Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Week 76 - The Power of Prayer


This week was really cool, and I had some really touching experiences, I just love the Gospel!!!! 

For starters we went over to teach our Chinese investigators and what happened was so cool!!!!!! We taught one and we asked her how her week went and she said it was bad, yet one of the most amazing weeks ever. Sounds weird right? Well as she explained she said that one of her most beloved professors found out he had cancer this week, and it's not appearing to hopeful for him. She said she just didn't understand why God would allow that to happen to such a great man she couldn't wrap her mind around the thought of why evil and trials exist in the world. So you know what she did? Well as she thought she said God isn't truly in my mind he's in my heart, so first time in her life she said she truly thought and felt with her heart, and what she was lead to do was pray. We'd talked to her about it, and asked her many times, but she always said she wasn't comfortable with it yet. So that day she thought with her heart she came to the conclusion she needed to pray. Not exactly sure how to do it she thought back to all the examples she had from class, church, and us, and then she decided to just do it.  What happened was amazing, she said she didn't figure out why bad things happen, but what she felt was simply the love of God. It was unlike anything she had felt before, but it was something she wants to feel always.  She prayed everyday this week, and loves it, she said she feels her great worth, and though things are so hard they are worth it. It truly was amazing to hear this girl who is my age talk of her Heavenly Father and the relationship she has started to build with Him. Another Chinese investigator had a similar experience in just knowing that God is there. He said I feel Him, and I know that He is what has been missing from my life from the very beginning, and He will not let Him go missing ever again.  It is truly so amazing to see the difference that is being made in their lives. It makes me think of Joseph Smith, the first pray he ever uttered aloud was in the sacred grove, he knew God loved Him, but he needed to know what He wanted, he needed to know how to follow Him. The same is happening here. Just as Joseph had a question so do they. It may not be which church, but it's are you even there? Just as the young Joseph received an answer that day to his first uttered prayer, so have they. In comparison it might not be as grand as his answer, but to them it is even greater. Their whole world has changed and will forever remain changed because of prayer and the knowledge that they truly do have a loving Heavenly Father who is there to listen and help with everything. There's a quote I love by President Uchtdorf he says "The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is now". Some of our trees of faith are larger and greater than others, but it truly is never to late to plant our seed and grow ourselves, or help others grow. It is truly a great blessing that we have, and I am so excited to help others continue to do so. 

Speaking of teaching of God, we taught a Ukrainian this week!!! And she is so amazing!!!! Unlike the Chinese she's knows of God, but the questions she has are so amazing! She says she feels like her whole life she has been sitting in a room full of fog, and now everything is clear, now she can see the great path that is extended before her leading back to God, it is seriously to cool!!!!!! I am really excited to keep teaching her!!!! 

Well I don't have to much more time, but let me sum up the rest of the week. I had to eat three meals in a row, one being a Tongan meal so we ate alot...I don't know how that worked out but everyone wanted to feed us, and I gained 6 lbs in 3 1/2 hours. Sick. I also slipped on the ice twice this week...once I fell on a driveway and my dress ended up being by my head...thank goodness for leggings right??? The second time I fell getting into the car and ended up underneath it...that one hurt really bad. But thanks again to leggings and they saved me from tons of scratches and I just ended up with some gnarly bruises...my bum does not feel good at this point to say the least...Anyway! That's the bulk of my week! I hope all is well at home!!!! Have a great week!!!!

Sister Kaycie Sondrup 

P.S. I am going to go build and Igloo...I never thought I would be able to say that. strange things are happening, strange indeed. 

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