Monday, December 1, 2014

Week 12 - Transfers

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Sounds like a crazy week, and I got one dozy of one for you!!!!!

Ok not really but ya know it was so awesome anyway!!!!!!

So last week the snow finally melted! but I woke up to another couple inches this morning which makes me so sad and so scared. Which brings me to my next point I will be getting a car for the winter, because I am getting TRANSFERRED!!!! We got a call from president Wednesday while street contacting a potential investigator. He has a special ring tone, and my heart just dropped as soon as I heard it! So we called him back and sure enough he's not only moving me, but our area is being white washed!!!! So both sister Hallett and I will be leaving. I will be going to the Ammon Foothills, and sister Hallett to Eagle Rock (downtown Idaho Falls). I am so excited, yet so bummed!!!!! I absolutely love Highland!!! And the work is really taking off, I am sad to go, but it will still be awesome and a new experience!!!!! My new companion will be Sister McPherson, she was a visa waiter for Brazil but she as since pulled her Visa, and will be staying in Idaho. But she still gets language study so I hope she teaches me some Portuguese maybe by the time I Skype home for Christmas I'll be able to talk to dad (assuming he remembers it!)
So if you send me anything for Christmas make sure you send it USPS because I wont be in Pocatello to be able to pick it up.

So we went to the Mary Poppins apartment this week and we got another new investigator!!! That's 10 now, and that's not even all of them that live there!!!!! But sadly they are all YSA so we don't even teach them!!! But we find them and it's awesome!!!!! I am trying to think of anything else, but mostly this week has been a bunch of goodbyes! Thanksgiving was great, we ate way to much (just 4 dinners) but don't worry they were spread between a couple of days, I'm still turkeyed out for sure though!!!!! My jello was great as always, tasted of home it was awesome!!!!

So I really don't have much else, there is always tons that happen, but I can never remember by the time I come to write them down!!!!!! Anyway life is so good!!! I am so blessed and I realized this week just how much I love Idaho. We were driving to Idaho Falls and it just hit, I love it here like love it!!! I can never imagine serving somewhere else and loving it as much I do here!!!! It just goes to show that the Lord knows us way better than we ever know ourselves!!! Well I hope all is well and know that I love and miss you!!!!! But hey I'll talk to you in like a month?! that's crazy!!!!! AHHHHHHH Time is flying to fast!!!!! I only have 15 months left!!!!! That's not enough time!!!!!!!!! Any way have a great week!!!!

Sister Kaycie Sondrup
She didn't mention everything about the transfer, we received this from our stake president today as well.
Dear Sister Sondrup ,

We are pleased to extend to you the calling to serve as a Sister Training Leader in the Idaho Pocatello Mission.

You will have the opportunity to attend and participate in our monthly Missionary Leadership Council. Your role as a Sister Training Leader will also include training, encouraging, and watching over the sister missionaries assigned to you. Ever six weeks you will conduct a 24-hour exchange with each companionship of these sisters.

Heavenly Father will bless and guide you as you pray to Him in faith. We know the Lord qualifies those whom He calls

Thank you for your example and service in our mission. Your leadership will bless the lives of many sisters and help the work move forward as we invite others to come unto Christ.


Marvin T. BrinkerhoffMission President

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