughter isn't affiliated with it, and she has a desire to be baptized she can be! So we have an appointment with Yusixu tonight and we're  hoping to setting a baptismal date with her! And because she is under aged, but she'll be a member of the church when they go back to China, her parents "have" (but really get) to go with her! Isn't that amazing?! I mean it's a bummer they cant be baptized themselves, but they still get to participate, and you I think Heavenly Father will see that desire, but inability, I think it will mean alot to him. Could you even imagine not being able to practice and worship as you believe? Could you imagine not being able to do what was right? Even if you knew with every fiber of your being (which they do) that it was true, and that this is Christ restored church? That sounds like torture to me. I am glad I only have to imagine what that'd be like, verses having to face it. But i have no doubt that they will get there day, and they to will be able to enter the waters of baptism, and eventually the House of the Lord, the Temple, to be sealed for all time and eternity. What an amazing promise we are given, that everyone will be able to receive this restored gospel! 

So Miracle number three! We really wanted to go to this fireside with Anthony Armstrong lost night (he's the missionary from meet the Mormons) and we invited everybody and there mom, and they all said they'd come, and then and hour before they all cancelled. What the junk?! Anyway we went to a recent converts house, and with 20 minutes notice, they totally went! Meaning we to could go! So cool! It was so amazing! and it was so inspirational! I loved it! Not to mention we totally had a little reunion with all the missionaries and it was the best! 

Anyway, why the subject line? well everywhere I go people have been asking lately people have been talking to me for a minute, and then they're like "you must be Sister Sundrop" apparently I have a reputation of being excessively happy and excited going around, I don't really know where that came from, but hey it's always a bright spot in my day! I'd much rather be known as happy then sad! So yeah, I am practically famous! Look out Idaho I am here! Well that all I have for this week, Thanks for writing even if it's just a little! I really love it! Hope you all have a great week! 

Sister Sondrup (or should I say Sundrop!) 

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  1. Oh Sister 'Sundrop', what a sweet letter. I'm so happy that you are in Idaho spreading sunshine. My favorite state... outside of Arizona. Thank you for sharing this letter with us all. So glad you got to see your Dad! that WAS a miracle!

    Hugs! Sis. Randall