Monday, July 13, 2015

Week 42 - Sorry, I am in a committed relationship with God‏

Ok so you know what I realized this weekend? This is the first time in I don't know how many years that I actually spent the fourth of July in America. CRAZY!!!!!! It's really weird to think about but it was good!!!! 

So to start this week I have a short story...I may have played a prank on the Elders, it was accidental, and I don't know how funny it would be coming over email, but in short while doing nightly follow up (just texting to make sure we are alive, and to see how the day went) I told the district leader one of our investigators who was supposed to be baptized in 2 days was being deported to Poland (I know that doesn't sound funny at all, and it sounds a little mean, but trust me, they were dying when they realized I was joking!), and so the District Leader ended up calling the Zone Leaders, who called the Ap's, who thankfully didn't answer. But it worked it's way all the way up the chain, and while it was super funny after the fact the Elders felt they needed to get back at me, so the next day after a baptism interview the Elders wrote "Just Married" All over the car, rude!!!! But it was deserved. Anyway, we were waiting to get back to them, and they came into Afton to email last week, so we took advantage of the opportunity, and we wrecked their truck!!!!!! It was great!!!!! We put "Let Virtue Garnish thy Thoughts" Pamphlets, or in other words pamphlets about overcoming pornography all over the car, and tons of pass along cards, and everything girly we had

and then we put hearts everywhere!!!! It was so great!!!! To say the elders were shocked would be a little bit of understatement! 

We also went to the library and they have a sign that looks like a super hero, and the kids all write who their hero is, leave it to Wyoming kids not only once, but three times is Moroni put as their hero!!!!! HALLA!!!!!!! It's so cool!!!!!! 

Well this week was great! We saw tons of miracles, and even got asked on a date...awkward! But it was funny!!!! We got tons of new investigators, and we met our new mission president. HE IS SO DIFFERENT! It's really strange to see the difference between the two but it's also really cool! He is super funny, and is just so excited to be here! I am really excited to get to work with him, and to just see how much this mission will grow!!!!!!! 

One cool story of the week, so I said earlier we got asked out, that was interesting to say the least...but as I am thinking about it, it was literally the Lord's doing!!!!! Alright now let me explain. So we were out tracking, and it was almost curfew so we were getting in the car to head home when all of a sudden this guy just calls out "what are you fine women doing dressed up so fancy" ok that's an awkward start to any conversation, but we are called to teach and talk to everyone, not just the normal and not creepy ones. So we seize the opportunity, and we go over and start talking, we told him what we were doing, and why we were dressed up, and he thought it was interesting. Well then his cousin joined us, and we started talking to him, and he was way more interested in the Gospel, and only a little less interested in us, but he was really loving the message we were sharing. Well now we really needed to get back, so we asked, can we come back and see you? And from across the yard the first man yells "Yay we would love to date you, come back!" Alright awkward. Anyway, his cousin, says yes and he points to his house, well apparently we get the wrong house, because we went back a couple of days later, and he wasn't there, but this is where the Lord hand comes in. We knocked on what we thought was their apartment, but it wasnt but all we did was introduce ourselves, and he's just like, well come inside. WHAT?! OK I may not knock doors to often, but I am pretty sure that is super uncommon! Anyway it was great! and we got to talk to him a bunch!!!!! And he became a new investigator!!!! With so much potential it is crazy!!!!! He's never been in a Mormon church so we are taking him on a tour this week, which will be great!!! I am so excited to keep working with him!  But just think, what if the Lord hadn't lead us to talk to those guys a few days earlier? What if we had just got in the car, would we ever have met Christian? Would we ever have found this man who has just been waiting for the Gospel? Maybe, maybe not, but I do know the Lord works in mysterious ways, this may be the most mysterious I have seen yet, but he knew what needed to happen in order for us to find one of his Sheep who is lost, and ready to be found, and he provided us the way to find him! Amazing! I think yes!!!!! I love the Lord, and I really love getting to see how he works and functions in our everyday lives, it's so insane!!!!!!! He is so great! And most of all he is so loving!!!! 

We also celebrated the fourth of July down in Soda Springs this weekend!!! It was fun! And we even got to watch a movie!!!! Remember the Titans of all things!!!!! It was awesome though!!!!! It felt a little ironic to watch a movie about integration and how mistreated people were and are on our countries Independence day, but hey I loved it so whatever!!!!! Later that evening we hung out with the people we live with and played badminton of all was super great!!!!! 

Check out my cows!!!! They live in my yard, by the time I leave we will be best friends!!!!!! 

Well we are in Idaho Falls for shopping today, and it's weird as always to be in such a "big" city!!! But it is great to be back in my old stomping grounds! It's also great to see all my old buddies!!! Well I hope you all have had a great week, and are enjoying the summer!!!! Thanks for always writing!!!! Love and miss you lots!!! 

Sister Kaycie Sondrup 

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