Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Week 71 - God is not dead


Oh my goodness this week was great!!!! School is back!!! Thank Heavens!!!!!  And miracles are just flying in!!!!!!!! In one day we received 4 referrals for non members on campus and we are now teaching all of them and they are so excited to learn about the gospel!!!!!! I'll be honest I was nervous for awhile, I didnt want to end my mission by not teaching very much, but with continued prayers and faith the Lord provided a way, we now have so many awesome investigators and I am so excited to help them to continue to progress!!!!!! 

It is so strange to be on campus, I see old missionaries all the time and I'm like "what? they're in pants!!!!!" It's even worse because I am at BYU-I do, I thought that was just a joke, It's not. I feel like all we see is couples walking everywhere, and it's really bad because my first reaction is like "OH MY GOSH WHERE IS HER COMPANION!!!!!!" then I am like "Doesn't she know she's going to get sent home?!?!?!?!?!?!" Sister Poulson just laughs and says she wants to be a fly on the wall for my first date at home, I'll be a mess and a half to say the least. Funny story I asked President a few weeks back for an extension on my mission...he said no...in fact he said "Sister Sondrup you would be better off calling and asking President Monson yourself, it's not happening". President why you got to tear me down like that?! That one hurt but it's ok thankfully I still have time left, though short I'm still here!!! Hallelujah for that!!!!!! 

This week one campus we met like a million people, and because we didn't have any investigators for the last few weeks we decided to make this for our booth on campus!!!! 

It's the 2.0 version to the one we made in Star Valley but this one is bigger and way better!!!! It was so funny walking around campus with it because everyone just stared us (more than usual,  Rexburg freaks out when they see missionaries because we are far and few between) It was super entertaining to watch the faces of students as we walked by with a 7 foot Book Of Mormon, priceless!!!!! 

Hey you remember how once upon a time I was in elementary, middle, and high school and I played violin? and I wasn't very good at it... Yeah that seems like forever ago...anyway Thursday we had interviews with President Hancock and one of the Elders brought a violin to practice while his companion was being interviewed. Well while he was in I ended up picking it up and playing it, BAD CHOICE. The Elder walked back in and heard me just sight read the piece he was struggling over and long story short I got roped into playing a special musical number at a fireside this weekend...I DONT ACTUALLY PLAY!!! AND CERTAINLY NOT WELL!!!!!! To say this will be interesting in an understatement...I think Heavenly Father is trying to send a message though that I shouldn't have given up on music I don't know if I ever said this but for the last half of my mission I've been in district and zones where no one plays the piano so I've been having to do. Now I don't really play either, but the months of practices have really helped, and now I play at every district meeting and sometimes zone training with no troubles!!!! Now Heavenly Father has given me the chance to play another instrument which I am so scared to do, but if this is a talent he really wants me to have he'll help me magnify it even more than he already has. Pray for the listeners ears though...this one might be rough!!!!! 

Well let me tell you about one miracle that happened this week. It's with campus, we met one of the most amazing guys ever!!!!! He was a referral from the Elders in the Terraton area where he had been taught a few lessons and then moved here to BYU-I. This young man is so cool though!!!! He's 20 years old and 5 years ago he ran away from his family because they were polygamist and he knew it wasn't right. At 15 years old he was living on his own. For awhile he rebelled against God, he just couldn't understand why certain things happened as he grew up. But recent he started to learn more and investigate who God really is. What he discovered is so amazingly simply, but life changing. All he found was the God loved him, that he was aware of him, and that he wanted the best for him. After rebelling for so long he finally came back to the God who loved him forever! Well he saw the missionaries and the rest is history! He knows this true is true beyond a shadow of a doubt so much so that he wrote a letter to the first presidency seeking permission to be baptized (policy stuff). I know that he will go so far in this life because he has the best and eternal help on his side. Though sometimes we turn away from Heavenly Father he never turns away from us. He has given us a Savior, and all the tools necessary to return to Him, He is always with us and I am so grateful for that knowledge!!!!! 

Well I have more as always but I have violin to practice...yikes...wish me luck!!! Have a great week!!!!! 

Sister Kaycie Sondrup 

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