Monday, January 4, 2016

Week 70 - Elsa in Rexberg


Sorry I didn't write anything last week I was struggling, aint nobody want to be writing!

Hey do you remember that popular Disney movie named Frozen? Well I think Elsa came to visit Rexburg these last couple weeks because it's been stupid cold. You know what the high was on New Years? 4. 4 isn't high!!!!!!!! She set off an eternal winter and we hate her for it. Thankfully today it's like 31 and I don't even have a coat on it feels that warm. It's supposed to snow all week, which is fun only because it has to be warmer to snow. Hallelujah for that!!!!  Look at all the ICE, not snow, ice on this tree, all of Rexburg looked like this until like 3 days ago.

  and then to top it off this icicle fell off a roof and tried to kill me!!!! No lies I was within 2 inchs of losing my life!!!!!!!! Or an eye at the very least! If I am going to lose an eye it'll be because I shoot it out on accident with my Red Rider BB gun thank you very much!

So this week was fun, we did alot of awesome work and this week is shaping up to be even more awesome!!!!! We went over and taught an investigator this morning and she is so awesome!!!!! Her birthday is coming up and she was like I am getting so old....she's turning 23...but then I thought about it and I was like oh heck I am almost 21... I'M OLD!!!!!! I could go home and legally buy alcohol!!!!! I would buy it on my mission but you cant get it anywhere in Rexburg...Jokes of course!!!!! Ain't nobody want that poison in their life!!! SICK! Anyway besides feeling old the lessons are going great with her! She loves the Gospel and is at church every week!!!!! We love her and she is going to make one amazing member of the church!!!!!!

Well I wish I could finish but today is move in day!!! Which means we have people to help and investigators to meet!!! I AM SO STOKED!!!!!!! Like really these last few weeks have been the hardest of my mission, the work has been so slow and it has been so hard to fulfill my purpose, how are you supposed to invite others to come unto Christ when there is no one to talk to?! Thankfully though we have people now and I cannot wait to just go ham these last few months of my mission, Rexburg wont know what hit it!!!!!! We have about 25 nonmembers to work with and thats it, but thats enough!!!! It's going to be awesome!!!!!!!!! The miracles are already happening some guy called last night and was like "hey we are going to have a non-member in the ward and he wants you to teach him" WHAT?! I cannot wait to see what the future brings!!!!! This is going to be epic!!!!!! Well that's all  I have time for!!! Thanks for being awesome and always writing!!!!! Try to stay out of trouble and know I love you!!!!!

Sister Kaycie Sondrup

P.S. Duncan, one of my all time favorties got baptized this week in Blackfoot!!!! I can not wait for one year from now when he goes to the temple in preparation for his mission, he is going to do amazing things as he truly follows his Savior, Jesus Christ and lives up to the covenants he's no made!!! Really he's the best!!!!! 

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  1. Loved your comments on the COLD, and the Red Ryder BB gun!
    Love you, can't wait to see you when you return to God's country in the desert.