Monday, November 3, 2014

Week 8 First Snow


Sounds like a busy week!!! But I'd rather be busy than not so count your blessings!!!! If you find yourself in Flag again, and you find anything warm, feel free to get me it, we had our first snow yesterday and I live up in the hill's/mountains and it's a tad cold up here. 

Ryan's mom's name is Holly Borgolthaus she's awesome!! She has two kids out on missions right now, one is in North Carolina (I'm pretty sure), and Wisconsin. We're actually going DI shopping with her today, so I'm stoked!!!! 

Halloween gets a little crazy up where I live because it's a really affluent area and everyone out the wazoo comes there for candy. Each house expects 500-600 trick-or-treaters, and from what I hear this year was way worse. Anyway tons of people dress up like missionaries and then do stupid stuff, so to keep us from getting blamed for their mistakes we get locked in as zones.

who's the real missionaries and who is dressed up
We got to watch the Emperors New Groove, and Frozen.
Sister Hallett also taught me to crochet and so I made a hat,
it's not to bad for my first one, especially considering I made it in the dark. 
crocheted my first hat
I heard about Nikita going home, that's a bummer, but better to get it fixed now than later for sure!!! 

So let's think.....This week was not nearly as crazy, and actually not to much happened. All the older people are starting to leave for Arizona (snow birds) and it has greatly lessened our teaching pool. But that's alright we'll find others to teach!!! We had a lesson with Sister Zhang (literally an hour before she went home), and Sister Brinkerhoff, it really helped Ninn and she is starting to progress more and more. 

I really cant think of much else, it snowed, and that's cold. Since I live higher it snowed on us while the rest of Pocatello only got rain, not cool!!! We had like 50 million (ok only 5) trunk or treats we went to, and I'm so sick of candy!!! People feed us way to much here!!!! I'm getting a little sick of eating!!!! Ok not really, food is so good!!!! 

Sorry I don't have anything more to say, this week was just pretty average,fun, but average.  I guess we did have interviews with president, that was cool, we had a whole training on how to properly knock doors, that was a little strange, but always insightful!!! We also moved a LA out and she had nothing packed the day she was supposed to go, so we helped her, and all the boxes, and I mean hundreds of boxes, she had were liquor boxes, nothing fit in them it was horrible!!! and I guess we know what she needs to work on to be reactivated!!! Anyway I hope all is well and tell Ryan he should go out with the Elders, that would  help him a ton!!! And tell him good luck in wrestling!!!!!! 

Sister Sondrup 

 notes from the zone leaders in my planning book.

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