Monday, October 19, 2015

Week 58 - McAdoo Street


This week was great!!!!! The work here is really picking Up!!!! We were able to find lots of new investigators, and just have some fun!!!!!!

Highlights of the week would include...

Yelling at some guy!!!! Hehehe, but really we did...But first back story!!!! A couple of weeks back at district meeting we were talking about street contacting and the Elders asked "Sisters what do you do to start a conversation on the street?" and we told them well we've kind of gotten into the habit of complimenting them, we tell them we like their shoes, or their bike or something and then they like to talk to us, really it works like a charm and I have kind of realized that if you think something nice, you should just say it! So that's what we've been doing, and the Elders said that's cool, we just ask walk up to everyone we see and ask them if they know where McAdoo st. is, then strike conversation from there. I guess it works pretty well for them. Anyway so what happened this week was we were driving, and saw this guy walking on the street and we just knew we needed to talk to him so we sped around the corner, parked, prayed, and jumped out of the car to try and "happen" to run into him. Well he walked faster than we thought and he was way ahead of us, so I didnt know what to do, but I knew we needed to talk to him. So next thing I knew I was yelling at this guy "HEY!!! EXCUSE ME!!!! EXCUSE ME!!!!!" and after what seemed like forever and after chasing him for a minute he finally turned around. Now picture this, I was running after him, and when we caught up I was tired (because running is awful) so I was panting and holding my sides praying I didn't get a cramp because we just ate dinner, and he was like "what do you need?" So I thought of the first thing that came to my head, and as soon as I started to say I was struggling not to laugh, but, I asked him "Do you know where McAdoo Street is?" Sister Manymules was holding in laughter, but thankfully he didn't notice! Long story short we ended up walking this guy home and taught him the Gospel the whole way!!! We even ran into some JW's on the way and they were super nice!!!!!!! Sadly he doesn't live in our area, but he is really excited to hear the lessons and we just know he is going to get baptized!!!!! I felt a little like a crazy person, but hey the salvation of someones soul is worth it right?! Promptings from the spirit are the best, I think my execution may need a little help though...But hey I followed through and we did what the Lord needed! So it was great!!!!!!

So we live out of our area...In fact we live  in the District Leaders area, and this week we were leaving the house and got in the car to find this note

Cracked me up!!!! Especially because the boundary for our area is 4 houses down!!!!! Glad he didn't know we went to Pokey to help the Sisters that morning...It made me smile though, now every night we sit on the boundary line and call him to get permission to go home. Might have backfired on him a bit, but hey I think it's great!!!!

Sorry this is kind of short but I cant focus today, really any day...School will be fun at home...I hope you all have a great week though! Love you lots!!!

Sister Kaycie Sondrup

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