Monday, October 13, 2014

Week 5 - Mouse in our House


WHAT NO BANANA BOAT?! how did that happen!!! I'm sure it was great though! and I found someone who makes potato tacos so I will get some!!!! YES!!!!!! so stoked!
mini mexico vacation
The rain looks CRAZY!!!! Has Arizona/Mexico been wicked? It looks like Heavenly Father is trying to cleanse it with a flood!

The week was so awesome!!!! We were going crazy!!! The beginning was a little slow but it picked up towards the end in an insane way!

So first Cade, did I tell you about Cade? Anyway he dropped his appointment this week :( he got called into work and he works in IF as a firefighter, lame, but at least he didn't just ditch us! But we got to meet this awesome dude named Darrell (spelled like Darrell but pronounced DA-Rell, look up can I get your number on youtube). HE IS SO COOL! He's a mad rapper and just all around awesome! We found out via area book he is a former investigator and passed missionaries were told to drop him because he didn't keep appointments, so that's lame, but the 2nd times a charm right?

So we also got to go to this amazing 10 virgins production this week, and it was so solid! like the best! Dang the church is true!

So the end of our week was crazy, we had transfer calls, and.........I'm staying! surprise surprise! We did get a call last week from president saying he might add a 3rd comp. for like 2 weeks before she went home, but we didn't get her. Which is way sad because she speaks mandarin and she would have been so great for Ninn!!!!! Not to mention she's from mainland China which is sweet! I so want to hear her conversion story!!!! But that's alright she's needed somewhere else! And the Lord knows way more than I ever will. so I'm going to trust him!

So we focused a lot this week on meeting the standard of excellence, which is why the end was so crazy! we were so far from our goals!!! But we made it! not only did we make it, but we exceeded it!! Our standard is 20 lessons a week and 2 baptisms a month (we haven't made this goal yet). All in all we ended up teaching 22 lessons this week! 8 of them coming in just a 4 hour time span!!! That's literally crazy!!!! so  much teaching! we were running around like chickens with our heads cut off! But we made it! On top of achieving our comp. goals as a zone we beat the mission record for lessons taught with a member present in one week! 119!!!!!! That's craziness!!!!! Chubbuck zone for life!!! so now we are leading the mission in that, which is insane! I don't know what it is but our zone has taken off in the last transfer and president is just as confused as us, this is not something he ever saw happening, just goes to show you miracles do happen, and the Lord is looking out for us!!!

So last night our DL Elder Crumpton called us for numbers, while on the phone we had this creature dart out and run all around our basement, needless to say he's ears hurt from all our screaming! So we have a mouse in our basement!!! Sketch right! and he can climb!!!! We named him Hubert, but he's still down there and we don't know what to do, we're hoping the problem just goes away......but we're not to hopeful :( we think the trap will get him first, which is sad but I'd prefer not to have him running around down there.

We got to go to the temple this week and it was so great!!!! Dang the church is true!!! We had to rotate to like 3 or 4 rooms I cant remember but it was so cool!!! It's so beautiful in there! It's like Mesa with all the murals, but they're even bigger!!!!

Yes I've heard of meet the Mormons all missionaries have to see it, so we saw it like 3 weeks ago, and it's SOOOOOOOOOO good!!! like seriously it's awesome, you should see it! and it's not really like here join our church!!! but more like Mormons are normal, here listen to their stories, seriously awesome!!! It'll be out on hulu, Netflix, youtube, and DVD if you don't get to see it in theaters! But you should because all proceeds go to the red cross, so do it!!!!

Well that's all I have for this week, hope all is well and you're staying dry!!

Sister Sondrup 

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