Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Week 49 - Blackfeet...Blackfoot!‏

Hello All!!!!!

OK so this week was great, but definitely filled with a little heart break...

Well first things first, after a long day of feeling nauseated and super sick to my stomach on Thursday I got a call from President Hancock around 4, to say my heart is broken right now is an understatement!!!!! I am being transferred from my beloved and precious Star Valley to Blackfoot Idaho. I am so excited to learn, and experience even more great and amazing things in Blackfoot, but I can't say I wont miss being here in the Valley. This truly is a place of miracles, the Lord is aware of this Valley, and I have been so blessed to get to be here! I truly will miss this place, but I am excited to go to Blackfoot, and see the great miracles that are happening there!!!!!

On a different note though Joe got a hair cut!!!! Dang he's so cool!!!! I am really bummed I wont be here to see him get baptized, but hey as long as he enters the waters of baptism it doesn't matter whether I am here or not! I am so excited for him, and to see how he will continue to learn and grow, he is so ready, and I know he is going to make one great member of Christ's true and restored church!!!!!

So another way cool miracle we saw this week was with a girl named Mayzie. But first, back story. The zone set a crazy goal for baptism dates. We all saw the great potential of our areas and decided there was more to do. So we set a goal and started working towards it. After all you can never have enough baptism dates, you can never have to many people progressing and coming unto Christ. So Wednesday we had zone training down in Soda Springs and we looked at our numbers. They weren't enough. We still needed more to reach our goal, we had one more day and 13 dates to set. Ultimately we didn't reach our goal, but we saw some amazing miracles happen in our areas and after the zone was realigned we ended up only falling short by 1 date. Mayzie was one of those great miracles we saw though. Sister Parker and I were sitting at 2 baptism dates, which is good, but in comparison to how many people leave this earth without the Gospel it wasn't enough. We  prayed, and sought inspiration, as we were driving by the house both of us were just like MAYZIE! Well we went in, and awkward...she wasn't there!!!!!! So we talked for a minute and we were trying to leave, then all of a sudden here she comes!!!!! YES!!!!! Anyway, we got to a talking with her (and neither of us had really met her) and she brings up getting baptized. Well Ok. We talk and discuss some of the problems she has, and then the spirit was like "set a date with her" Well if you say so. We extended a date, and she accepted!!!!!!! Her sister is also working towards it as well which is way to cool!!!!!! It is so great to get to see all of these great moments, to get to see others as they progress towards Christ!!!!!

Alright well sadly I have tons of packing to do...YIKES. Anyway let me leave you with one last story, because I feel like this email is ridiculously short...I also slacked a ton on pictures this week so this is the only one I have...I think it's pretty funny though. Enjoy!

So the fair was of course going on all this week, which was cool but so funny to see!!!! Everyone walking around in cowboy boots, with giant belt buckles, and even bigger hats!!!!! The really funny thing was that one of the most popular spots to be was at the tractor booths...imagine it, lets go to the county fair and buy a tractor...Ok that's random. Anyway, we were down by what the world outside of Wyoming would consider entertaining...Haha just kidding they thought it was cool to. Anyway we were down by the tractors, Tigers, and Lady Houdini the escape artist. Well when the shows (which were like 5 minutes long) were happening, nobody really was talking with us. So we were sitting under our booth, and had to find ways to entertain ourselves...well I knitted, Sister Parker watched, and the Elders made the most ridiculous commentary every. Imagine the tone of the voices when they commentate on golf tournaments, so boring. And then imagine ridiculous and sarcastic comments. That's what we had. It was pretty dang funny. The only comment I remember goes with this picture
So imagine the build up to this, this buff guy (not that I was looking, but that detail needs to be included to make it funny) was Lady Houdini's assistant, he talks about stuff, and does a few tricks up to the Grand Finale, which is what's in the above picture. Well the Elders get sick of watching the lame parlor tricks and Elder Schaerr says in that ridiculous golf voice "Stop Flexing your muscles, and put this women in danger!"  Well I wasn't paying to much attention, but I all I heard was that, and I was about to pee my pants! Seriously I don't know why it was so funny, but dang it was good!!!!! Anyway, I cant help but laugh at the little things!!!! Well I got to go pack, and probably cry...just kidding, but really I have alot to do!!!!! Sorry it's not the most exciting email this week!!!! But I hope all is well!!!!! Thanks for always writing!!!!

Sister Kaycie Sondrup

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