Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Week 26 - The week of all weeks....Dang Gina it was rough!‏

Well this week I literally have no words for. None. I will say this though, I HATE DAYLIGHT SAVINGS! Junk, it's dumb! So dumb! 

Well to start this week let me start by saying this, I am sorry my emails have been so glum lately! I promise I really am having an amazing time, but you face alot as a missionary, and I seemingly have been facing an excessive amount lately! But it really is good, and though this week was by far the absolute hardest week of my mission, I grew more than I thought I could or even needed to, in one week than I probably have my entire mission. Why the Lord trusts me this much I don't know, and as hard as it is, I sure as heck appreciate his trust and support! 

Well to start Monday was great, we met some super cool people in Walmart and they bought all our groceries! Tender mercy of the Lord? Heck yes! that and they really were just super cool, they live in Rexburg, but they've been coming down to teach lessons with us, so that's awesome! But that evening we had a lesson (FHE with the YSA, Human hungry hungry hippos, so fun!) with Denise and as we got to talking she ended dropping her baptism date :( which was 3 weeks away at that point, which was such a bummer! Really Really sad! But hey agency is real right? We're still working with her so hopefully we get her to recognize that she is prepared for this! Keep praying for it though! 

Tuesday we had Zone Training all day so we didn't get to go teach until 6 that evening. We had a lesson scheduled with Jeff, and Sydney at the same time so we went on splits. I went and taught Sydney, and she is a dream investigator! She keeps every commitment and then some! She reads at least 6 chapters in the Book Of Mormon every week, and when she finishes what we leave her she texts and asks for more, she comes to church, prays every night, she even gave up coffee the instant she heard about the word of wisdom. But with all she's doing to receive her answer, she hasn't, and it's to the point where she could no longer stay committed to her date for march, so our second date dropped :( so sad! I understand it, and I would never want someone to do something they weren't sure of, but it is still really sad to see and understand the happiness that would come to her life and not have her take it. Jeff's lesson was apparently crazy as well he was off the wall and nothing was really taught, which just foreshadowing for later in the week apparently...

So now we are at Wednesday, and this is the big kahuna day. BIG DAY. So we had just finished studies, and I was eating lunch and doing a puzzle, just pondering and really trying to soak in and feel the words and thoughts my Heavenly Father had prepared for me that day. When all of a sudden the spirit is just like "Stop" So I stop, then it was "Listen" I listen and heard a noise like choking, then it was like "Look" I looked up to see my companion raising her arms as if to stretch, the it was like "Go" and before I knew what was happening, I was up and running to her, I got there just in time to see her start shaking uncontrollably having a seizure. You see Sister Hervoyavich has epilepsy. (I only share this with her permission of course.) Never before have I been more grateful for working as a lifeguard, though I'm no professional I had at least some idea as to what I should do. None the less I was so scared! I cant help her with that! I said a prayer and asked for peace, and all of a sudden I was the coolest cucumber ever known to man! I somehow managed to stick a pen in her mouth so she wouldnt bite and choke on her tounge, and the moved anything out of her way that would hurt her. Then it was waiting, there was literally nothing else to be done, which was probably the scariest part, just having to wait for it stop! But eventually it did, I was able to clear her airway though she remained unconscious she was good, her brain just needed a rest. Of course I have the phone and talk with and set all appointments everyday, except today. Sister Hervoyavich had the phone, and some where in the course of it, it got lost, and I could not find the phone ANYWHERE, you know the thing with all your numbers and people to contact, specifically the elders who hold the priesthood, yeah I couldn't find that. So then I paniced a little, and by little I mean surprisingly a little. Thankfully we live with a family so I darted up the stairs (probably the most running I've done my whole mission) and went on a mad hunt for their phone. Thankfully they were upstairs, I was able to tell them what happened and they of course let me use the phone. I thankfully had all the numbers written down in my planner so I called the zone leaders first, mostly because they always answer ALWAYS. and for the first time ever, they of course didn't. Because when better a time to not answer the phone? I left a voicemail ( i can only imagine what that would be like to hear...)  and then called the district leader. Who had just sat down to eat lunch, and suddenly an unknown number started calling him, he almost declined the call and sent it to voicemail, but thank goodness for the promptings of the spirit, because right before he did it was just like "elder answer the phone". The scene I imagine next is actually rather comic-able for me to think about. Two Elders sitting eating lunch at the good ol' Chick-fil-a when a call comes, they talk for all of two seconds with the person on the phone when one gets up grabs all his chicken and takes off running out the door, with his companion tripping trying to follow behind him having no idea whats going on. I can just see it, especially with those two elders being the funniest thing known to man! I can only imagine what the other customers must have thought! So at that point I finally had some priesthood coming so I called the doctor, who was so frustrating! I literally called and he says in his slow old man voice "Oh she did...thats so bad...have her take it easy today..." Really I wasn't already planning on that?! Anyway at the same time our phone appeared out of no where, and I mean no where! but the Zone leaders were calling back, so I answered and then was attempting to talk to two people at once. Thankfully the doctor was just like I guess you can take her in to get blood tested when she's awake...Thanks Doc. so I hung up there and was able to direct the District and Zone Leaders on how to get to our house. That was weird. Elders in my apartment? SO WRONG! and of course sister Hervoyavich is unconscious the whole time this is happening, until the Elders start coming down the stairs. She opens her eyes and just begins to weep. Awkward. I am trying console her, and just have 4 elders starring the situation, one had zero idea of what to do, so he started to do my puzzle on the table...that was pretty funny to watch actually. Anyway, they had already been dealing with a situation of pure madness in the zone that morning, and they had strict orders from president to remain there until further notice, so they called him and he let them leave for just the blessing, but then they had to run back. So it was a quick visit with us, an amazing blessing was given, and just as quickly as they came they were gone. I was able to get Sister Hervoyavich to the doctor (only after we had to stop for her to throw up on the way, some lady yelled at us not to puke on her yard, first off, it was the street second off, rude.) We then went home and chilled for the day, well she slept, I read all of Alma, and had one of the greatest spiritual experiences. It's funny how the Lord uses others to answer long asked questions. Though this whole experience was crazy and I would never wish my companion to have a seizure, I received an answer to my prayers that I have been asking for almost a year now.  <----That's crazy to think about! It was a real test of my patience and just how much faith I have in the Lord's timing, what a great testimony I was able to build that time of the Lord and how he answers every prayer, what a great testimony of his timing, and an even greater testimony built on the greatness of the resurrection, when all of the ailments we have to face physically will be erased! 

