Monday, October 19, 2015

week 57 - Zander

Hello!!!! Ok so I have zero focus today, so this email may be short, but be you should be impressed I'm even getting it off...Anyway this week was something...probably the longest week of my mission, but it was great!

Ok so to start things off we had zone training week which was fun, but the zone leaders decided to do Personal Priesthood interviews as part of it, which was a great idea, until they ran an hour and a half over...Sister Manymules and I were responsible for keeping the other missionaries busy so we had to keep coming up with ideas of practices and practices and practices. It ended up working out though and we had a great time, I was a little nervous there for awhile though!!!! Keeping 20 teenagers entertained is SO HARD!!!! But thanks to the Lord we managed it! I hope they learned something though, I know I did!!!! Thanks to this training though we've set some amazing goals as a zone to have 54 baptisms by the end of the year in Blackfoot alone, maybe that number doesn't seem to daunting, but I know it will make us stretch and I am so excited to start working at it!!!!

Speaking of baptisms...

Lisa has been to sick to meet, and I started to fear that we wont be able to help her get baptized before she passes...But I know whatever happens it's the Lord's will, he has a very specific plan for her, and I know whatever happens is because it's what he needs.

This week though we had an amazing experience concerning baptisms!!!!!! The last 6 weeks I've been in Blackfoot we've been trying to get a hold of this boy named Zander, who supposedly really wants to get baptized, well up until this week I had never met him, and now I certainly wont forget him! On Tuesday Sister Manymules, and I went to the church to pop into mutual, and when we pulled in we noticed a man outside in the church parking lot wearing a tank top practicing his roping, and a boy riding his scooter. Well we really have been applying the concept of talking to everyone lately, and we saw this man and his son and decided we really needed to talk to them, so that's just what we did! Well when they introduced themselves guess who the boy on the scooter was...ZANDER!!!!!!!! MY HEART WANTED TO EXPLODE!!!! Finally I met this great little boy!!!!!! Well the stories were true and Zander is so prepared to be baptized it's insane!!!!! We talked with him and he even started to tell us a dream he had the other day about Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, and when we asked him how he knew it was them he simply replied "Because I know them, and I recognized them". This little boy is seriously so amazing it makes my heart melt every time I see him!! So this was Tuesday and we went back to his house Thursday and he was sitting on his porch waiting for us. That doesn't happen, normally people hide from us, but not Zander!!! We taught him the first lesson and he asked us "so when can I get baptized?" WHAT?! anyway we set a date with him and we set up another appointment for the next day because he wanted to see us that bad!!! Well come the next day our lesson was at the church at 1:30, and by 1:15 he and his cousin were waiting in the parking lot for us, and when we pulled in they looked up and the biggest smile overtook their faces and an emotion I can only explain as pure joy came across their faces and I truly felt there was no better work in the world that I could be doing than that. Which is so true!!!! Everyday we see this remarkable boy it just gets more and more apparent how prepared he is, the Lord has a great work prepared for him, and I cannot wait to see it!!! Everyday we meet with Zander now his first question it "Can I get baptized tomorrow?", sadly he cant as he has to attend church first, but as soon as he can (oct.31st) I know he will get baptized! I am so excited to keep working with this boy, and I am so grateful to be here to learn from him!!!!!!

In other events this week I was struggling!!!! We just couldn't find anyone to teach, like nobody!!! DARN YOU HARVEST SEASON!!!!!!!!! So one night Sister Manymules and I were driving by the pool, and was like "Sister you know what would be amazing right now and make everything better? just being able to smell chlorine, it smells like home and I miss it" So you now what did? Sister Manymules literally turned the car around, downed a bottle of water handed it to me and said "Lets go get a bottle of water!" WHAT THE HECK?! Probably one of the most random things ever, but it was so great!!!!!!! When we walked in they looked at us really weird, but then after we explained they were like "HECK YES YOU CAN HAVE SOME WATER!!! DO YOU WANT A JOB AFTER YOUR MISSION TO?!"  Hehehe probably not, but now I have a bottle of pool water and it is so glorious!!!!! Like really as far as highlights go it easily goes Zander, and then my pool water, so great!!!!!!!

But I have no focus left!!! I hope you all have had an amazing week and know that you are loved!!!! Keep the faith, and really start applying everything you learned at conference there truly were some amazing messages!!!! Love you all lots!!!!

Sister Kaycie Sondrup

P.S. Here's my potato facts
1 acre yeilds about 4,000lbs. of potato
the average farmer has 160 acres (this is excluding big companies like non perill)
4,000x160=640,000 lbs. of potato per farmer
in Blackfoot alone there are almost 1000 potato farmers so that make 640,000,000 lbs. of potatoes produced in Blackfoot alone. Crazy right?!

anyway love you!!!!

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