Monday, October 27, 2014

Week 7 - I've got Jesus in my toe


Dang that week does sound crazy!!!! Next time you have those feelings tell him!!! It was just a tire this time but it could always be worse!!!! When is uncle Dave's birthday? What's his address to send him a card? 

So this week was insane for me!!! Insane good and bad........For starters we taught 27 lessons!!! Dang we were going crazy!!!!!!!!! We also got a new investigator and set a baptismal date!!! Saaaweeeeeeet!!!! It's with a 9 year old name Grady, his family has been last active as of recently but they are working on coming back and Grady has a real desire to be baptized, awesome!!!! 

Sis. Hallett/Brekell/Sis. Sondrup and their apples
So other than that we taught a lesson with Brekelle and she is so great!!! The cutest lady ever!!! She has this glass apple she keeps by her bed to help her remember to choose the right no matter the consequence (adam and eve) and she gave us each one of our own! Now I have an apple to carry around for 16 months and not break, but it's great all the same!!!!! Brekelle is so cool and she knows the church is true, she knows she'll be baptized we're must waiting for her to finish the B.O.M before we set a date. She plans on reading 18 pages a day and finishing this week, so we'll see what happens!!! 

We had a crazy lesson this week, like literally CRAZY. We went to a potential investigators house and watched a movie the spirit was there, and then he was like "by the way I have God on my toe" UHHHHHHH yeah.......... So he proceeds to take off his shoe and show us the impression of God's face on his toe. It's so not there. Like his toe is all sorts of nasty, like he probably she get that checked out by a doctor that's so gross. He's like "I was like God why are you on my toe?" and apparently he was like "Jeff, I cant appear to the world, but I can appear to you". So for the next 8 days he was visited by his dead ancestors and told everything he needed to know about God. He even wrote a book about his "visitations". Crazy, like Crazy. 

We also talked to someone about church, and I guess he's been on a church tour. Apparently Jesus is Spooky!!!! Like he just stares you down and he's Spooky. Thanks for the info Darell. 

So on a sadder note we might have seen a puppy get hit by a car.......yeah it was a little depressing. We were walking down the street and all I see is a puppy start to walk into the street and a car speeding up the road. I had enough time to say no, and the boom, puppy on the road bleeding, it was like 10 feet from us, very sad. What made it worse was the cries/moans it was making. Broke my heart!!!!! We ended up having to call the humane society and stay there with it until they came. After a while he sat up and was looking around, he's was breathing good and even responded to being pet, not that I pet it, I was scared to get it's blood on me.....When the humane society came he was doing so much better, but when he picked him up we found out he couldn't move his legs. I like to think he's in a better place now, but it was so sad all the same. 

To end on a better note we had a sweet lesson in Relief Society about seeing one another the way Christ sees us. We need to see people through different lenses, so made some out of pipe cleaners!!! we were an odd looking group, but it was great!!!! 

So that's all I got for the week it was a great week and the work is really progressing here in the Highland 1st area!!! Hope all Is well and tell Ryan to be safe!!!!! 

 Sister Sondrup 

Hastening the Work Wheel
It's a new tool we use in  primary. The kid is picked to come up and spin the wheel. They have to do something concerning missionary work depending on what they land on. So say the land on share, they have 3 weeks to share a message about the gospel with someone and then they come back and report. It's meant to get the kids and parents involved and it actually is, the work was kind of moving at a snail crawl in that ward and it's starting to take off now which is awesome!!!

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