Thursday we had zone conference, which was great! But not to much teaching was able to happen...:( 

Friday, doozy day numbero 2. Well mostly just night, anyway we had another lesson (consequently the one who made last week no bueno) and it was the worst lesson I have ever had to experience. I wish I could go into detail, but I cannot. vague right? But lets say the spirit was not present in that lesson, and I was asked to pray at the end of it, and I couldnt even get that out. My prayer was literally, Please help....that they will have...safety?...and they can feel...the spirit...as...it is....much needed....in their life, Name of Jesus Christ, Amen. I couldn't feel the spirit, and it was freaking me out! Not that I had done anything to not live worthy of that spirit, but it was not a situation where it was present. I left that lesson feeling empty. Oh! and I forgot to mention in that lesson our 3rd and final baptism date for march dropped! We now have none :( That feeling is something I never hope to experience again, it makes me fearful and sad to think of all those in this world who do not constantly have the companionship of the spirit, how they live I dont know, but it must be a rather scary at times! Anyway, we left the lesson and I was kind of a mess. So the next day I asked the Elders for a blessing, which was super comforting (How blessed we are to have the priesthood so readily available!) I am now glad to report that I am back to my normal happy, holy ghost filled self! It was scary for awhile, but at the same time I am glad I had to face that. What I learned was empathy for those who dont have the spirit. What I learned was just how great this Gospel blesses our lives, and how much I truly desire for all to have this spirit, and this happiness in their own life. 

Sunday brought more disappointment as no one came to church, and daylight savings, did I mention I hate it? Because I do!  It was our fast sunday though so one last hour to fast! UPSIDE! and fast and testimony meetings were amazing! Exactly what I needed to hear! Fast Sundays here really make me wonder if we just have a crazy ward at home...really they're just amazing! So spiritual, and not that they're not at home, we just have some funny people mixed in with it....

Anyway, the week is done, and it was sad to follow up on how little we taught last night, but like I said earlier it was probably the best and worst week of my mission, if not my life. Being in a position to be so humbled to truly have to rely on the Lord for my strength I was able to learn alot. I was able to grow past the point I thought possible. Though I know the hard times are not passed, and we have a lot of rebuilding to do this week, I know that with the help of the Lord I can do all things. This is truly Christ restored church to the earth today. Anyone who truly seeks help from their Father with receive it. All that must be done is simply to ask. This Gospel can and will bless your life, not only now, but forever, your family, and all for eternity. We truly do receive revelation and guidance from a latter day prophet, Thomas S. Monson. We are blessed to know of God's higher laws, and to have to opportunity to enter the house of the Lord, to grow spiritually, but also to help our Brothers and Sisters come unto Christ themselves. I'm sure this email sounds rather depressing, and after last weeks might cause some alarm. But I can promise you that you have no need to fear, for I am servant of God, a true disciple of Jesus Christ. Just as he had to face opposition, so must I, and I am grateful for what I face. The things I learn and the testimony I can truly bear that Jesus Christ is my Savior and Redeemer, he suffered for all my sins, but my sorrows as well. He truly is the light and life of the world, and we will forever be blessed if we follow his example, and simply live the way we should. I can promise from my own experiences that if we continually keep our eyes focused towards the Savior we can in no way fail. For he is there, and he will truly make our weaknesses become strengths, he will teach, and in times when we are to weak to carry on ourselves. He will pick us up and carry us. Never Forgot that. And please never forgot just how much I love you, and how much I truly love this experience. I never want to stop being a missionary, I never want to stop putting on my tag and going forth to proclaim this great gospel to all the world. I know that at some point my tag wearing days will come to an end. But know that my time as a full time missionary, a disciple of Jesus Christ will never end. For I know him, and I love him, and just like the Sons of Mosiah, I desire all to know him as well. This is my testimony, and this is what I leave with you, thank you for your constant support and love, and for your great examples. Keep up the good work, and know that all is well  with me! I love you! 

Sister Kaycie Sondrup 

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