Monday, February 23, 2015

Week 24 - lines, vines, and sad driving times‏

Whelp, this week was just odd. I can't even begin to put my finger on it, but was odd. Awesome, but odd. 

We were able to teach a lot, and meet some crazy people! I totally got to bible bash! Just kidding, we were really careful not to bash, but when we walked into the appointment the lady literally told us that we were not Christians and because of that we were not allowed to pray with her, and that her intentions were to save our souls! How considerate right? What a nice lady! But it was a really interesting appointment. Like I said we were really careful not to bash, but it was amazing to me, just how much the spirit guided that lesson. Yes, it should guide every lesson, no question about that. However it was more this time, and I know that any of the words I shared the scriptures I turned to were not of my own doing, or my own knowledge, that was purely the spirit. It was crazy because I was learning, as I was saying the words. It's like I would say it and then in my head I would be like "DANG! That's so cool! I want to write that down!". And you would have thought I studied the bible my whole life with the scriptures I was sharing, and it wasn't even just being able to turn to them, it was literally quoting them, and giving the reference, I cant tell you the last time I even really studied the bible, specifically revelations or John, but apparently there are some dang good gems in there I need to find out more about! It was crazy! I could only describe it as the gift of tongues. No I wasn't speaking a foreign language, or some random gibberish, but I was speaking the words of the spirit, I was taught in my Heavenly Fathers language, and it was truly amazing! It never ceases to amazing me the miracles that happen in our everyday lives, it's like my whole life I thought I was looking for them, but I never truly was looking in the right place. It's as if I've been living my whole life staring at my feet, and I missed all that was happening in the world around me. I have looked up so to say, and I dont ever plan on looking down again! 

Well transfer calls came, and dang it's a big one! Out of 11 companionships in our zone, 10 of them are changing in one way or the other, 10! That's nuts, but I will report the one companionship that will not be changing is mine! I was so nervous all week! After Austin was baptized the spirit was just like "you're done" and I was thinking that meant with the area, so I was bummed! I so do not want to leave this area yet! I love it here! On top of that our car freaked out, and I got another couple of aggressive drivings (you get 5 and your privileges are suspended for 3 months) I had/have 5 so my privileges technically were suspended which means I had to be transferred. But we called the vehicle coordinator, and he looked at my record and just laughed! I was freaking out because I thought I was dead for sure! But he just chuckled and said I think your Tiwi is broken. I see hear you were going 4 mph, 10 mph, and 7 mph, over some speed bumps and it counted you as aggressive, then speed limit in that area is 25 as it is, I am not going to suspend you! THANK GOODNESS! I have had to drive like an old person for the last week though (I know what you're thinking, I am going slower than I even do at home) I even went over the same speed bumps at 1 mph, I didn't get yelled at! But until it gets fixed this is my life, it's slow, but hey I wont complain, I get to stay in my area! So Sister Hervoyavich and I are staying together, it feels like I have been with her forever, but it'll be good. I am even more excited because Sister Hatch (my MTC companion) Is coming to the zone! As well as a couple Elders from the MTC! It'll be one big reunion for us! I am so excited! 

Well I am not sure I have much else, this week was way sad without a baptism at the end, but it was still great! We went and visited Yusixu, and they were teaching us Chinese and we celebrated new year with them! Happy year of the Sheep! The zone is set to have 35 baptism in March which will be a mission record! So pray for it! There are those souls and more who need to come unto Christ, and it's our jobs to help get them there! So keep them in your prayers, and remember there is always more to do, more to teach, and more people to help come unto Christ! Have an awesome week, and be careful not to get to hot down there! 

Sister Kaycie Sondrup

 Yesterday we went to the Moore's home, and this is what we walked into, apparently he had water stuck in his ear, so the "hippies" told him to burn it out...

​He also grows a beard for good luck for the whole wrestling season, they just had states, and though his kids are going to nationals they gave permission to shave it, so of course it had to happen while we were sitting in the living room...Remember how I said the week was odd? Yeah this was part of it for sure! 

Our Companionship, Hey I'm fred glad to meet you and an aspiring deacon 6 years early.

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