Monday, August 24, 2015

Week 50 - The Shepard


Alright well let me start by saying this week was a little hard. Mainly because I said goodbye to my home. I never thought I would have so hard a time leaving an area, but leaving Star Valley, and all the glorious amazing people there truly broke my heart. Don't get me wrong I am excited to be in Blackfoot, the people here are amazing, and I know there is a great work to do here, but it's not truly home like Star Valley, not yet at least!!!!!! Well here's some pictures of the most Christ like people you'll ever meet, I hope you love and enjoy them as much as I do!!!!!

 ​Alright well that is enough of that, I love Star Valley, but I have been called to Blackfoot, and that's what I am going to talk about!!!!!!!!

Alright so Wednesday we transferred, let me tell you, it was a long day, we left the Valley at 7 and got to Rexburg at like 9:30, we stopped a few places along the way... Hey Mom you remember that one time we went to the Dam? Haha anyway...

When we pulled into Rexburg we were early!!! So we got to go take some pictures at this beautiful place!!!!!!

which was way fun, if only I got to go inside!!!! Oh well, hopefully soon though (one upside of being in the city is I am actually close enough to go to the temple again!) Then we went and transferred, it was super weird to be at the Northern site because nobody was there!!!!!! Awkward moment I saw someone I never met before and thought they were a greenie...they go home in 6 weeks...been isolated a little to long I guess. Anyway we went down to Idaho Falls stopped and traded people, and then onward to Blackfoot. Stressful moment pulled up at the site unloaded and had a zone meeting, where we were supposed to get to know the sisters...I had no idea what was going on, let alone who I was talking to...STRESSFUL! But it turned out great! The sisters are amazing, and they are so filled with compassion and love, seriously they are great! So dedicated to the work it's amazing!!!!! After that we went home and I got food, thank goodness I thought I was about to wither away!!!!!!!! Anyway the day was a blur, well the whole week really. I still have no idea what is going on most the time, and it still feels so overwhelming to be around so many people....I liked this better...I don't know how I will go home to Arizona...

But amazing news!!!!! WE HAD A BAPTISM ON SATURDAY!!!!!! It was a little weird because I only met him the day before, but it was super fun! His name is Mikey and he is amazing!!!! Such a great kid!!!!!! I may not have been here to work with before his baptism, but I am so pumped to work with him and his family now!!!! They are so legit and I cannot wait to get to know them more!!!!!!!!

Alright so this letter seems to be be very all over, but my brain is scattered today!!!!! But I do have a cool thought, or maybe it's not cool, but I like it so you get to hear about it! Yesterday we taught a lesson to a less active all about the Atonement, which are the best if you ask me. Anyway the member we were with brought up an interesting point I never really thought about. In ancient times when a sheep would continually wander from the herd to teach it the Shepard would break it's legs. Which sounds gruesome, but because the Sheep could no longer walk  it had to be carried, it had to stay with the Shepard. The same principle goes for us in our life. People wonder way they have to face hard times? Well simple, those hard times, those broken legs always draw us nearer to our Shepard, to our Savior. Sometimes we need to be humbled, and sometimes we don't realize how much we stray until a trial is thrown at us and we see we are to far to find our way back, but we are never to far. Our loving Shepard will always come in search of us, and he will always bring us back, sometimes he has to do it the hard way, and because we are stubborn he has to allow us to get hurt, but he never lets go, not for one moment, he carries us until we are strong again and can walk alone, then he guides us, and if we get lost again he will find us. He truly is everything for us. He truly is always there for us, and he truly loves us beyond imaginable. Just think of what he's done for you, we may have to face difficulty and pain in this life, but nothing could ever compare to what he's faced. He truly is our loving Shepard and Master, and how fortunate we are to know about him. How great is our joy because of our relationship with him. My mission has not been easy, and to be honest I feel like I am at the point where he is having to carry me, but I know he doesn't mind it one bit, I know he is beyond willing to help me now, and forever. The same thing applies to each of us, I love getting to be here and to learn of my Savior, to build my relationship with him. But even more than that I love to teach others of him. The Church is true. This is Christ true and restored church no if's and's or but's about it. I know, and I know everyone will get the chance to know it! So keep finding those prepared, and realize you are never alone!!!!!!

Well that's all I have time for today!!!!!! But I'll leave you with one last picture! This is how far the Star Valley temple was when I left, I cant wait to see it when it's finished!!!!!!! Thanks for the constant love and support!!!!!!!

Sister Kaycie Sondrup

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