Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Ok so the best way I can really describe this week would be this 

Holy Junk! I am flippin' tired!!!!! This week was filled with madness, MADNESS I say!!!!! 
You would think this would be crazy with teaching, FALSE. Ok we taught and the week was actually way good, but it definitely had some spots that made me want to yank all my hair out! 

One said spot, I spent 5 hours, yes 5 hours on the phone one day, talking to bishops, President Nelson (in the mission presidency), Zone leaders, District Leaders, stake presidents, the whole shabang trying to figure out this dang crazy drama mama llama situation with one of our investigators, and after those 5 fun hours, nothing is solved. I literally laid on the floor wanting to cry because my brain felt like oatmeal mush. Not a happy feeling. On top of that Sister Hervoyavich found out some rough news in her life this week as well, and it was not pleasant. In fact our district leader came to give her a blessing, I was on the floor with my face down, she was crying, and they were freaking out, it would have actually been rather comicable from the outside looking in, from the inside, not so much. But that was a rough day, rough day, and sadly it's still not done, but don't worry the mission mom (sister Child) totally hooked us with some cookie dough! That was a highlight for sure! It's funny because I know more about the situation, I deal with everything concerning it, and every time I hang up I cant help but ask, "is this real life?" Literally if you only knew you'd just be like 'WHAT THE JUNK? THAT HAPPENS OUTSIDE OF A SOAP OPERA?" yes, yes it does, but hey lets count my blessings, this week has been a major learning/growing experience for me. Great life lessons have been learned, and I know once I get through this point I will be able to look back with great admiration and happiness at the lessons I was able to learn and continue to apply throughout my whole life from this experience. It's truly one of those growing experiences you hate to have, but appreciate when you do, I am of course still working on the appreciating part, but hey i'll get there. But I will admit it scares me to death to think of what Heavenly Father must be preparing me to do having to deal with this, he may have a little to must trust in my abilities with this one, but then again he knows better than I so we'll just have to wait and see what happens! 

Cool thing of this week, we didn't set a baptism date, but we did set a marriage date! Which is another added stressor as it'll be 3 weeks from now, junk. But it'll be so good! and I am way excited to help this family come together! It is truly needed and I know it will bring great blessings to their life! How amazing an opportunity for Sister Hervoyavich and I! 

This week also brought an amazing regional conference with Elder Perry, and Elder Nielson, as well as Sister Marriott from the young women general presidency, way cool! We also had one of our wards split! We totally saw this coming though, as they recently (2 weeks ago) took our YSA out of the Foothills stake, and put it in the Ammon stake. We originally had 12 wards in the stake then we went to 11, and now we're back at 12. If they hadn't moved our YSA they would have had to split the stake (no stake can have more than 12 wards). But now we get the added bonus of a ward (that's 13 for us!) as well as a whole new ward council, and 3 new ward mission leaders to work with! It's madness! But it'll be good, and I really think it will do amazing things for the work, but we'll have to see! 

Well this week we ran into tons of puppies! Puppies out the WAZOOO! So cute! It's so nice especially when you cant hold babies, it fills a void, but one totally peed on me...there's your funny thought for the week! I then had to go all day with puppy pee all over me! Yuck! but I would say it was worth it! Anyway that's all I have, sorry it was rather glum sounding...I promise the week wasnt that bad, how could it ever be when you are in the service of the Lord? Anyway lots of love, have fun at home and stay safe!!!!!!! 


Sister Kaycie Sondrup

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