Monday, October 20, 2014

Week 6 - The way to grace

the true way to grace! 

which way to grace?
No letter this week from you or my father? Apparently I am unloved, but that OK, I still love you!!!! 
(she got a letter but just not when first got online--we were a bit late writing today--or she was early)


Sorry this will be a little short, but I didn't get the email until late, so now I have less time than usual to write. 

Ryan with a girlfriend? Tell him girls are gross and have cooties!!! Just kidding that's alright I guess, is she a member? Speaking of relationships how is my big brother doing in the dating scene? How is Jordyn? 

bunny don't bobble! 
I did get my jacket and it is the one I wanted so thank you!!!  Sister Borgholthaus texted saying you sent it I was like WHOA! I think I've already passed Jake in the number of packages he got for his entire mission!!! Thanks though I  really do appreciate it! For future reference if I'm ever outside of Pocatello you have to send a package through USPS or else it won't forward from the mission office, since I'm so close right now though it was no big deal, and someone dropped it off at my house :) 
treats from mexico

The weather here has been great as well! So nice and cool, it's getting bad I'm starting to complain when it hits mid 80's now.....How will I ever go home??!?!?!?! Ryan (Idaho one) is the cutest!!!! We already have it planned out that when I come back to visit we're going to watch dragon tales together, it's going to be awesome!!!!! That family is the best!! They have 2 missionaries out right now and they are always doing stuff to help us out, seriously awesome!!!! You need to be that for the missionaries in our ward, seriously, they'd appreciate it like none other!!! 

So this week we got 2 new investigators!!!! But then we found out 1 lived one street out of area, and the other is YSA aged and has to be taught by the YSA sisters, BUMMER :( But giving others referrals will bring us blessings right? It's really hard because we really do need new investigators, but that's life I suppose. We're going to hopefully blitzing our area this week, so we'll see what happens!!!!

I just want peace

Tomorrow we're going to do exchanges with Sister Zhang who is from Mainland China and we're going to hopefully be inviting Ninn to be baptized on November 7th (does it count as a birthday present for dad, if it makes me/her/her soon to be eternal family happy, no? I didn't think so) Anyway fingers crossed!!! (not really but we are praying!!!) 

So I've been having trouble with my feet, as in they trip over everything!!! It's like Idaho hasn't heard of level sidewalks or something!!!! It's seriously by the good grace of God I haven't sprained my ankle or broken it yet!!! Snow is going to be so rough!!!! Also this week I may or may not have got strep, Bueno right? My throat felt like death, my head killed, my lymph nodes were swollen, and I started to get those white spots in the back of my throat. It's all good now, I just drugged myself (the legal kind) and swished salt water and now we're solid!!!! Well that's all I have time for, have fun in Texas and don't miss me to much!!!!! 

Sister Sondrup 

Thats such a great story!!!! Way Cool!!! How is Jeremiah doing with all of that?  
Things have been a bit cold, but nothing to terrible yet, it's kinda like the calm before the storm. We are really struggling with having anyone to teach so we're going to do a blitz this week, the wards are great!!! We need to get them more involved ion missionary work though, because they are going to be the ones to make the difference!!!! but it's hard to get people to help when they really don't care! anyway we're trying and we're hoping to set 2 baptism dates this week!  
"or proselyting" well played door, well played 
 I gave a talk in one of the wards and I hope that really helped jump start them!!! we'll see though!
                                                            Love, Kaycie aka Sis. Sondrup
we got booed!!!! it's a neighborhood game they do every Halloween, you ding dong ditch someone with a note saying you got booed and leave a treat!! Then you do it to someone else (hang the note in your door so you dont get booed multiple times) we may or may not have ding dong ditched the mission home......
knocking all all doors--even those of fairies!!!! 
Kaycie asked for a picture of the family but i was unable to find one so I drew her one and put it into the box with her goodies--apparently someone lost their head in the process of opening the package
I cut your heads in half.....

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