Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Week 68 - It's a Major Award

Preface: while I was in Pocatello in a trio for a few days we found a snow man, but it's no ordinary snow man!!! It has hair!!!! And it's an igloo!!!!!!!

OK so this week will be short (classic) but I'll talk to you later this week so hopefully you survive... So Rexburg is great, a little sad right now though because all the students are away for break so teaching is a little non existent right now, but it's good because it's gives us time to actually learn the area. Random this week we went out teaching with some old elders from this mission and it was so weird!!! But it was cool!!! One of them was my old zone leader...strange but it was cool 

Sister Poulson is my new companion and she is from Manhattan Kansas. She is super great and really excited to be a missionary. Rexburg isn't going to know what hit them!!!!!!! We are super excited to just getting going and teaching the world!!! I don't know how we've managed it, but some how we are figuring out how to do missionary work in such a big's crazy out here though!!!! 

We were driving around last night and look what we saw!!!!! At first I thought wow false idol...but then I was like "WAIT THAT'S THE LEG LAMP!!!!!!!" It was awesome!!!!!!!! 

Ok, well I have to go...laundry is calling is my name...that's sad. Anyone I think we will be be skyping around 10 or 11, probably closer to 11, so plan on it then!!!!! Hope you have a fantastic week!!!! 

-Sister Kaycie Sondrup 

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