Monday, December 14, 2015

Week 67 - Iceberg

Hello Family!!!!!!

Well this week has brought alot of unexpected things, the first being transfers. OK that wasn't unexpected but still I am excited/super terrified to say that I will be transferred to BYU-I and I will be training a new missionary. AHHHHHHHHHHHH does that make anyone else  terrified? Because it makes me want to cry a bit...Let me paint a picture, me, a greenie, and 13 stakes and 130 wards all for us to cover. YIKES!!!!!!! None the less I know it will all work out! Life goes on and I have no doubt that this is truly inspired of the Lord, I cant lie I am nervous though, but I know good things will are yet to come!!!!!!

So I am sorry to be brief today but life is crazy right now, like I said earlier alot of unexpected things happened this week the main one being that the members we live with son is coming home early from his mission due to medical issues, there's a big chance he can go back out, but for now we cant live in the house because he's a boy and we've spent most of today moving out because he'll be home tomorrow. We now also live in the boon docks so we've been racking up the miles all day ca ching!!!!! But it's alright I feel bad that their son is having to come home early, but it's the Lord's plan right now and they'll be alright.

We also had to do alot of work with our sisters, which brings me to another reason why this will be so short and that's because we have to go to Pocatello because a sister is going home and we have to go be companions with her companion (she's not going home early thankfully) and the roads are terrible and snow covered right now, we'll be good though.

Well I actually ran out of time, but I'll leave you with some pictures:

While driving to Pocatello I looked out the rear view mirror and saw this!!! He had a tumble weed stuck to his car for like 10 miles!!!!! made me chuckle!!!!

Our Christmas Tree this year!!!!!

We went to an investigators house and Sister Wooten got a little "tied" up!!!!

and one of my favorite investigators ever DUNCAN!!!!!!! He's the best!!! I am hoping to get permission to come to his baptism in two weeks so fingers crossed!!!!!!

Well sorry this is lame...hopefully next week is better, that is assuming my fingers wont be frozen off and I'll be able to type...just kidding, I don't know anything about skype yet or really anyone's house I could go to do so so I will let you know when I know!!!! Thanks for being great!!!!!!!!!!

Sister Kaycie Sondrup

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