Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Week 27 - Here we go again

I apologize in advanced as this will be one of those insanely vague letters...

Well this week was full of craziness and sad to say tears, so many tears! Strangely not mine though!

so I don't know even where to begin, really I don't...I will say this though despite the craziness of the week we were able to see some great miracles! One would be with our investigator Tyson, we are just waiting for him to have parental permission to be baptized. His dad is super anti, but Tyson wants to be baptized so bad! So normally when we go to teach him his Dad hides in the back room, but not this week! Even though he was sick he came out and joined the lesson, and he really REALLY enjoyed it, he even thanked us for sharing afterwards, he said he appreciated all our thoughts and that it really got him thinking, WHAT?! I have a feeling Tyson will have permission soon if things continue the way they have been going! Maybe his Dad will even get baptized...THAT WOULD BE CRAZY!

So we also got referrals out the Wazoo this week! We still have a bunch to contact, but hey new investigators are great right?!

We also had stake conference with Elder Erickson of the 70 this week! I felt so bad because someone on Sunday came up and started talking to us, and that's not uncommon here, so we were just chatting and joking around with them, and then our stake president came up and introduced him as a member of the 70! I felt awful we didn't even know who our guest speaker was!!!!!! But that's alright he forgave us! His youngest daughter actually just left for a mission in Scottsdale! Spanish speaking, but he was excited to talk to someone from Arizona!

So awkward moment...We had correlation with our stake presidency (our YSA presidency) and we told them about one of our investigators and a prayer she offered and how she told God she was mad at him, and how she felt like he never helped her...yeah awkward prayer. So you know what one of the members of the stake presidency does later? Well while talking in church he singles us out and says the sister missionaries, sister H and Sondrup told me about there investigator who is mad at God this morning, and he goes on to tell him everything we said. But you want to know what was truly awkward? That very same investigator was sitting right next us. YEAH. It was so awkward! I still cant believe he said that! But it actually worked out she wasn't paying super close attention so we don't think she caught on, if she did then she is super good at hiding it! It was still way uncomfortable though!!!!!!

While tons more miracles were experienced there was alot of sadness that was faced as well in fact we ended up having to stay home for the bulk of the week :( no bueno!!!! But hey it was needed so no complaints, I am bummed it didn't happen this week though! It's spring break, and no one, and I mean NO ONE is home! This week is going to be a whole heck of alot of finding, because we have no where to go!!!!!! But that's alright no better way to prepare to see miracles than being humbled and facing some tribulation right? RIGHT!

Well I really don't have to much more...OH! but I do have to thank my dear brother for his first, and probably only letter of my whole mission!
So thanks Ryan for writing me!!!! and the rest of the stake youth, I really do appreciate it!!!!!! I feel really spoiled because me home stake and my YSA stake send me stuff all the time, it's always great to receive something from home though!!!!! Well I hope all continues to go well at home! Keep up the hard work and know that I love and miss all of you!!!!!!!

Sister Kaycie Sondrup


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