Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Week 4 - Splits and Service


So I'm confused, you were in Idaho? or were you in Oregon and just close? Also if you were in ID, where did you see me? My area is so residential you would have no purpose in being up here, unless you were stalking me HMMMMMMMM? Just kidding. So who exactly died? I'm a little lost, when did you drive up here? Glad classes are going well, has Ry got a job yet? How's Jordyn doing?

Well this week was one of my best/worst. We taught the most lessons we ever have, and invited 5 people to be baptized, 3 of whom said yes! but they don't want to change so no dates set yet. Bummer :( We went on splits on Monday and that was crazy! It was literally like an hour before the STL's called us and were like the ZL's want us to split when and where can we meet, WHA? But it turned out so well and we had some crazy powerful moments! We also had a naked 3 year old boy running around during the lesson but we choose to look past that.......We did tons of service and it's so awesome! We went to this store in downtown Pocatello that got flooded when the store next to it caught on fire. We were cleaning out the basement and found some sweet tunnels that run under the whole city! So sweet! Sadly we didn't have to much time to explore, but we should be going back, and this time we're bringing flashlights!

So aside from that we got a new investigator this week! We were talking to this guy Paco on the street and he wasn't super interested, so we asked if there was anyone else we could talk to. He went inside and 10 seconds later 4 guys come running out trampling over one another. That's not usually the reaction we get so we asked what Paco said and they told us that he said there was two hot chicks that needed to talk to them. Thanks Paco. Anyway we ended up talking and Cade show a real interest, we set up a return appointment so we'll see how that goes! I guess "Flirt to Convert" really does work! Just kidding! but maybe not fully..........but really I am, I'm a missionary DUH! So that was exciting!

So that's all I really have time for today. Just know I'm alive, and trying not to freeze to death! I'm glad life is good at home! did you get my letter? What about Kevin's email address? also a coat would be all sorts of great! I hope Mexico is great! Also I hope this isn't to horribly typed/misspelled I can't proof read today!

Sister Sondrup

So my coat would be so great! last week was a crazy cold week and I was freezing! It's not as bad now, but it would still be great! I don't know if I can last another 3-4 weeks without it, but I guess it just depends on how the weather turns.

So I was struggling big time this week. Since you've been on a mission to areas worse than mine i'm sure you can help. How do you help those who's situation are so bleak nothing seems to go there way? this week we met a women who's on disability being evicted from her home with her 3 year old. she has literally no money to her name and no where to go. We also met a women who has to get her spine fused or she'll die, she wont ever be able to lift more than 10lbs again, so no grandchildren, nothing. on top of that she lost a law suit and went into her bank account to find they had drained every last cent of all the homes income, including her 16 year old daughters, they have nothing. I feel so inadequate and spoiled, and mostly blessed. How can I help these people? what can I do but tell them there Heavenly Father loves them? I'm so lost, and I dont know what to do? What do you suggest?

I hope thats not to depressing sounding, things really arent to bad, I love it out here, but sometimes it gets hard! Well no one said it'd be easy! I hope all is well, and continues to be so!


Sister Sondrup

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