Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Week 11 - Teaching Explosion


Well I have way less time than usual today because we only get an hour to email, because our actual P-day will be Thursday this week. You will probably have to send that recipe Sister Borgholthaus because I wont be able to get it in time, but that's alright! I hope Texas was great!!! 

So this week exploded with teaching, like exploded!!!! We taught 30 lessons, and got a new investigator!!! His name is Alex, and we got him from the Mary Poppins bag apartment. I kid you not every time we show up there there is someone new living there, and someone new to teach, IT'S AWESOME!!!!! Seriously like a dream, the apartment as a whole has some word of wisdom issues to resolve, but they're so great!!! Alex knows literally nothing about religion it blows my mind!!!!!! Anyway he's to cool, and in the middle of the lesson (Sister Hallett and our member with us were teaching another new investigator Cooper) he stopped me and was like " I am getting such good vibes right now, like everything you're saying just makes me feel awesome, and I feel like it's true, why is that?" So I was like, well let me tell about the Holy Ghost, BOOOOOOOM HE's GOLDEN!!!!! Sadly though that whole apartment is YSA aged, so assuming they want to go to a YSA ward we have to pass them on :( bummer right? but that's OK! Ultimately they'll have the same teacher regardless of the missionaries in front of them!!!! 

So something even crazier, we've been working with this former named Katie, she is to cute!!! (and her son Michael is special needs so we connected so quickly) Well Katie literally just showed up to church yesterday without even being asked! That never happens!!!! TO COOL!!!! Way awesome! We had 4 investigators (out of our 6) at church, SO BLESSED!!!!!! 

Anyway when Elder Martino came he asked us to continually have 10 progressing investigators, which is like a crazy amount!!!! But now we have 6 and I wish I had more faith in his council before, but now I know without a doubt it was inspired, and we are so capable of it!!!! 

So we went laser tagging this week, SWEET!!!! And I lost my tag, Sad life :( but don't worry, I had 2!!!!!!! But I have to order another. So question, is my sister coming home for Christmas? I need to know.....Anyway hopefully I actually hear from you next week......Hope you have a good one!!!! 

Sister Kaycie Sondrup 

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