Monday, February 22, 2016

Home in 2 weeks


This week was great!!!! I am sorry I dont have to much time to write today, but hey what's new? This week we were able to accomplish such great work!!!! We taught our baptism dates and sadly one says she's not sure she's ready, she's supposed to get baptized this weekend but I am not to sure it'll happen. Which is so sad!!!!! Because she is so great!!!! I know that she is so ready for this step and that it is going to start something truly beautiful and happy for her in her life I just hope she can see that....We also met with our other date who is from the Ukraine (Robby you have to go teach her family!!! I'll get there address and get you your first referral!!!) and she is so cute!!!! She is getting baptized on the 5th and she is so excited!!!!!! It's going to be in Russian which is so weird, but so cool!!!! The nice thing is we are in the best place to find people who speak Russian!!! We can literally just yell in a hallway and be like "WHO SPEAKS RUSSIAN AND WANTS TO TEACH THE GOSPEL!!!!!!" 50 hands go up every time! So great!!!! It really goes to show though that the Lord is aware of everyone, he knew she needed help, that the Gospel could offer it, and that BYU-I would provide everything she needs to learn and progress. Way cool..

We also got to visit our Chinese investigators. They are the best!!!! I seriously just die!! They are amazing!!!!! We went over on Sunday and she was like "I've been talking about baptism with one of my friends and I know that it's what I am meant to do. I just need to learn a little more about Jesus, but I'll probably get baptized next month". WHAT?! Oh she is just amazing!!!!!! It is so cool to see how they have progressed over these last few weeks!!!!! It is amazing what the knowledge of the gospel can do, and how quickly it can change someone life. Just amazing!!!

Look at what happened to my car!!!! I wasn't even in it!!! It was so sad!!! We were in teaching a lesson when the daughter of the family and her boyfriend come in and are like "we hit your car..." Why are missionary cars magnets for everyone to hit?! everyone in our zone has been hit now!!! In reality it really isn't that bad, like it's just a car, but what was really irritating it that it had to happen on the night it did. We were getting ready to leave the lesson to be perfectly on time to our next one when this happened.  We had to fill out a report which of course made us late. We just got a new phone and don't have any numbers so we couldn't text our investigator. So we ended up getting there a half hour late. He wasn't very happy to say the least.And it was so sad!!! We had a beautiful lesson planned and by the time we got there we were flustered and he was grumpy, which is not the best environment for the spirit. The lesson still went ok, but it could have been better. I was thinking about afterward and how Satan will do anything in our life to stop us. To slow us down and  halt our progression. He likes to throw us challenges and to make us not want ot do good anymore. But we don't have to let him stop us, that night we let Satan win, he got the better of us and it hurt our teaching. But when we truly work and do all we can Satan wont get the better. That's not to say we wont struggle, but we will be able to endure, I am grateful for that knowledge, especially as I draw near to the end of my mission. I'll be stepping back into the world, which is really scary, but I know that I will be able to over come all things as I truly have the Lord on my side. Sorry I don't have more time this week, but I pray all is well!!!! Have a great week!!!!

Sister Kaycie Sondrup


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