Monday, August 3, 2015

Week 46 - Another Testament of Christ

​Hello Family!!!!!!

Ok well I don't have to much time today because I am in Idaho Falls and we have to get's like it's important or something...Anyway this week was amazing!!!! So many miracles it's nuts!!!!!!! But first things first, it's the county fair this week, and because we are in a small town, that happens to be highly Mormon populated we get a booth!!!!!!! So we made this!

Pretty legit huh? Well it's so cool because the missionaries are like the coolest thing in Star Valley and everyone always wants to talk to us! SAAAAAHHHHWEEEEEETTTT! Literally I don't know how you could do missionary work in Star Valley without the members they are seriously the best!

Which actually brings me to one great miracle of the week! So the fair officially kicked off Saturday with the Derby, so we were there and had our booth and this random guy just came up and started talking to us, we asked him about himself, and we came to find out that he is a former investigator and he knows that the church is true, and that he wants to be baptized! WHA? So we keep talking to him, and while this is going on, some members come up and want to have a casual conversation well they say hello, and start talking so I was thinking "oh no we need to keep teaching this lesson, it cant be distracted by regular conversation...". But then, and this is how amazing all the people are out here, they heard the conversation about the gospel, and jumped, bearing amazing testimonies, and giving just amazing witnesses at all the right moments, they weren't overbearing and they really added an amazing spirit to the lesson! It was so cool!!!! As the lesson progressed we ended up setting a baptism date right there! In the middle of the fair! Next to the tigers and some fruffy healthy soap stuff!!!!!   SO COOL!!!!!! Just goes to show though that the spirit has to do with the environment (thank you giant Book of Mormon) but even more with the people and the testimonies and attitudes they carry! it was so cool, and it was a great testimony to me that you never know what will happen, when the Lord's timing will be right for someone, it's really cool!!! and I am so excited to keep working with him, and helping him progress towards Christ!!!! WAY COOL!!!!!!!!!!

OK, so another cool story for the week, do you remember this guy

jis name is Joe, and he is a STUD!!!!! So cool, we actually met him while trying to talk to another investigator, well turns out that guy didnt want to have to much else to do with us (that day at least) but Joe was hanging out so we took the opportunity and started talking to him, we invited him to take the lessons, and he accepted! Well on the second lesson he accepted a baptismal date and he has been so excited about it ever since! Last week he called us and he was like "GUESS WHAT?!" we of course asked him what, and he said his dad had gone to Idaho Falls and bought him church clothes!!! (he normally came in pretty much the same outfit as above just a button down shirt instead) He was so excited, in fact all week he walked in his church shoes around the house to break them in, he was just so excited!!!!! He even showed us them at one our lessons this week, and I am not sure I have seen a bigger grin on someones face then I did at that moment, it was so cool!!!!!! He came to church yesterday and it was the greatest thing ever!!!!! He was so excited, the ward was so excited, and looking at them talking and joking I couldn't help but see how this is going to effect his eternity. It was so cool, I have no doubt that this Gospel it true, I can see all the blessings that come from it, and now he can as well, he might still be new, and learning, but seeing him yesterday I saw the great potential he has to truly make a difference in this world, to be a true disciple of Jesus Christ, and to be the light in the world that he truly is needed to be. I am so excited to see him continue to progress!!!!! I cannot wait to see what plans the Lord has for this terrific young man!!!!!! (I forgot to mention as well, he is cutting his hair and shaving his beard this week!!!!! The Gospel has not only changes us spiritual, but it changes our whole countenance, and how we act!!! It is so cool!!!!!)

So I don't have to much more time, but I have one more miracle to share, and coincidentally it has to do with Joe. Well Joe lives in Thayne, which is the Elders area, but because he is YSA aged, he is ours to teach, which is great! But here's the thing, Joe's whole family aren't members. So I told you last week about the lesson we had where Joe got a blessing, and so did his Father. Well apparently I wasn't the only one who felt the spirit that strong in that lesson, because it's all Joe talks about...but even cooler, on Saturday when we were at the fair Joe's and his fathers best friend (the one who was at the lesson) came up and started talking to us. She said that Jim couldn't get to sleep that night after he received that blessing, that something was keeping him up, well he thought and thought and thought about it, and he realized the thing that was keeping him up, was that he had declined when the Elders asked if they could start teaching him the lessons. He knew that he needed to take them, he knew it's what God would have him do, so after his experience that evening, he decided to listen to the missionaries!!!! WAY COOL!!!!! Now not only is the son coming unto Christ, but the family!!!!!! Miracles truly are happening!!!!!!! Well I don't have more time, but thanks for being so great and for all the prayers!!! I am so grateful to be here and inviting everyone to come unto Christ!!!! This truly is the Lord's work and I am so blessed to get to be apart of it!!!!!!!!! Have a great week!!!!!!!

Love always,
Sister Kaycie Sondrup

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