Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Week 9 Surprise it's Tuesday

Surprise it's Tuesday!!!!!!! 

So I forgot to mention last week that the mission had Elder Martino from the 70 coming into town this week for a mission tour, so my p-day is Tuesday this week, not Monday. Anyway so I here I am, and guess what, everyone and their mother wants to meet with us today, so we really only have p-hours, seeing as we have appointments from 3-9 today. It's horrible because I want to complain because they cut in, but at the same time I am so stoked to have appointments so I'll take it!!!!!! 

Elder Martino was so awesome!!!!! He is such a cool cat!!!! He and his Wife are converts to the church but dang they are spiritual giants!!!!!! He was so bold and talked about having pure intentions in all we do, and how to be the best missionaries possible. He was so flippin awesome!!! He ended the day with stuff about the atonement, and that was so crazy!!!! Such a great day!!!!! We even got to see all the missionaries from the southern part of our mission, and it was so fun!!!! It was like an MTC reunion which was way fun!!!! I forget how much I love all of them until I saw them again!!! They're the best!!! It honestly was probable the highlight of my week, because I'm not going to lie, it was rough!!!! 

I wish I could put it into words, but I really can't last week was just a struggle!!!!!! Which is funny because I feel like some of the brightest points in my mission thus far happened last week, yet things were just hard!!!! I'm so grateful for the STL's who felt like we needed to go on splits, because I did!!!! So Friday I went out with Sister 'Otokolo and that really helped!!!! She is so great and she really lifted my spirits and  gave me some great advice!!! She went through some of the same things I'm going through at the beginning of her mission as well, it was definitely inspired for her to come out with me!!!! In addition to her help I actually came across some notes you and dad wrote me in my wallet, I have no idea when you wrote them, but I found them and some how it was everything I needed to hear, so thanks!!!! You're helping me without even knowing it!!!!!!! 

Grandma sent me a package this week, which was awesome and way cool to get, but so did Tia Pat!!!!! You can imagine how surprised I was to hear yesterday that I had 2 packages!!!!!! I was shocked to see one from her! But so happy!!!! She is way to sweet!!!! That also brightened my day/week! 

Well it's cold here, the high for the week is supposed to be around 30, and the low supposedly in the single digits, if not the negative ones, yay. Kidding of course, we have a snow storm raging outside, so you know, that's fun, I'm just glad we actually have appointments today so we don't have to go wandering around in it too long today!!!! I guess it's time to pull out my real coat :(
storms a brewing!

Also, I was trying to fix something on my family history last week, and I asked one of the lady's here and guess what she did to solve the problem? Delete my line!!!!! Awesome right?! I seriously felt like crying, all of my family gone in a poof! But don't worry I fixed most of it, except for grandma ransdell, it says she's dead, and has 0 ordinances done, so could you send me her birthday, and maybe some other dates in her life so I can fix it? That would be great!!!! 

Well I'm sorry your week was crazy, but things will get better remember Moroni 7:42, it's probably my favorite verse right now!!!! Hope all is well and you're staying warm!!!! 

Sister Sondrup 
trying to fix jeff's motorcycle
Drink Dat Water
sleep over 
 party with the star valley girls! And sister Hill 

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