Monday, October 26, 2015

Week 60 - Busted


This week was great!!! We were able to set 4 baptism dates!!! Halla!!!! I am so stoked for the work that is happening now! We are really finding great success and I am excited to keep finding what the Lord has prepared here for us!!!!! 

Yesterday we had Elder Sexton of the 70 come to church and he is so amazing! So bold!! We had two investigators in that ward, and at one point he started talking about baptism and why it's so important and he was staring straight at them telling them that they need to be baptized! It was so insane to see from the pulpit! But it was so cool!! And they loved it! After the meeting we asked what they thought and they said the whole meeting was directly for them. LEGIT!!! He also was about to sit down then he was like I just had a prompting from the spirit and I have to say it. He then started talking to someone in the congregation telling them that he knew they were fearful of a mission, that they could never have the confidence needed to go, that they were never going to be good enough to be a missionary. He then very directly said this is the adversary  and that the Lord would have no greater joy than having them be his missionary, that they were more than good enough and that the needed to prepare to go now. It was crazy to hear! I could only imagine how it felt to be the person he was talking to! Half the congregation was in tears and the spirit was so strong!! It was so cool!!!!!! It was a great day at church and I am so glad we got to be there!!!! 

In other news I was driving yesterday and I got pulled over again!!!! SO DUMB!!!!!!! I think it's game they play in Blackfoot though because almost everyone in the zone was pulled over in the last week, they just look for the missionaries and pull us over to scare us!!!! The cop chuckled a little and just said use your blinker when you change lanes!!! I totally did!!! Ridiculous!! It made for a funny Sunday though!!! That makes twice on a my mission, although I would rather get pulled over now than at home, Idaho/Wyoming benefits they don't really give missionaries tickets! Thank Heavens for that!!!! 

In other news I also got an email from Elder Duano (Joseph now) today, dad do you remember him? You went out with him and Elder Wright, anyway apparently him and Elder Ah puck (Vanston) have been hanging out with Jordyn in Hawaii. This picture is so weird looking to me!!! Two worlds just collided my brain doesn't know how to handle it!!! But hey I am glad they get along! It's still odd looking but I wont complain! 

Well we have to go to Idaho Falls so I don't have anymore time, but I will try and write more next week! I hope you have a fantastic week!!!

Sister Kaycie Sondrup 

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