Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Week 59 - Drawing a Blank

I honestly am having a hard time remembering what happened this week...I know it was good, but I just cant remember right now...I do remember we got to go to the temple though!!!! YAY FOR REXBURG!!!! and in another piece of exciting news I got to see Annie!!!!!

It was so good to see her again and it was so nice to go to the temple again! Oh my goodness it felt like I hadn't been in forever!!!!! SO GREAT!!!!!!

We also got to see Lisa this week and she is just to cute!!! I love that women to death!!! She really is terrific!!!!!!!

We had Jehovah Witnesses come to our door...that was really weird...it was strange to have things be reversed on us but they were super nice!!!

We went on exchanges twice this week and it was super fun. It's really cool to see how other missionaries work and how they teach I get to learn a ton!!!!! In another event their were 50 million emergency transfers this week and now sister Manymules and I work with a set of sisters who are in Aberdeen/American Falls, I thought Star Valley was small, but they valley has nothing on these places! TINY!!!!!! It's going to be super fun though and i am really excited because they are Spanish sisters and surprisingly I am getting so good at understand  it, cant speak it to save my life, but I can at least know whats going on!!!!!

This week we also got to talk to the police, someone broke into the family history center, random I know, and we happened to be the ones who reported it, it was strange and I can only imagine what members thought as they drove by and saw the missionaries talking to the police.

Ok well I know this is scatted, but I don't know really what else to say. The church is true? Just kidding, but really it is, I have had some amazing studies this week and it truly is so interesting to keep learning, we are never done, there is always something new, and I love that fact!!! Hope you had a great week!!! Thanks for writing and I am sorry this letter is so lame!!!!!

Love you lots!
Sister Kaycie Sondrup

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