Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Week 62 - Hello


So sorry this will be a very short email, SORRY!!!! But I'm alive, this week was good, we were able to go and teach a ton!!!!! We even able to set two more baptism dates!!!! Sister Manymules and I killed It!!!!! It also snowed this week...yay...but it hasnt accumulated so we're still good for awhile!!!! Ok maybe not awhile we are supposed to have 4-6 inces of snow this week, yeah for cold!!!!!!!

In other news I will be getting Sister Wooten as my new companion she is a cute little Sister from Georga with the southern accent and everything, although right now she "sounds like a yankee" I am super stoked to serve with her though!!!! In addition to getting Sister Wooten we are actually going to take over the whole stake so we'll be adding 4 more wards and 4x the fun!!!!!!!!

Sorry I really dont have to much more time today we have 2 apartments to clean, and 2 missionaries to complete pack, it will be good though, I dopped Sister Manymules off in Pocatello and it was so sad to see her go but she is going to do great things at home!!!! Keep an eye out for her in Phoenix alright? Hope you have a great week and you arent to hot down there!!!!!

Sister Sondrup


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