Monday, December 15, 2014

Week 13 - OOPS


So I failed to mention becoming a Sister Training Leader last week, because I did not become one. I am assuming you got an email from the mission office saying I did, but they made one major slip up last week and emailed every single sister saying that they had become one. Apparently they emailed our families as well. It has caused quite the drama this week among all the sisters, because everybody wants to be it! Honestly though I am so OK with it. While I don't mean to sound braggy I feel like eventually that will be a position I will hold. But I am so not ready for that yet. I still feel like I have way to much to learn, and I am way benefited to just sit and absorb everything told to me like a sponge right now. You can do so much to prepare for mission life, but you cannot ever be fully prepared until you are out on your mission. I am still learning, and I am more than ok with doing just that right now!

So I now cover the entire Ammon Foothills stake, and YSA, all in all that is 12 wards, and about 60 miles of area, probably about 75 if we count YSA because it covers 2 stakes, we actually come pretty close to the Wyoming boarder. OK not that close, but my area is the last bit of area where there are actually people. The Iona stake gets the boarder area, but it is literally all mountains and no homes. It is super strange to be in a new place! Especially because I have so much area!!! I have the city (ammon/Idaho Falls) and then the boon docks middle of no where which is called Bone. There are literally 4 homes in all of Bone, and it is out at the very edge of our area, and of course, we're teaching some one way out there!!!! But it is awesome!!!

So this area is so windy!!! Like I hate wearing my hair down it is that annoyingly windy!!!! Out on the very tops of the hills are tons of wind mills because it just blows around like crazy out here!!!! I live up right next to them on a street called Solitude Ln. and the name is so fitting because we are pretty much the only ones out there!!! Well us, and the Deer, pretty sure they sleep in our backyard, they always freak me out because I will be studying and then I look up and all of a sudden there are like 5 deer at my door staring me down!!!! CRAZY! You know what I find even funnier? While in Pocatello everyone was complaining about how they got nothing for hunting season, there deer just weren't out. Well apparently they weren't looking hard enough because I could have got at least 2 dozen by now!!!! Seriously we have to be so careful not to hit them that's how many we see roaming around!!!

So driving is great, but way weird. Mostly because we as a mission are test piloting a new church thingy bopper to help promote safe driving from missionaries called Tiwi ( I have no Idea what that stands for). Tiwi receives satellite information on all the speed limits, stop signs, stop lights, yield signs, everything driving related in any area it goes. You have to log in and then anytime (I mean anytime) you do anything wrong he yells at you, and you have to correct it and it goes on your report. So many negative reports results in your driving privileges being taken away. Apparently you have to get ALOT though because it seems like you can never please Tiwi, he's always yelling at you for something!!!!! OK, so this will probably be really hard to imagine, because it's me and all, but I get yelled at like everyday for SPEEDING!!!! He's always like "check your speed" WHA? I'm lucky if I go the speed limit!!!!! OK I guess I do speed, but mostly because Idaho has a lack of signage related to driving, like a crazy lack!!!! I think I have seen all of one speed limit sign in the whole time I have been here 1!!! and if you don't know the posted speed limit the assumed limit in Ammon is 25mph!! Well of course I am going to go faster than that! I have places to go and people to see!!!!! Lets not even get started on stop signs, like literally there are none!!! So sketchy!!! I always assume one because that's the safe thing, but no one else does and it is crazy!!!! I don't even want to think about trying to drive around here in the winter!!!!!! SKETCH! I have found a state that is worse than Utah when driving, didn't see it as possible, but apparently, we all must be proved wrong sometimes!!! OK I am kidding of course Utah isn't that bad, but we all have room for improvement!!!!

So my new companion Sister McPherson is super great!!! I love her so much!!! I so worried about getting a new comp. but not anymore! She is so awesome!! and teaches me so much!!!!! Like I said she was originally supposed to serve in Brazil but her Visa never came, and she became a permanent Idaho Pocatello missionary, which would be so hard!!! Especially considering she went to BYU-I before her mission!!! She only has 6 weeks left, so I will be killing her off, meaning I will have to get yet another new companion next transfer! Dang why cant I just keep the good ones!!!! But that's alright, there is always something to learn from each companion we get and I am so blessed to be with her for even this short amount of time!!!!!

So I really don't know why both of us were white washed out, but I do know Sister Golba-Ingles and Ikimau will have a blast in Highland. It was a little dead when I first arrived, and by the time I left it was a way happening area, the members were really taking initiative and the work was progressing like crazy!!!!! My new area is much like Highland when I first arrived, a little dead, but the work is on the up and up!! We have a baptism in just under two weeks actually!!!!! His name is Brock, and he is 13 and so prepared for baptism!!!! He and his family just moved from Arkansas, and had never heard of a Mormon prior to living here. But they all agree the reason they moved to Idaho was for this exact purpose, way cool!!! It will be a white Christmas for sure!!!! Although at this point it will just be white with baptisms because we have 0 snow right now!!!! In fact dare I say it we are having an Arizona winter!!!! Today's high is meant to be 50, I don't even wear a coat right now!!!! (mostly because mine stinks from all the walking/sweating, and has a nasty dirty dog smell, don't worry I am getting it dry cleaned today!)

So one last funny story we went to knock a door of a part member family this week up in the hills, it was a bit of a drive, but we made it because they are always home. When we got to the door they had a huge window on their front door in which we could see a lady (the member) sitting on the couch. We knocked, and her and I made eye contact. So what did she do next? Slid down the front of the couch, got on all fours, and crawled and hid behind a chair, all done right in front of eyes!!!! a fully active member!!!! What the heck! aren't they the ones who are supposed to answer the door for us?! dang!!!! It was a bit of a bummer, but way funny to, so I'll survive!!!!! Anyway, this is way long, and that's all I really have!!! Hope you have an awesome week! Keep up the good work!! and will you add these people to the email list? Thanks a bunch you're the best!!!!

Sister Kaycie Sondrup

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