Tuesday, February 17, 2015

week 23 Time flys even through trying times!‏

Well this week...Ok I actually have nothing to crazy, well except mission can be DRAMA dang gina.... But seriously this week, come on! It killed me!

First things first! We set another 2 baptism dates for the month of March! We have 3 right now! Which puts us over the standard of excellence! It is so amazing to me! I will admit it was hard for me to believe at first that Idaho really had that much work to have 2 baptisms every month in a companionship, but no! It is so not true! I honestly believe that there is more work here because of the preparation of the people and the number of members who have a great influence on all those around them! It is still amazing to me!

Anyway the 2 new dates we set this week were with Sydney, and she'll be getting baptized march 20th, and Jeff (Jeff is complicated...) he'll be getting baptized march 21st! Sydney we had taught 2 times prior, and Jeff was our first visit with him, which amazes me! Just goes to show the people are ready! It was crazy because we went on splits, and when we came back together, we were talking about the lessons and nobody wanted to like show the other up so we were like well "I set a date..." and the other was like "well so did I!" Craziness! It still gets me!So amazing!

So I say Jeff is complicated, and he's part of the drama this week, he's nuts! But I love him to death! I seriously almost die of laughter whenever I am with him! To funny! Anyway, Jeff isn't technically our investigator...He lives in Fallsbrook, which is sketchtastic! No sisters are allowed to serve there, and it has to be a zone leaders area, but by shear happenstance (fellowshipper complications) I found myself there this week. SKETCH. To say I was praying for safety was an understatement! Thankfully we didn't stay more than 5 minutes and we left to the Visitor center. PHEW! So Jeff lives there which means he is meant to be taught by the zone leaders, but for legal purposes he cannot be...which puts it on us! He seriously is just nuts! Right now he is progressing super well, but in the past he practiced Wicken...Wicka? It's one of those, and he's tore between which is right...Polar opposites I know, but hey, everyone has there concerns right? Anyway he's great, but teaching him will sure be interesting...so pray for us, and for him!

​So enough of that! Most exciting news! Austin finally got baptized! So RAD! It was so awesome! I was a long time in the making, but it finally happened! and it was so terrific to see! He is such an awesome guy, and he was so prepared to make this step! He has truly changed his life for the better! The light of Christ truly works miracles! I cannot wait to see the work he is able to do in his life! He has such great talents and skills,and this choice he has made is going to make a great impact in his life! So truly amazing!

So our beloved Frank is no more! Well he is no longer with us! We did companionship inventory with the Zone Leaders this week (that was so weird!) and at the end they said clean out your car, we'll be over tonight to exchange with you. So that night they came and stole our beloved Frank from us! But we did gain Moroni Henry Foothill I and he is super nice! But his Tiwi is so sensitive! Like to the extreme! I kid you not driving him from Thursday to today it has put me in the yellow driving phase...what the junk! One time I didn't put my seat belt on (I pulled forward 10ft.) he yelled at me for that! So not cool, keep it up and I am going to have a major beef with him! I just thought it was funny, I just got off the phone with the vehicle coordinator and he was laughing he was like what the heck have you been doing! I honestly have no idea, but if I keep doing it I'll lose my driving privileges...that would be no bueno! So I better figure it out soon!

Well I wish I had time for more, I sadly do not, but know there is way more to write! I seemingly never have enough time for anything! But hey, it's better to have to much than not enough right? Well transfer calls are this week, and we'll see what happens, I sadly think I am once again done in this area, I don't know what it was but as soon as Austin was baptized I felt done. So we'll see come Thursday! Hope you have an awesome week! and enjoy the weather! It is so beautiful up here! I cant believe it! Halla for 50 degrees!

Sister Kaycie Sondrup

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